Christian KISS

PoBox 1228

D-74802 Mosbach

Germany (Neofeudal Intelswamp-hellhole with neat ordered surfaces)

PHONE / FAX +4932126113464



support. donnate. pay.



Purpose: BabyAWACS + subject(topic)



Thinktank Service / Invention Service / Analysis Service, each on “as is” basis (i.e. what you see is what you get).

All in Good Faith (from any party of the contract).

All Without Hidden Agendas.

All as Best Effort.

All under conditions and information available to date (of Service/ Servicing).

Use at your own risk, no liabilities agreed.

This is not a free of charge service, no refunds possible, not a Ferengi though.

This is an Independent Service, do not disclose things that lead to 007 waiting in the dark for me to appear in my Hotelroom. All the STRANGEST things occur in all kinds of Hotelrooms. Above them. And below them. And adjacent too, even in trains. All you disclose must be agreeable with this safety requirement. This may remind you vaguely of “Don’t ask don’t tell” policies.

Special Confidentiality requires a separate Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), additional charges may apply.

Intellectual Property and all Rights remain within the owners property.

There is no way I can take over Technological Risk, Business Risk or any other form of Risk for you.

Nothing is agreed until all is agreed.

Once accepted, any failing part of the agreement does not invalidate the complete agreement.

Adequate pay concludes the topic/issue/analysis to date.

There is THE OFFICIAL/ the inofficial/ the private/ the intimate(biological,medical). Stay away from the private and intimate layer. Exclusion of Naturalrights (Natuerliche Rechte) related issues including the frivolous.

Coldwar-Berlin rules part: You can refuse/renounce/reject BEFORE, but all that get in get out again. No traps in any way.

More in the Flyer

uh what ? is this? page again ?
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kudos to https://frinkiac.com/caption/S09E01/1214262 and open publication tweet images, copyrights respected within tweet relay

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