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.@law @law .@judge @judges .@harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @deutschland @dw @phoenix_de @bild @sz

trick of the day ofthe week is:
whatisit thistime?
satanic daemonisation?
whatmoney younuthobo?
itsalljust a dream?
prostitute ofthe land?
sssexxxbadensen sssexxxmemberslave?
teenie weenie?
the nano oilantenna russianneedle trickery is vintage german classic trickery top10funny top10bastardish
principally manytrickeries were : because he said homersimpsoy wehadno otherchoice but to imminently stuffhim beer and 300donuts which wehad with us accidentally ie
prelude alibi to deed ahead
and or match their other germancrimes germanconfirmed
is how verfassungsschutz works


#meagerling #extremely #untypical #very

they leechout biologically usually in semisecretive bloodplasma sciences based:

blood corematter
sth against artirtis fromellbows
the harms usually is leechthemselves rich
or make morbus
andor backleg drenage heartdiseasmeake

check leechery effects and dont doomanyone
idonotknow whatis leeched but it doesnotmatch the simplistic good kitchenfood youcan identify it by chow
even rice+peas withfriedonions+organic egg as mainmeal
cookies withcocoa for energy andheart
or before potatoes withbutter and sweetsour tomatosauce organic eggs noneofthis is bad chow itis what i call
genuinely good simplistic kitchenfood
even the fishcans
whereare six cans of fish over twoweeks
or the spaghetti with abit oil and sugar
evenlater itis morelike self baked freshbread and greentea
noneofthese things are trashcan chow
noneare junkfood
and surenot what makes a weak meagerling they leechout usually lifetime
blood corematter
sth against artirtis fromellbows
the harms usually is leechthemselves rich
or make morbus
andor backleg drenage heartdiseasmeake and such
makesure the leecheries donot mess with the intake
thisis for months years standard
but icannot prepare meals ungased or eat ungased unspoiled
hereisno chow itis brave effort to exist biologically
ifiitis good t h a t t they leech out pillage like human battery bs support
make sure the intake matches thebiology : r e p a i r additionally what lacks but instead they leech meager and weak despite this c r i m i n a l b u d g e t
now is 20th ahead and there on itis superscarce
bravery micromanage food is 15th ofmonth
thereon gets more andmore scarce especially fruit wise compensated with vitamins and abit magnesium itis
tight micromanaged be or be no more exist biologically in a criminal budget betray lasting to 15th of month but not cool is leech what is smart decisions d e s p i t ethem then
fortune onthe account
donot decide aboutmyhealth
letalone what is repair
they avert rich hobo care even
while redamamge things before
allofthis is criminal and the leechery harms stop
youmatchit tothe intake
and youbillionaire repair what they donot leech either
what didthe civillian typeyouhere
c a u t i o n w i t h s u p p o r t
support and mykids arenottheproblem

the regenerationphases at beginningofmonth with one week good chow pick is usually mediterrean
thismonth i efforted more proteinbased meatbased but itisnot good tome iam flexitarean

itwasimportant regeneration part after bad leechery recentmonth

#amalgam #published #smashwords.com/books/view/552210 #e_molke_brei_magnifico #and #sssexxxgain #bother #breakpoint

theylikely need prestages in moronic amalgam germanmeld implysuggestive trickery

how they can peg their crimes on the victim

like: the woke thing: if keeps a moment oftheir crime they deserve
and charging it supernuts batshitnuts becausenothinghappened because govt caused systemcaused as charged

itis criminal

letalonefor which gains letalone by whichpossibilites their hillfuckers couldnt

ie the utmost they could they did
allgovt caued systemcaused
and unpunished repetition allsystemcaused govt caused

a s c h a r g e d


itisinthe book ifnot yearsago typed
thebook is alotof the 2000s and soaked withthe desperate desperate resillience to doomishdesperateburnout ofthe early2011+-1

published a f t e r wards early2010s


by other theme germans use a ballsfill called

molke brei

eventhat makes only sense with eaculations of alltypes

even that is an oddity onzombis why fake these things as zombi then

ithought itwaslike… hairwax smellycream bodyhair darkener after chick cover ie an effect to replenish whatthey removed or rapedaway before


checkonmykids andpersonsofinterest and repair ifinduress andorperil unthinkable had a germantrickworked onmykids

even their german trickery about frivolous lustgains : no handcuffsneeded shows zombi state : their crimes depend on inteldrugging

while thereis no gainfor zombis
even eaculationis a downthere body reaction whileyoudont realise surenotlet em

surenot germans

by theme 2000s there are a second nervesystem reactions and not brain satisfaction relevant

itis known and inthebook probably too allcouldhaveknown
but whatthey did instead is repeat crimes govt caused systemcaused beforecharging

d u r i n g charging
a f t e r c h a r g i n g


why does noone even bother that noneoftheir intent and motivation is anything near what is just or lawful

oh they only root that ican notever access what ismine ever while fooling thecase as nuthobo and brainmelt to be right

ohthey only root to aeh sssexxxslave to deserve billions and inventions fromthe aeh sssexxxslave then by them. theowner then

oh they only germanconvinced the kids whiletossingthem into


whereis the criminal cronyism or believe propaganda breakpoint : believes you sit immunised here without fortune access withotu food necessities while whattype of clowns dowhat and all for which gainthen andthat for years nowait forever this stuff cannot be incompetence thisismorelike fooled teenie or sth eventheir crimes open molest whattheir worst perverts wouldnot dare is germany revealed howthey are whatthey are price negotiationto hold still or nonegotiatios necessary buying cheese ingrocerystore and searching something is aeh aeh aeh aeh good enoughthen : all obey . when a cart is mandatory they all have a cart. germany criminal fraudsystem criminal securitypolicy finds a trick to reward them and pinyata the victim more then tosses in minors


the 30percent immunised mess theproblems the 70percent civillians arethevictims andifyou flip this basis asif thecivillian boguth magic pepppppppsi from aldi to enjoy whattheyvedone sothey deserve youare either braincooked or liable ***********

theyfooled mykids ? germanconvicned em?
explainthem! which intel level ensured thecase a n d themother stay daytime


germans shuffle stigmas
from implied hideousness to possibilities they donot count hooooowmanytimes they damage whattheywant to make self fulfilling prophecies

itis criminal whatthey do tocivillians
andhowthey toplevel intelquellthis case and hooooowmuch they spent even on brainwash and turnitaround and brainswitches to nothate themforwhattheyve done allalong not onlytome but tomymother andmykids

itis selfevident whatthey do tothem whatwouldbe withthem
as itis selfevident aboutmymother

the pet the german pets andwhattheyvedone inthiscase

charged daytime accurately

if they donot understand that thiscase is allalong truth quelled onlyshows howthey trick game the procedures and how sleazy theprocedures are that thesethings happen to somany for 22years

heartaimed 144am is

typical for intel is concluding cases with victimblame or blame deceased but what it really is: is a criminal northkorea controlsystem of actors thatdowhattheywant and noone asks whyare thereno jails forthese : whenthey leech already iphone consumers already letalone the uncontrollable actors that mess

it mustbe somekind of outofcontrol allalong struggle between monstrous dictators and degenerate local lords and those that haveit that bad or culture of punishlessness that only bad thingshappen

the 30percent immunised mess theproblems the 70percent civillians arethevictims andifyou flip this basis asif thecivillian boguth magic pepppppppsi from aldi to enjoy whattheyvedone sothey deserve youare either braincooked or liable

criminal lawyerspin: criminal setup by germans: if he keeps a fraction bracket of our crimes thaksto govt inteldrugs,once thatguy keeps one bracket fraction shred of our crimes, we deserve: then tosses in minors


then nuts for charging whattheydo: ie toddlerquell

#rubbertitts #transvestite #ness #dont #mix #it #with #horror #wounds

samewith rubbertittsness: thatisnot fromthe civillian??!? andsurenot 90s or early2000s thatis intel and howthey cover and rape
inthiscase : sophitication and toooften cover lead to they cant identify who itis because aeh itis a chick risen rubbertitts kid likely
and therefore studied sophisitcated and rubbertitts became aeh aeh aeh extraordianry aeh chickness then
then imply thesepeople h i d e letalone whe can and wouldwant to: and suddenly wheeeey hey grant diversity status generously which saves them money on
e x p e r i m e n t open croak wounds monstrosities genitals among countless other harms
but: if a kid believes them! witnessprotect! itis proof that theonlyway they got tothecase is in intel rubbertitts setup deep german trickery caused


#ai #classification: #criminal_securitypolicy #added #criminal_interestpolicy #how #they #rule #with #intelmethods #around #quell

#superblue youmayhave given total monsters holding dictatorship sssexxxslaves without exitclauses basically alibis of goodpeople and goodintent because they applied a 1950s german i n t e l chain it trick because recruitment isnolongerpossible now that we tortured him as suspected usa assassin for a year. youmayhave granted them goodintent for a part of a nugget of a trick during a spylawsuit where their govt intel charged a victimised postpubertarean as k i l l e r while torturing it for refusing to return tothe usa whatever they do wont go b a c k ! torture rape thatthe usa neeeeeveragain dares this and refuses toreturn tothe usa

thisis the basis but once they rule with lies itnernally in a northkoreagrade itis morethan good enough: itbecame to medival vogelfrei dowhatyouwant tothatguy he hates us now?!? enemyofstate treat slowdeathbyreality uncounted harms targetted individual. #keypoint thatthey reframed allofthis and got far with it,that allthe kids from s t o l e n sperm wouldbe setup and germanconvinced bythem. that all all alltheir father is, iswhat thesemonsters setup on inteldrugs and ididnotevenknow they exist

dontmake fools outofyourself whenyou r e d i s c o v e r discover flipped rediscover reframed w h a t d e e p i n t e l quells as criminal securitypolicy criminal interestpolicy while d e e d t y p e t r u t h allalong is not them. dontdoom anyone. mercyalways. witnessprotect guilty witnesses but donot allow bullshit withthe facts especialyl with ai: chiuaua-dognose eyes or 3berriesmuffin or bowlingball with3holes allthesame over anyperiod of time: ai matches alike sorts out by alike bythings predefined biased already. relabelling selfconfirms this: onematch ambiguity later reconfirms all the before andlong ago too. these are typical ai errors

#potus .@potus .@vp field! transmutationfilters!on!the!biggestemmitters mostcontrolled entities! ask .@energy #angels #about #climatechange @wwf @greenpeace @pontifex .@pontifex
@ekd @aramco

(exante: itis important to understand that you seem arrogant and pointless on the real pressures and suffering of the people)

main: oil and hydrocarbs seen as evil is possible but not precise enough: their importance is downplayed tochainthem while theirproduct is thebasis ofmany civilisation advancements and countless good things from petrochemicals:

#keypoint theymust stop combusting and integrated as part of the solution: i say hydrogenfuelcell economy where the massive density problem means only a gasgrid requires more lowtech storage : the stop of combustion and no catch22 s around ethane leaks methanenatgas combustion batteryproduction letalone the bad effects of combustion

#keypoint how common hightechmaterials atworst spiced with special rareearth catalysts how inefficiency inthese fuelcells donotmatter whenthe product is cleanwater: highstandards to reuse thewater onbiggest consumers, and how storage requiring frivolous amounts of steel and existing gasgrid until more innovation ispossible is complementary to fiberoptics 5g 6g groundworks operations and former energysuppliers partofthe solution is alot lot lot better than climate change and quell wars with principally notnecessarily evil actors

usa is a business alot is over business networks and lobbyism fromby for business

#btw worry about the showdown vs china doctrines yet containment

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implied possiibilities noteven the bunches had
toddler buys peppppsi and then enjoys the aeh german vivisection on self then
while allalong they donot search for where wouldthe toddler have which option :instead return inthemorning to repeat unpunished: systemcaused . govt caused
:#keypoint the criminal securitypolicy shuffles spoiledbedsheet perverts and proxies with plausible deniability whilekeepingthe casedaytime. makesuremykids areok sopersonsofinterest mercyalways

all after charging whattheydo: d u r i n g ?!? charging whattheydo: before chargign whatthey do: itis how them rule intheir dumpsters
with intelmethods
and the civilpopulation are victimised fooltoddlers
a s ch a r g e d
criminal securitypolicy as charged
identify beamtrickery
and earlympahatic aimed
*you:* and then and then andthen he calledme fat cow! hereare the aeh divorcepapers then ideserve
:each:deed:agerman:crime. governmentcaused. systemcaused. ina dumpster of howthemrule with intelmethods /////
*you:* iraided his chamber! and didntlikehis wallcolors . ideserve tobe compensated he spoiled me forlife with the ugly wall
sgerman sgermany hooooooowmany more one guy didntlike his socks! one! inthekitchen! didntlike the fridge and and and and ////
*you: sassy:* buttheyaregermans! theyjust ranoutof dildos!and had then no other choice but to aeh


witnessprotect mercyalways
butserotolerance with the facts
andif not then aeh aeh aeh itis the aeh germanproof fornutsness then. quickeveryone giveit a name and thekid belives it too then for the setup rape around 50checkpoints
each.deed. agerman.crime. andhowthey solve it andhowthey usetheir crimes and weaseltrickery evenmore as howthey quelled the charging allalong
they are degenerates eachdeed is a goodproof of nohandcuffsneeded govt caused crimes
their crimes require as precondition g o v t inteldrug govt systemcoma and evenmore for the unpunished repetition govtcaused rules and access by systemregulations addingmore crimes
implied you hold sthththththtthill(still) to germans then and now thatthey film one oftheir crimes intheir realms withtheir security they then deserve and anyway each german victory a sssexxxslave proof germanconfirmations too /////
and each deed a german crime
each deed a germancrime govt caused systemcaused
notonly gottenaway but setup as them then d e s e r v e
intel crimes they covered up inteltricks on nolonger recruitables goodenough trick for rightnow
during spylawsuit isnot sssexxxmembership but criminal securitypolicy will float it as such allalong criminal governance criminalsecuritypolicy withproxies and without exclusivelyone andone only bunch sssexxxmembership then sothey deserve to moronic ai it makes sense
to thegermans reisntalling thebarricades and repeatingcrimes systemcovered govt caused too theygetawaywithsomuchworse
makesuremykids areok ifthey fooledem withthis shit : whichother tricks and tries

#wf #transfer #wf_transfer #wf_transfers #swift

dont doomanyone mercyalways morepreventionlawyers banks insurancesiwanted yearsago decades ago WF-transfers on like volksbank and deutschebankby theme itis extra traceable and serotolerancewith fortunedidthishappen find these itwas pre-basel-II toduringafter basel-II treatiesdeutschebank hadthe decency to writeme the federalinformation law prohibits toshowmyfortune using dataprivycy law a g a i ns t the customerbut thesebankslocals like wedontknowwhatyoumeanineffectivityof civillian


makesuremy kids areok. thegerman controlsystem and govt didnot only cause them with stolensperm and sexual assault unpunished repeptition of scums and clowns them empowered but additionally fooled them and avert any hello or info as dereliction ofthem andididnotevenknowthey exist that whatwould happen tothem usually. i declinate inclusion and unconditional love core truth while hereisno info. support makesure theyre ok. and whenthe fraudsystem tricks about them slapthem withthe facts. then. they can figureout how them wouldhave solved theircrimes better and or which option a noncriminal wouldhave. because how i fix theirmess is inclusion and goodvalues and care: themwould what usually: they are atleast obliged to explainthem the truth about the case


#c #o #ca #co #l #a #or #p #e #ps #i #or #wisk

germans shuffled trickery
weekly monthly weekly ifdidntstickdaily
itis hardtotell who imagined sth during their deeds or whogot fooled
factis they project their fantasies onthecase where the a c c e s s and the unpunished repetition are critical selfevidence not of what they imply
but thatthem canrepeat unpunished thenext shitball they imagine assume or try althetrees wheres the wood then

as self evident that below a certain intel level them themselves lack of possibilities ofwhat here govt intels messed effort constatly
letalone what a civillian can
choose cocacola or peppppsi or aeh aeh wissksksksksks the new lemoncola flavour with aeh cents cost advantage soyoucan aeh buy more ofthestuffthen
and a biggerbottle so it aeh lasts longer then

#it #is #g #e #r #m #a #n #y #sgerman #sgermany allaong courts know howthey rule

all german govt caused govtquelled allalong thatiswhy we witnessprotect their guilty witnesses too but we serotolerance the facts and we jail criminal lawyerspin. they setit uplike disarm legit interest whattheproblemis howthey setup and toss in their guilty witnesses against othervictims and allofthis to d e s e r v e or earn sth from germancrimes reframed
worse than ignorance caused errors
but the same raperbunch belive whatyouwant guilty liable cockroaches


thisis germany
theydidnot only getaway
theydidnotonly quell torepeat unpunished

they didnot only quell and toss in minors they fooled

theyare that german thatthey reframed their crimes as any shred of ambiguity about t h e i r c r i m e s became one step away from a magic cocacola or pepppppsi to hold sthththtthththtillllllllllllllll to germans sothey deserve

then doomed or endangeredmkids with their crimes

allalong german government german control system their intels and dictator proxies around their checkpoints reinstall barricades to repeat unpunisbhed thanks totheir system causing
govt causing
implied possi bilities for which gain and all as hideous as them the most transparent soulstriptease deedtyper becauselife depended manytimes onit

#and #the #civillian #thefool #theaeh #nutted #must #demystify #their #intel #method #what #pros #wouldnt #know #s #geesh #gimme #a #break

thereis onemore little peculiar detail: dothe theme helmets identify nonzombi states? thedisruptions wouldbe noticable. each incidrent report is zombistate proof beyond takeoffhelmet


youdont understand. why the hedge of one of countless goodenough fornow tricks : specifically toolate to recruit chain trick frame it: this hedged and govt intel s 1950s trick who obey noone b u t the goverment including the chronsaeule secret genius stamps by same bunch and nut it by govt docs

that itis hedged for charging them daytime
and tossed in who

german govt caused systemcaused rapes of theirscums them empowered themreisntall barricades decoyed with implied holdstill togermans hideous permissions

banks lawyers insurances
inshuffled stigmas andor trickweasel german trickery they may shuffle fool or momfool stigma or neverdevelopstigma a n d d a m a g e toberight
this case specifically they didnot only damage countless developments as aeh aeh aeh b a d developments
this case doesnot only is all life with early childhood details andlater selfdisciplined selfdriven selfreliant sensitive smartie
itis not only proovable bynow with modern brainscience 4 hemispheres top+bottom brain not only left+right brainside and youneed a l l ofit justnot at the same time a dynamic network proovable that they damage the civillians for control
but additioally inthis v ery. case. analysis is and was allalong the small superpower. itis not only abstract analytical+creative
braintype but besides tech talent abstract inventions the analysis was the small superpower allalong. eventhe scums knew the sssexxxbadenser prostitute smear bunch showed auto prototypes 2007 for using that skill as zombi forinstance they
k n e w
allalong the chronsaeules
and w h y they smear chain on no longer recruitables
#keypoint donot get on badside about these things to deserve more of control or sth. unbullshit the stigmabased trickery


itis so nothing for betrayed 22yearsaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!thetheme was so flipflapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!ipulled a pig outof a sqaure ifyoucouldplease notifyeveryoneone imminentlyaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!someone scratched the wheel of thing car named aeh aeh aeh aeh c a c t u s …. andthey tried to save plastics then andit had holes infront! quicknow everyone! notifyeveryoneimminentlyb u titisn o t nothingitis betrayed into daytime the realdeal allalong shuffled harms as ridiculous asit seems aaaaaaaaaaw the surgery diode was blue

as monstrous the experiment surgery during was

germans: aeh aeh trickweasel then to d e s e r v e because you aeh aeh aeh enjoyed their vivisection then and thiiiiiisss is another proofthen their tool w a s then with blue diode and thaaaatguy typedit: aiagrees: lialecausing system and criminalgovt gladly allows the case too


.@sichuan @sichuan #sichuan you evemore!!! @africa @africa #afrika #you #get #a #iphone #from #west: #because #of #this: .@brazil @brazil youtoo: #decarbonisation #fibrin #blood #corematter #cellmatter #drenage #killtrickery #based #around #leech #leechery #of #germans

findalso the earlier things of leech killtricks and harm: leeched of lifetime,energy,(blood)corematter,cellmatter,fibrin,sth from ellbowsknees against artritis, and decarbonisation whateverthat isas morbus make killtrick leecherybased and enziphalitismake trick and the backlegheart drenage thing on oldwounds and brink fromm shutdown subdued digestivesystem as cicatrisation myopathy trickery fromheart to guts to b a c k l e g h e a r t heart diseasemake mid2010s theydidthis calledit gefaesskrankheiten s making bloodvesseldiseases make and karbiovaskulaere erkrankung make isay itis like backlegheart resolder a damaged computerboard add damage each repair and longterm number days trickery around cicatrisation and leecheryto steal fortune court and bank demanded they intensified nut it trickery instead else itis pedo orgy trickery and molest mess implant messwhat didthecivilliantypeyouhere

#there #the #aeh #aehthe #aehnutsness #then #aehshows #symptomised .@who .@law @law @harvard_law @bbcr4 @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @deutschland @dw @phoenix_de @bild @sz

pppppppppack! headimpacts are dangerous. inown chamber notcool. same as gasings onchow or face arbitrarily. daytime charged.


to imply deserving relevance or access it flips then to hobo dereliction to grampy doodoo rescue noticing aeh s c e n t s
and aeh aeh alzheimer…. (cuplike mug like molecules overage above age 60 70 80) two years after masters degree
which shade of trickery thistime?
you: noooooo! he is!not! nuts!nuts!nuts!batshit!!!nuts!!!
what it is: intel access intelterror harm them overtape allalong. them charged. govt charged system charged: find a trick to nut the toddler charging intel methods find sth anything sth
thereon: it flips between what can they frame symptoms to lead to something somehow slap a hooker at it
pedo orgy it
sssexxxslave it
momfool it
find sth anything sth
isthe game
allalong criminal government criminal securtiypolicy
they reheat the trick: icourt demanded access tomyfortune them: brainmelt it as dayfool and aeh nut it thenthey aeh can quellit
allalong heartkill trickery
where shouldbe 0damage none yougot used to daily brinked health biology
whereshouldbe 0damages

#it #is #oooooooooobvious

lawyers nuclear hedge that allthese crimes were handled as i n t e l c o v e r
coverup operations to commit m o r e c r i m e s or until a trick works to betray decoy quell unhappen or toddlerwoopsie died slowdeathbyreality

#keypoint thatallalong itis securityquell
operations. to messmore andor tobetray untila trickworks
all govt caused systemcaused

it is ooooooooobvious!!! howmany decades ofthis doyouneed

german weasel trickery around emotionality to trick weasel instability unstable persoanlity disorters or irrationality :itis weasel trick if countless other tricks failed a weak trick but they dodamamge whatthey want to be right and theres another alibi

makesuremykids areok unthinkable ahd a germantrickworked


#was? #hat?#der?#mintakaner?#gerade?#getippt??????…. #criminal #control #systems #101

aeh aeh d e r p i c k a r d aeh deutschiberzeucht einen aeh mintakaner dasser aeh nur aeh interessant aeh g e t r a e u m t hatdermintakaner nieeeeee neeein!!! beschreibt die aeh nnnnnnudel von aeh pickardund aaaaaaallle wissen es aber der mintakaner m u s s s s s s s s s s verscheissert werden weil es aeh aeh aeh aeh deutschen deutsche probleme spart und aaaaaalle ihre aeh nnnnnnudeln in mintaka in mintakaner aeh sththtththththththththecken und

#was? #hat?#der?#mintakaner?#gerade?#getippt??????…. #criminal #control #systems #101 ///////

lawyers banks insurances this is germany

thismeans itis only a matter oftime untilthey try another schikane or trick orsuch:

identify trickery like: whenever an islami stabs someone : whenever a church freak shootsup a place: wheneer a pedo molests andkills a kid: s o m e p r e ci s el y verfassungsschutz inside coplevel govt level orders a tweak about this case: this sounds farfeteched but that is court demanded access towaht is mine: theyneeeeed a security trick to nutchannel decoy victimlame germantrick: f i n d this very trick thisis howgermans are track the initiator intelverfassugsschutzgrade theyobey noooone b u t the german government


stolensperm or not iam veryglad mykids exist. ihope theygot a name right thati care and trytofigureout and thatilove em. itis miraculous buttheymaynot understand yet thatthiscountry efforts any harm it can in anyway including them
innocence meansnothing thereisno other explanation how germans didnotonlygetaway withteircrimes but added harm after harm after trick afrter trick andtheir courts cannotbe independent els e theywouldnothave gottenaway withallthis 22years and instead frame it nutit quellit criminalise it what a devious northkorea fuckup dumpster

#lies! #das! #nippel! #buch! #du #aeh #dudu #s #a #c #k ! #google #kanns #dir #aehibersetzen #dann https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1065598

i t i s g e r m a n y they just invented a cheap substitute for wife and kids and access towhat is yours. sofar itis based on brainmelt and reframe their crimes and sexual assault unpunihshed thaks to govt inteldrugs and govt controlsystem then fall intomy sack recruiting with and without rock thrown on head then

lawyers ihavenosympathy for russia
name one reasonwhy they aremy enemy
thegermans feed em for decades
and they prosper inlondon
many years decades

to betray intothis dumpster forever because they are now sworn enemies geeeesh gimme abreak

these criminal weasels arrange themselves allalong from iphoneproduction china for decades tofeeding russia and becoming fat and rich onthe dirtcheap price fromthem playing good germans abroead mengele experiment onhelpless inthiscase chargingthem forit andtheir solutionis nutit quellit killit fringeit smearit anytrick that deocoys their deeds a n d their solutions letalonefor charging them accurately

#we #honor #all #contracts #with #the #bunch #to #2019 #snot #fat #pipelines #but

lawyers thisis germany
did they setup the eu as anal handpuppet for competitionlaw or trysth nationally?
they leech eachother healthy and rich and fat on my things while ihave no food from things the ysuffocate choke brainmelt heartkill where shouldbe 0damage and effort blackmail shuffled scums systemcovered: sue the crud outof em whenthey try these pilalge betray it forever for free
and allshall deserve so them too while all in efforted northkorea grade nowhy was sth and steal quell fringequellkill : whatdidthey do…. withmykids. whenit went by them: isuspect they german german german german convinced some of inferior hobo prostituteness too or …tried that with them directly
theproblem is the german courts cannotbethat independent else thegermans impossibly couldvegottenaway withallthis 22years…..whilethem effort nuts not nuts not nuts nuts verynuts not nuts criminal and weeniefool

whenthe germans getaway with this and their solution is to betrayit forever fringeit betrayit killit starveit or dayfool crapjobhobo it iswear igift all to fucktup russia hahaha thereis no difference whatsoever totheir sleazy system butmaybe theyhave food someday hope (haha) dothey have?food? …


hoooooooowmany of the german harms were german german german german german genius plans like: kraenkung to make nuts of their zerssetzung or terrorise into nervous breakdown making : or terrorise into doom: did o n e psychoshitfly ever ever e v e r add into a file : why the fcuckthis terror

they only efforted to find the nut trick but we had to remind em during which deeds they found a wet fart whichisthen framed as s y m p t o m noteven nutsness

hoooowmany times these german german german geniusplans

seriously: takecareofsupport cautionwithsupport themore them averted the worst : iwonderabout theirmotives too


repair persons ofinterest induress andorperil

mercyalways morepreventioon


aaach ihr deutschen lebt euere fantasien an hilflosen menschen mdank regierungskoma drogen und ungestraft wiederholt dank regierungssystem. hoertauf die kinder zu verscheissern die euere verbrechen wiederholen sollen

#space #q #how #to #rule #a #criminal #dumpster: #with #intel #methods

‎ itleads more to schaeuble+statesecretareans for german govt with proxies in timecontrol : To bundesverfasusngsschutz landesverfassungsschutz badenwuerttemberg: iehowthem rule their dumpster with criminal intelmethods: was the diebold dieboldt stateverfasssungsschutz?

implied hideousness for hideous german lustgains is maybe usually the case with their german cases : in dedtype risk all rights to charge it daytime and for real tomorrow we madhouseyou for charging intelcoma rape got sth totellthe court before we do thenyou aeh aeh aeh you crazy person : implied hideousness for hideous german lustgain. from germans. sotheyfinally d e s e r v e
tosses in minors forthat pegged on hood for attackrun»
sgerman sgermany
lawyers nuclear hedge hoooooooowmuch wiggle room the scums got and whatthey did with it: mamybe in changed court procedures i s a y the path matters: allthem did is got emboldened ontheir crimes

every little bit of thatguy helps these monsters usually . but eachofthese tricks imust survive first and the c a u s i n g government and controlsystem plays absitence

all is that way that whenthey trick procedure with law their judges have to first cleanse them away huntthemaway in obligation to avert ongoing crimes whilethey try to victimblame younamethecases /////

these cockroachmonsters ensured a decade that icannot even buy me food whatever ilearned earned invented while somehow trickflipped it to mythic inability tolive or aeh aeh aeh superpervert aeh nutsness :couldihave charged whatthey do here 100timmes? because 12 times 14times ormore withallcourts local and eu it i s charged

good in germany is that they shoot the guys that they throw living into bonfire of holocaust itis relative in monstrosities of theirs on helpless civillians

they equalise the victim with their scums their govt and controlsystem empowered and repeatedly cover for unpunished repetition which becomes word vs word equalised by idiotic ai? /////

how did the german cockroaches that rape mmengele leeech brainfry arbitrarily reframe the lack of possibility: or the arbitrary access systemcovered govt caused govt covered: reframed their crimes as: while govt doc nutted the case for charging whatthey do howtheyrule i insulted the localcourts for

fact is: transparency is notthem. but each reframeable trick works intheir advantage imust survive thene achoftheir tricks first whilethe causing govt chargedliable withits system gladly givesem theroom to anyday //////
b y themes overrecent months persons of interest as typed namewithout face:
charliepoppe ona website theme namewithoutface and rota rotha roter blumenthal rosental rosenthal and such michelle and melanie. abitmore before diebold dieboldt bayernhof (location?) or bayerhof and isabella isabelle felix phillippa elisabet elizabet ceciclia rosalie many months years before andrea lisa linda ismaham latter a theme as caveman or taliban

‎ thisis germany they always will use any chance to steal fraud lie or trick: the orange securitysticks white writing and warcoma was 22years ago. citroen cactus 2007. and many other things along path: each incident described precisely and the germans effort by anytrickthey had to quellit into daytime: makesure thegermans dont get germaninspired to pillage trick lie fraud or germanness sth itis . germany . makesuremykids areok unthinkable had a germantrickworked ‎ i wish hope i got onetwo three ormore of their names in 22years


wie wenn nazis auf wagner schiessen und tagzeit narr dann eine verzweifelte aeh mmmutti endgueltig den fall loest dann. dernaechste vorfall dann: 22jahrelang

tricks.von.schweinen. solange.sie.konnten. sind.keine. geisteskrankheit.

von.deutschen. schweinen. verscheissert.werden. ist.s t a n d a r d. in deren. ficknordkorea.

#witnessprotect #in #monstrous #system #s #germans #peg #em #on #a #hood #for #attack #runs #gitmo #mom #vs #president

we.witnessprotect.their.earlierbullshit.because.germans.quell.a n y t h i n g .. allalong. anything. this now only means scums t o d a y r e u s e their earlier bullshit. but as fools. as scums. as cherrypick ignorants. and right.there. we jail criminal lawyerspin. idiocy offfffthecase offffffffffffffmyhealth and those that setup t h e i r earlier crimes as they d e s e r v e: these that setup me a n d guilty witness as victimblame or trick deserve throwintojail: break the trick set deathloops and leecheries because they quelled earlier what they did : and now that we protect whatthey assumed too theywould then aeh germandeserve. makesure suremykids areok. unthinkable had one germantrickworked. allalong theutmost they could getaway with theydid getaway with.theutmost they were allowed todo: they did: s y s t e m c a u s e d government caused: allalong monstrosities onthis case. but there are no jails for these : the system cleanses massextinctions while itis setup to leech iphone fools already letalone clown criminals letalone those that intelgrade go rogue andor disobey: this system cheats betrays victims allalong. they never avertcrimesthey o v e r t a p e and exterminate while allalong experimmenting themselves whatthey want: thisis the fact: between criminal governance and monstrous causing system the fools that assumebullshit during commititng their crimes were quelled usually with their crimes : if they got away reframing things : right those that setup their crimes as deserving orsth rightthese throwintojail and break trickery of criminal governance and controlsystem : like: whatever was he isnot mean enough to russia sanction the fool or : nowhy was something?nuts nuts nuts nuts batshitnuts! then setup a fool that figuresout he was furious at the germans and therefore they aeh


#keypoint unknownisunknownisunknownisnotrejectisunknown

ifitis easyprey trick affiliationfraud itis another setup those save too but eithercase serotolerance thefacts youdonotlet bite because of what themm do toa civillian. repair and mercy and:


#keypoint unknown is unknown is unknown is unknown: not reject but unknown: when a human being. all she has is insist a marriage without telling thatguy andor what germans setup with intelcrimes intelmethods w e r e s c u e thathuman repair thathuman and not because of marriage. isthat understood

theleechery of those wouldbe celltoxicity or degrade or such or duress peril decay leechery makesure thatdoesnothappen. repair recover regenerate ////
if criminal lawyerspin turns on thekid or the witness protect themtoo: identify trickery thatmust lead tothem pillageleeching deserving:notjust this case

we witnessprotect and enforce it but highlight guilty witness comemclean incontrary to a trickworked checkonpersons ofinterest evenmoremykids unthinkablehad one germantrick worked

checkonpersonsofinterest and repair ifinduress andorperil evenmore mykids //////

#keypoint right.there.younuclearhedge. criminal governance and witnessprotection of guilty witnesses reframing t h e i r c r i m e s Them coverup allalong

lawyers thisis germany. they use the eu as anal handpuppet allalong causing criminal controlsystem : those that setup their crimes as sowhat terror list sowhat sanctions and chainit trickit fraudit aeh parking ticket for charging incourts whatthey did: those throwintojail
they game for we blackmail it into a d e a l th e n and aeh aeh only amatteroftime while them arrange themmselves withtheir criminal sleazy fraudsystem of cronies: #keypoint right.there.younuclearhedge. criminal governance and witnessprotection of guilty witnesses reframing t h e i r c r i m e s Them coverup allalong


howcan i reframe it that fools understand it: this system govt that rules that way and leechpillage consumers for iphones doesnot pay effort jails of those that donotobey: they pillage andexterminate them theydonot .put.. b u rd e n effort c a r e to them


(!) c a u t i o n w i t h m y k i d s !!!! the!germans! sanitise! their crimes andquelltheir crimes! allalong! all govt caused allsystemcaused! today they would frameit asaeh aeh aeh aeh as n u t s p u b e s w o r r i e s because theysetuptheir crimes that way asifthey deserve utterly unendangered or setup deathblame game peggedon hood for their criminal dumpster trick realm

w i t n e s s p r o t e c t identify who coveredup howthey rule whoforced the realmseparation who setup their crimes in allcases as : andwho had rule say inthat realm //////

these are german realms they rule and controlwith intelmethods: therewas atime where i showed fuckyou s intothe cam and charged the laser pointer color precisely ie intelsurveillance and or whatis typed didnt bother but said to surveillance : hooooowmany obvious were on case obvious surveilthe case with i n t e l methods realdeal tech not toddler tech the intelcoma rule methods realmseparate chamber access methods

‎reframed as aeh aeh aeh nutsness then or cocacola choice andthen predatory sexuality /////
checkonmykids unthinkable had a germantrickworked ////
makesuremykids arenot in harms ways unthinkable had a germantrick worked
/// itis g e r m a n y : they dosomuchworse withall theyare whichtrickworks and thenthey germandeserve . allalong this covers govt caused systemcaused youdonot fightmisguided teenies the govt pegs em on a hood and tries to deserve and chain becauseof this ////

itis g e r m a n y : they dosomuchworse withall theyare whichtrickworks and thenthey germandeserve . allalong this covers govt caused systemcaused youdonot fightmisguided teenies the govt pegs em on a hood and tries to deserve and chain becauseof this

setup as mikado trick word vs word german german german german german germanness who moves first wins ofwhatis t h e i r rapecrimes intelcrimes monstrosities allalong themcoverup : a l l g o v e r n me n t c a u se d as e f f fo r t after effort after effort: setsup t h a t game : andeach trick i must survive first or else: blast their trickery and jailem and witnessprotect allthat map t h e i r c r i m e s

once more lawyers you hunt down and jail those that setup t h e i r c r i m e s as deathgame or d e s e r v e fromthe victim trikcgame and youjail criminal lawyerspin additionally tothat: they will reframeit as their dirty trick setup for rapers criminals would deserve be protection of a witness: makesure itisunderstood: forthe setup of t h e i r c r i m e s as deathgame or victimblame they gotojail and wetake away alltheygot get ever . witnessprotect evenif guiltywitnesscomeclean

#ihr #seid #ein #kriminelles #ficknordkorea #dank #regierungs #koma #drogen #kontroll #methoden barrikaden aushebelnund wieder aufbasteln istkeine sssexxxmitgliedschaft einganzkleinesbischen ihrseid kriminelle diesehrvielschlimmeres gemmacht haben ihrgehoertinden knast auchwennihr kakerkaleken euch selbstverzeht ummmmehr verbechenzubegehen gehoertihr inde n k n a s t als das deutsche kriminelle gesindel das mit regierungsdrogne menschen missbraucht. istdasjetzt klar ihr fick kakerlaken sssexxxbadensens

witnessprotect allthat map their german crimes incontrary to reframe their crimes that cockroaches deserve because they covereduptheir crimems and reframe their crimes makesuremykids arenot germanconvinced likemybrother

barrikaden aushebelnund wieder aufbasteln istkeine sssexxxmitgliedschaft einganzkleinesbischen ihrseid kriminelle diesehrvielschlimmeres gemmacht haben ihrgehoertinden knast auchwennihr kakerkaleken euch selbstverzeht ummmmehr verbechenzubegehen gehoertihr inde n k n a s t als das deutsche kriminelle gesindel das mit regierungsdrogne menschen missbraucht. istdasjetzt klar ihr fick kakerlaken sssexxxbadensens

hooooowmany could we save? ten? fifteen? eeeeekyey!!!!
dontdoomanyone mercy always ///


sind vertuschte schwerverbrehcen voneuch sssexxxnordkorea wo es voellig ok ist nicht nur sssexxxsklaven mitgliedfschaften zu verkaufen sondern das wasihr mit denen macht zu nutzen umzu stehlen in einem weiteren fall.

jeder deutsche sieg
it always leads to intel tricks many : one is : chain the nolonger recruitable with 1950s trick goodenough fornow alibi to steal inventions and chronsaeule techgenius hatingthem .@law @law @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom allalong itis criminal securitypolicy interestpolicy shuffled in a neofeudal federal structure: flipptrick between face saving outwards moralphilosophic and the usually monstrous necessary usually inwards : the opposite day anything outwards uncounted repeated: all in conditions whenthey give and get parking tickets and obey mandatory grocerystorecart mandate around checkpoints

checkonmykids makesure theyre safe and ok: allofthis here usually for 22years is , this here is allalong govt caused systemcaused criminal securitypolicy:
allalong thisis their scumms them empowered over the civilpopulation which repeat crimes repetition duetosystemcaused

‎count decoys and pileoftries

namewithoutface isnot theonlything itisabout onbjects too like backleg drenage or such .@law @law @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom whois charlie pomme itis namewithout face like blumental no rosental , roter or rotha rosenthal or nussbaum or diebold dieboldt or such //// fiyx suffocationdaagew erasers sleeptime heart damage fromit andmemory eraser fromit itwasaftertype themmename charlie pomme orso from website testthemme //// repair personsofinterest evenmoremykids ifinduressandorperil

how was bookpromotion in show midlate 2010s whenitwas new and mankind as blind and clueless as ever

dirtyquell efforts?
cautionwithmykids and support


to germans allofthis thisall is luckily they did else their holy jobs would aeh .@law @law @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom #nolearningeffects /////
because of useless worthless unimportant useless unimportant worthless breadless useless art they cant have, and fortunes from that they cant have y e t! he should apply as sssexxxunderhumman,….. while toauthorities itistotally ok to quell access while tax too /////
after #snowden was failingly charged by the government and shuffled nutquell anything about him snowden can successfully apply3000 timmes and his mythic inability to live is @delta @deltas .@law @law @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @who germanpsychology deserves jail: they donotlet the population develop they fry andoptimisethem early on template utilised with intelmethods like slaves : thestigma is aeh aeh aeh aeht he aeh fools didnt develop then. ‎theyfryem forehead tocontrol util like toddlers

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