@law .@law @harvard_law @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @ap @reuters @sun .@sun @judge @ judges @laws  lawyers: explain cops how the only ways someknow in intel is to standard slap a hooker onthe case or that w ith kids version “dirtydolly” trick . pedo is the new gay is the s t a n d a r d in intel invovled besides  “russianm ethod” nuts nuts nuts,! batshit!nuts! e x p l a i n the courts and judges while the used assume one shitball or allofit whatev er they tellem wonder why the zombi must return or donoteven wonder and whyno handcuffs necessary . and hedge that the systemkno ws these things: and the result oftheir scums they empowered is:  //// andlawyers hedge how they adapted whatthey read too ie howmuch sh uffled pileoftries : is proof of effort whilethem: singularity thisthis cherrypicked: and explain theyknow they damaged the case. allalong they know. they damaged and rape thatguy. they haveno right toplay goo dwill + thatguy. becauseitis justnot whatthey do are and effort. itis a lie in procedures theydidnot grant the victim. stayi ngdamages visible and not visible fromhead to balls to toe  

@law .@law @harvard_law @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @ap @reuters @sun .@sun @judge @judges @laws lawyers: explain cops how the only ways someknow in intel is to standard slap a hooker onthe case or that with kids version “dirtydolly” trick . pedo is the new gay is the s t a n d a r d in intel invovled besides “russianmethod” nuts nuts nuts,! batshit!nuts! e x p l a i n the courts and judges while the used assume one shitball or allofit whatever they tellem wonder why the zombi must return or donoteven wonder and whyno handcuffs necessary . and hedge that the systemknows these things: and the result oftheir scums they empowered is: ////
andlawyers hedge how they adapted whatthey read too ie howmuch shuffled pileoftries : is proof of effort whilethem: singularity thisthis cherrypicked:

and explain theyknow they damaged the case. allalong they know. they damaged and rape thatguy. they haveno right toplay goodwill + thatguy. becauseitis justnot whatthey do are and effort. itis a lie in procedures theydidnot grant the victim. stayingdamages visible and not visible fromhead to balls to toe

lawyers hedge hoooooowmany decades years germans tried russianmethod.. implied things not fakeable a single day: charges security daytime: fuelthe procedure toquellit as nut the toddler: youdont nooooo!heisnot batshit nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts! b a t s h it nuts! noooo heisnot pervert! pervert pervert!!! and pppperverter! youare !
itis ofcoursenot andyoutried for this timeframe in 24/7 365/ 10years with shuiffled persons this: while them did that that that and that. theeenyoucame up with this. while we overtape that. youare criminal system charged daytime andthatis e x a c t l y whattheyare

canibuy me a single loaf ofbread or an apple or apizza or acoffee from these 4500magflights.. //// hedge nuclear grade with allowing three times magflights 500perpremkiumbrand three oftheirs and that inthree incidents. it is. not . what they trick frame it. itis criminal securitypolicy. all . the. time. ‎

germmans are rapers itis good ifthey admit to government buzzword trick. on nonrecruitables. in unpunished rapehell spybotch case. uncompensated. nutted the charging ofthe rapes. during which things theycoveredup gladly admit they efforted rapes because: sssexxxmemmbership buzzword used during .. germanconvincedmykids save em . german govt brews this todisplace thjeyare charged guilty liable causing covereduptheir rapes then nutted the charging victim sth theycalled russianmethod andnow tryto steal chain and trick based on crapsausage intelcampaigns foolingjudges and ai matching alike s sorting alike s : doesnot sort criminalgovernance intel spybotch mistakes but sorts: sssexxxmemberships. thenthey deserve andif thetrick gitmo mom vs president fails they nut crazymom andor preferably deceased ie germany and intel deedtyped themquell ///// someone foolsmykids?ihateyou bortmilllllldra? your aeh aeh titts are aeh you aeh sssexxxlaus you? //// e a c h ofthese were tried notone only e a c h. supppperking? transvestiteness?
pedo isthenew gay?
incest sugardad?
satan? whatisit thistime
grampydoodoo senility?
checkon personsof interest andmykids germans shuffle sayhomersimpsoy counterfactuality deceit again whatisit thistime?sssexxxmembership? exclusively? brainwashaway of fortune? yourenotyou? momfool? teenieweenie? aeh viecha? itsalljust a dream? ////

witneSsprotect allthat map germancrimes. evenifthey imagined things during their crimes andor had their setup goodenough fornow. alot in intel is for howlong fornow ie situations based : ihr seid so “was solldassheissen wir durchnnnnudeln alles was inder n a e h e des spions war. immer.” wieso dieses “immer” *jaaaa?…immer.* ‎@deutschland @bild @bundestag @karlsruhe @stuttgart @bundesrat @bundespraesident
aeh,… ihr missbraucht zivilisten. dank- regierungsdrogen. indiesemfall: hebelt dafuer barrikaden aus . ineinem spionagefall. mit erlaubnis. und. baut sie danach wieder auf.

warum aeh schickt ihrnicht jemand junges. deutsch iberzeuchtes inden krieg damit

‎ id germans use eu analhandpuppet to stealfortune lockfortune .itonly shows how arbitrarily criminal and sleazy europe is instead of germans accountable reframehow they d e s e r ve because germans quellfraud it forever and thereit is wheeeeeeeeeey . another humanrightscourtfiling youdidnot takethe national paththey quell allalong know allalong and decoy alallong wheeeey case dismissed Cssf ignore that and findoutif hes a spam scammer wheeeeey ‎
#e #v #er #y #every every german victory they pullfor effort for is: luckily all our rapes and mengele damamges are aeh aeh luckily somehow thatguy. luckily we have sssexxxslaves and court judge believes us that he was our aeh aeh aeh member. nopay necessary then too . wedontsteal his inventions since napalmyoyo magnesium spytoolammo but aeh d e s e rv e from aeh the nut then aeh aaaw wooopsie it died again. quick sexualmindquake alibi or doom weenie alibi. : find 4am heartaimed catapult /// m e r c y always and witnessprotect . moreprevention. but seriously serotolerance withthe facts and criminal lawyerspin as anydirtyintel trick they had . many deedtyped

‎instead of our witness saw how they rapedhim in rubbertitts as zombi and calledhim mother shabooboo during thatis whatthey toldme itis. : itis: each angry moment the germanproof of nutsness forcharging intelcoma rapes and thatguy the sssexxxmembership me the witnessdeserve themoney ofthe raped and germanconvinced his kid he is our member soshe has norights then too then and now ideserve his billions too then andallhis inventions then. and once nutted all weovertape on guts genitals facebone heart didnthappen.
wheeeey : hey: thisis wel wonderful!and..wheremcan i find?this wonderful country then ..

@deutschland ‎
so und jitz erfind ich ne kinderlohnsteuerkarte und weiles deutschland ist eine kindersssexxxlohmsteuerkarte

aeh aber ich dachte doch esist 1995 und der aeh schaut den janzen tach aeh aeh ppppumuckl wie aeh 1995,hatderdoch oder?…oder?..

#greatestmoments #dvd

zwischen hoffnungsprinz als schutzpppppaste realityshow starlet zerkaut von schweinen ueber folter missbrauch damit kein amerikaner niiiiiiiiemals wieder so etwas wagt :weigert sichdennoch zurueckzufliegen : foltertmehr: derhassssst!!!!!uns!ja!!!!! intensiviert unseren hassss! ja! dann!! extrafoltern! derhassstunsja nochmehr!!! dann foltert den extra! und m ac h d a s derwas illegales macht zumwegsperren! wiesotraegt der seinpferd durchdie wueste anstelle es zu erschiessen: was is dasden fuer ein attentaeter w e ri s t d e rwieso erfinder undwieso hochintelligent ruhige hand ski fahrer muskulatur derist in gummititten aufgewachsen deswegen nicht identifiziert reichenhitnergrund hat studiert aber werist der: w i e s o we i s s sd e r n i c h t ueber realzeit alellles gut und schien aber wieso!weissderdnicht ueber realzeit!? aha! hat heimweh sacht der johanniter ///// das sind ungesuehnte sexualverbrechen ineinem spionagefall staatliche geheimdienste die schwerst missbrauchen und alles uebertuenchen bei einem der jungraeulichkeits tests nichtbestanden hat was ein sssexxxbonus ist schoen herrlich unverbraucht: wer ist der usa attentaeter und anklage als
k i l l e r : #howitallstarted #howitallbegan soweit soschlecht aber die naechsten 20jahre und wiedas geloestwurde um jetzt zu stehlen indem sssexxxmitgliedschaft aeh //////‎
this is the more local effects focus but they are proxies. thisis not how local dictators : thisis criminal governance criminal controlsystem fromthe start of #howitallstarted #howitallbegan itis policy of dotheopposite ofwhatthey fake outwards facesavingly

#predatory #sexuality #who #me ? you search falsely as error ifyou trytofind sssexxxmemberships : understand their usually in other cases

‎#space #q uncover their prisontaking prisonholding roadlooter piracy and smuggler usually thatis their real socioeconomic basis beneath and tradition too

notpassing virginity test because of grand teen shame handkissing not exploit otherdrunk girl is superbad when yourean evil spy: alittlebit later however : then again when someone rediscovers the utter aeh mental retardedness 25years later then itis useful as bad again then as proof as germanproof not fuckingaround out ofretardedness then whatever they did : ie intel


eigentlich brauchtihr nur noch tricks um unschuld herabzuwerten oder um euere verbrechen dochnoch an unschuld zu wanzen #ihr #aeh #ominoes #sssexxxsklaven #haltenden #kriminellen #jeder #deutsche #sieg #gottseidank #doch #sklaverei #welch #ein #aeh #jlueck

‎ihr begreift das immernochnicht oder? dasist eine deutsche schweinerei nach der anderen inder dann mit verbrechen und monstroesitaeten schweinereien geloest werden

#ifthen #simpler #spaceq #simpler #than #all #think‎

i. suspect. that germans. use my kids. for theft. with reframing their german crimes. because anyother trick they did. itis gitmo-mom-vs-president trick : allalong the germangovt and controlsystem is charged: use proxies as anyother intel: rule their swamp intightcontrolled land: and made it somehow look as if: ‎

because they quell withdoomed hoooooowmany usualy and because all would act like iiiiiiiii would hide sth or asifthe civillian theonlly nonimmmunised inthis under their e f f f fo r t even c o u l d : but itis likely all recooked cookedup reheated as if thatguy theonly that charged it daytime whichthey quelled : then used the quellit nuts now as additional proof too then : itis criminal securitypolicy criminal governance and criminal interestgroup trickery as proxies in crapsausages slice campaign reframing that what theyquell: simpler:

how deep is their usually they quell and recook slices
‎ #keypoint in a realm/layer wherenoone!tellsem adamn! they dowhattheywant to civillians, what they imagined during their crimesmatters more than thecrime or how arbitrarily they repeat these around their intelwall. and then quellit allalong returnthe civillian. orelse: this isnot a slogan. anything deviating fromthis is trickflip proovable if itis centered around one and one only in a dumpster howthemrule whatthey do to countless

‎ mercy always evenmore mykids cautionwithsupport dontdoom anyone witnessprotect . id those that set em up w h o r u l e d them and thedumpster access before is key : these areliable: and try now what

identify recook trickery match it with ai to german government andproxies and by facts whichhard things it displaced with setup fools and scums:‎#crxapsausage #in #slices #intelcampaign #s #criminal #system #rules #with #informationasymmetry

itmeans weak defense like spin shxitball like a hooker someone ranaway from a whorehouse andthey deserve : allalong each victory is then german victories like finally we found us a sssexxxslave that then aeh ranaway soafter 22years they finally deserve fromthe sssexxxslave then
allalong they displace a charged government charged system charged shuffled scums during before after and this is the fix then : hedges best intent no food nutsness brainmelt too : averts which direct pay for bookincome thinktankincome inventions letalone access to what i own: germanconvinced a kid ? notevenborn? hearsay? whats thetrick: theyfilmtheir crimes?allrealtime ?somehow the nonimmunised they starve didit ?

germans try to steal they crapsausage intelcampaign their crimes theyquell allalong and know why . partially to repeat unpunished namely ////

howis everything that way that eachclown livesout their fantasies on thecase and themother andnoone evenwonders why itis totallyok to sowhat andwhythey dance around realtime realmseparation and why these are not exceptions but additionally to those they bloodyrevolution away why else

howdoes the system decoy that they rule that way and trickflip it to:
howdoes shuffling stigmas and damage by it noone even wonders why orthattheydontbelong near but arbitrarily do allalong whatttheywant withcivillians evenmoreinthis case: howmany analysises developments of a disciplined sophisticated humancooked: decoys: as onestigma ofmany because whichshitballbefore didnotstick thistime: mmakesuremykids dont get fooled whywould theyknow better whensetup by germans whowould explain em a damn: whowouldexplaintheothers outthere a damn: theyknownothing only whatthesemonsters feed em and thatismy guess isthere anger or uprising 2000s 2010s how noone tellsem a damne ver even

pinnacle: sayhomersimpsoy fake thebuzzword unmask uncloak how them operated: added to top10bastardish? whengermanconvinced mykids? #timeline #favourless
#nutloop #forever #by #any #trick #sssexxxloop #by #any #trick #or #which #trickworks ‎
itcouldbe helpful if timecales of buzzwords show clearly the trick from who uses thebuzzword forwhich persons and whichtimescales and howoften whentheytried this onmy lawn during what on timeline ////

#favourless ‎

favourless victimised is onething: enemyof state oftheguy them wounded raped experimented: notcool: but avert toothand claw access what is mine,courtdemanded, then gameit to tax it and onetrick away because they deserve: then toss inthe kid forthat andor second generationtrick: then frame it as inability tolive: or batshitnuts while biology dies: atsome point earned with this head and despite their suffocations and heartkilltricks : atsomepoint is enough withthese criminals andtheir bananarepublic andhow dirty them rule: toonice to russia germanconfirms their crimes as thenitis legit then too: then. then anal handpuippet eu for sanctions ahead depends howcriminal they are when using these blacklistings quick and easy without accountability and norevert necessary too

‎ #nutloop #forever #by #any #trick #sssexxxloop #by #any #trick #or #which #trickworks
dmit in daytimetvtheir population has no food after 25th : turnsout inreality its the 20th : useful to aeh nut it too sgerman sgermany
themdo what they alwaysdo : rape civillians leechthe good outofthem and slap hookers oncase around 50checkpoints : andif taxtrickfails: pedo orgytrickery: ifnot : died taxa corpse : else :whichtrickworks: iiiiiiiiichargedit daytime: them: aeh nuts! aeh aeh nuts!nuts!nuts! b a t s h i t n u t s ! and not onlynuts!!!!!but so nuts that yomama was sonuts that thistimenow r e a l l y with !!!three exclamationmarks n u t ! that! guy! n o w !!!! before he infects us with paranoic thoughts and aeh aeh aeh disturbs our perverts and

each wet fart i know ityped allalong : them quelledit: itis usually 22years below actionability: haaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!this theme was so flipflap!ifyoucouldpleaseimminentlynotifyeveryone! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaw this toolhad a b l u e diode andrubbergrip!haaaaaaaaaw!itwas so orangeglow and thicklines likeincomics and said wewillneverabandon you ‎!!!

them: quellthis stuff allalong: itisnothing for 22years but. it.is.not!.nothing. itis the accurate deedtype of them experimentsurgery them rapingwith intelcoma after charging rapes withintelcomas and thats abracketofthetheme: them: alibis to deserve topeg theircrimes themquelllallalong inhowthem rule: makesuremykids arenot fooled withthis shit .hadone germantrickworked: whatwouldbe with them: onetrick:

realworld damage of facebone teethbone was e x p e r i m en t surgeries many of many

and the adjust was often
thegermans shuffle nut corner what is fringe betrayed civillian they are a tool that cover intelcrime with nut the toddler theyllalways find anything then
inthiscase they didthe utmost and alltheycouldfake andtheutmostthey could as hostilemicroscopy for 22years or only 10years :psychoshitflies know that and lowballthis.

compared to average quirks ofhumans
inthis case they effort security systemcharged to quellit nut it scapegoat it victimblame it : the damaged is me not them and theyknow why they themselves allalong quell their crimes onme and mymother : no alibis neededin thatcase

the germans teethbone facebone surgeried experimentally

uncounted times

‎the cheap klammern s or so keep it together
[hisruined my top corner teeth

iwrotethis accuratelymyhealthinsurance

ifthis causes teeth to move and harm provisoric bridging crowning of teeth : and

i n f e c t e d as washedout provisoric
which kills heart additionally tosuffocations headimpacts ctaapults backleg drenage and gutslockdehydrate

imdrowsy on a lowpriority nuisance on vanished computer storage space : who drowsied the case today why checkalso neurotransmitters mess byclowns

itis simple it averts alinuxlogin as user but not as root : maybe itgermaninspired german to imminently aeh

fixthat foreheadinnermiddle whatmakes soulless

arbitrary detatched and innerstructural damage trickery where the coordination good deep old structures were inthe way priority trombosisemboly fromlockedguts dehydration

#adequacy #of #punishment #and #not #brutalisation #of #systems #is #key ‎ *******
#keypoint the brutalisation of systems mustnot be the goal itlead to whatthey had before allalong repressive monstrosities irreversably allalong : this is why youneed wisdom b e f o r e and allalong against what seems quick and feelings of themob based. onceyoulet scums nothing but robustness can saveyou, those dontmind about such refined matters and if thento twist it to harm more orsavetheir ass instead selfresponsibility **********

the humane counts soon as foolish fool things

but besides deep respect for life itis a controller of brutalisation of a realm which mustnot allow scums a shred but must second chances witnessprotect from learned as toddlers repeat that whatthey gotaway with become worse and worse unsaveably : requires prevention and learn from mistakes and horrors: along that path . therewill always be those that use thechance to harm more and cutmore and these willbe often enough not saveably. oftenitwillbe theonly way theyknew aproduct oftheir hell

thismeans humane wouldbe underpressure to justify to fragile on brink of irrelevant and thatisnot howit shouldbe andmustnotbe. it requires the serotolerance with scums and repeat criminal parts eventhere. allofthis applies. but

#keypoint the brutalisation of systems mustnot be the goal itlead to whatthey had before allalong repressive monstrosities irreversably allalong : this is why youneed wisdom b e f o r e and allalong against what seems quick and feelings of themob based. onceyoulet scums nothing but robustness can saveyou, those dontmind about such refined matters and if thento twist it to harm more orsavetheir ass instead selfresponsibility **********

space-q : this allmatch to criminalgovernance criminal securitypolicy. theyknow howtheyrule theyknow howmuchworse happens allalong but effort evenworse inthis case then as solution . theydontneed alibis not formymother notforme. once theyneed alibis a miraclehappened and theyqre forced to.
theyflip principally as always between moral outward facesaving and usuallymonstrous inwards necessary theycallit gesinnungsethik vs verantwortungsethik: itis responsible to commit monstrosities irresponsible not to else itcosts them. else their methods flare. else whentheycant pillage thevictim thecompetition overturnsthem. else theircrimes becomes a precedence. and on andon alibis how they maketheircrimes policy. in a neofeudal federal(decentralism) structure with varied proxies in afoodchain hierarchy. this confuses many. thebasis of their intel‎ is tricksen taeuschen tarnen ie trick fake cover whichtrickworks whichtrickworksthistime. from thrownobjects to dirtpile to victimblame scapegoat killoff crazy in variants sth theycal russianmethod fucksleaze

thepileoftries is big. itreveals intent allalong. iearnedwhatismine itis withwhatiiiicould despite them. themgame for victimise forever quell damagecontrol onthem and whichtrickworks

‎ jaaa? .@bundestag ?euer geheimdienst hat auch reizwort tricks die zeigen dass ihr leute versklavt. und dann #deutschiberzeugt ihr die kinder dazu,jedersieg also doch sklaverei ‎

#aber #die #aeh #sssexxxwuergen #doch #schauspielerinnen #wenn #oder #so #erklaere #ich #die #welt #meinen #kindern #grundlagen #101 #wie #tickt #die #welt
alles alles alles alles alles sind:‎

n e t z w e r k e subkulturen, die in auf derbasis von: alles was ist,muss ersteinmal gemacht werden,

auf ressourcen ausbeutung ihrer art sitzen. mitkontrollmethoden ihrer art.

#keypoint immer immer immer immer sozio-oekonimische a s i s von n e t z w e r k e n. sozio-oekonomische grundlagen von netzwerken beachten! mit deren (!!)sicherheits/vorrechten/rechte basis in der die werterzeugung geschieht hat jeder jede ihre

#keypoint technologische basis die sortiert was der dienetzwerke machen koennen *********

allesist nach moeglichkeiten sortiestes sozio oekonimische basis sortietes netzwerk

einige sind als basis genetische experimente in deren ketten spielen aliens von weit weit weg. andere sind kirchen bevorrechtete machtgekluengelte.

andere sind staats national krams zum eigenen vorteil aber kleine raedchen darin
alle auf ihre eigene art ausgebeutet geegelt verscheissert bepreist beschildert verkauft und benutzt

dasalles alles alles alles war mit sehr hoher wahrscheinlichkeit ein dreckiges pyramidenspiel pyramiden system zum aeh aeh aeh a u f s t i e g indem system mit schnell runter und trickserei rauf trick fastunmoeglich aber schnell runter: damit das was oben ist nur das was nuetzlich ist unter einem nutzt ausnutzt aber alles andere wwwweg nach unten und wwwweg :und alles fuer ressourcen und macht ansammlung.

begreift ein wenig das system und debattiert. insbesondere netzwerke+sozioooekonomische basis (ressourcen/rechte/privilegien) die sortierung der gesellschaften nach moeglichkeiten (technologisch/soziooekonomisch) zum ausbeuten
‎funktionale gesellschaften kleptokratien kontrollmechanismen die sicherheitsfrage darin ‎

#rubbertitttspppppppppacked #rubber #tittts #pppacked
trickdeceit is sayhomersimpsoy which trickery thistime?

yourenotyoutrickery : who setup the name who uses the installs sayhomersimpsoy nano oilantennas whohad control over the case that that zombi gets into that realm rubbertittspacked around which checkpoints to do what exactly: and return allthesame ways too.: incontrary to: he imagines he is aeh someone else and . buys cola or pepsi: theonlychoices. while imagines he is someone else. ie toddler ineffectivity they use allalong

c‎autionwithmykids unthinkable had a trickworked .. explain them //////
lawyers nuclear hedge how germans tried to game procedures processes for innocents with setup trickery and germanconvinced fooled minors that map o n e try of countlesstries uncounted attempts e a c h quelled by thebunch :s etupminors as ifiits thefact theonly fact and use procedures processes for innocence and truthfindingforthis: a crapsausage slice campaign by intel by govt intel whenthe buzzword trick is govt intel oneofmany tricks. thesamebunchthat genius stamped internally bbut not to leakit ever. reframes it as: games procedures as: rebrews crapsausage slices of oneof uncounted tries ‎. this. is intelcampaign totakeaway rights to initiate prerogatives :allalong themm are the guilty them are thescums them donotneed alibis not forme not formymother alongthe case alllalong. makesuremykids areok‎ ////
checkonmykids andpersonsofinterest espec induress andorperil. repair. unthinkable had a trickworked

ifits not this itis sth else. rescue personsofinterest themore thesystem would cleanse em. each german victory is a disgace like pillage the raped. reframe best intent ontheir scums they were ashamed themselves of and bloodyrevolution themselves onwhich kind of persons that didwhattheywant onthecase and themother as ontheir civillians . criminal lawyerspin trickflipped to: ////// ‎

itismercy by thevictim but these monsters donot getaway with setup a minor for a gitmo-mom-vs-president trick. othertrick is cherrypick construct distorted timeline trackrecord to decept today trick tomorrow: serobullshit withthe timeline and the o t h e r pileoftries andtries allalong //////
typical personnel: for this germantrick: i t i s g e r m a n y: ‎
besides supersudokus really serious sudokus
supercharged linux

there is analysis justthis very day to allalong like predicting russian invasion factualitybased:

did they german twist it to aeh: lovely amelie and her magic world? beautiful littlemovie but:: really: that? ithink amelie and islami thegermans didnt dare y e t t t t t t t t t //////

#how #it works #as #of #and #it #is #the this is germany :

for charging intelcoma rapes they quelled betrayed the case into a corner where they frame it e i g h t years for 8years theyonly have to of a sudden s u r p r i s e thatguy doing sth extraordinarilynuts only have to : draghim kickcing andscreaming into nuts court to get the proof they need how batshitnuts itis theyfind sth as in allthey did these tricks.
all ofthis while intelcrimes : before intelcrimes. after intel crimes. : how didthey get away with this toddler charges security : find a trick toquellit forever: forever nutlooped efforting to find a symptom atleast

each daytime court demanded fortune access thegermanproof then too while averting any income in fringequellkill whatdoes theheart dies from inthe 30s then: aeh cola? smoker

‎ one of the many german fucksleaze trickery themes- some listed in notforspies-whatisahumanbeingbook- were:

sudden unflap belt sudden undress belt flapping snapping that would or should arouse the themed braincooked ther variant: pheeeeeeew as sssexxxrelief phew

whatever thetrickery aroundthese itis sleazier dirtier
more hideous than youthink ie deviouscore germanness

awyers and ai: itis t h e i r c r i m e s on the civillian. them are criminals. itis only system empowered and any trick that setsup how t h e i r crimes are maybe somehow the fault of thecivillian andor atleast fault too. youletem setup fools as attacktool like gitmo mom vs presidents butallalong this. is. systemic. thisis criminal governance. this is how them rule. with intelnetworks. over civillians.. with intelmethods. as charged! they displace this allalong: with:

ifitfails they doomthem orand the deceased as crazymom inthewoods orand nut the toddler itis intelstuff flaring daytime whichtricktoquell then:

hronsaeule-I technikgenie was rightafter #howitallstarted #howitallbegan where before whoisit whatcanhe was always : highlyintelligent likely studied : chronsaeule-I technikgenie was morelike maybe a mechatronics program: reinvent the computer reinvent physics was likely not the suspicion ‎ instudy late2000 atomics highpotential maybe found it too.
a second chronsaeule was atheme early2010s but idoubt that one
this is irrelevant when itis dumpstered harmed killtrickery itisnot tobe known but how the sortings were behind the scenes: the how itis harmed ofcourse without these things hedged but with invalidate edu and dumpster trashcantool: phase it out count the days number the days and such trickeries : newfools: hooker not hooker hookernothooker hmmm and if the …

#life #in #germany ‎#find #ashamed #of #own #personnel #after #howitallstarted #howitallbegan #leads #to
verfassungsschutz a r e thebest in personnelquality rating in germany only jews and atomics compete : s o m e w h a t elephant: allothers arelike clowns like nazi templates met booster drug and a quirky braindamaged deranged guy leads national bank then but on booster drug

butthe r e a l de a l personnel quality are verfassungsschutz jews atomics
this ismyrating as best three in humanressource within germany: germany as anyintel keeps their persons with (!)writing handbook of how to handle persons : from study to other edupaths and this with personnel development for specific rails trails on is oneof the secret sauce elements of germany: problem is: to retain these persons a n y dirty trick they have they apply: standard: mud over it themorethebetter then feeditand orbenice to it stays

alotofthe realdeal ticks by machiavellian how do imake that oldguy leave the chamber a n d to paint the chamber forme too : itis not moral itis devious buttonpush trickery howthey rule their toddlers and into which networks they utilise them earlyonandor forlife with a hierarchy foodchain : life ingermany intherealdeal


#find #ashamed #of #own #personel
verfassungsschutz is top of foodchain allare peasants tothem in intel and thiscase itis enemyofstate treat and such botch first twoyears turned into enemyofstate afterall the attitude counts .. donot immply them neutralmotives the govt was ashamed oftheir scum personnel but thiswillnot getadmitted ever for cohesion. internally theyknow

find changed laws about how their reals were withthe accepted abuse of realm backthen maybe 2004 changed laws but howthey are is a criminal dumpster. as charged.

#keypoint itislike which realm abuse was below actionability and what to dowith that guy else then, as robot zombi. not what they trick now as memberships or hookersleaze and such

nonhostile themepart: i tried to evac him
me: ?!?
ififitis about 2002 thatis v e r y true!!!! after zombi rubbertittts security testing securitymeasures as robot zombi like chirac visits with car?!? orsuch : search socks in magazines report/ they trained evac vip midlate 2002 alot

but they mayhave setup the robot zombi as hooker sleaze trick too early 2002 . doesnot make it that but they rape civillians with inteldrugs and act itwouldntbe so and nothinghappened. as charged daytime. important rescue humans dont doomthem isuspect they quell

‎.@fact @deutschland @bild .@bild @dw @bundestag @dwnews @handelsblatt @phoenix_de @rbb @berlin .@berlin #diemauer vor euch deutschen sind schon ganz andere euerer deutschen aeh geflohen schon wegen vielweniger als das wasihr hier angestellthabt und bis heuteversucht

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hat were the german alibis about whatkind of quality of persons would have broken intelcoma efforts of govt intel how: to dowhat then: which never required handcuffs: and which is then hideously hidden by the zombi civillianthen to return to starve then : what is the method implied by which kindofpeople: the system uses which persons to harm decoy how that this is betray systemically exposure toharm allalong

setup mykids to german crimes german harms? itisgermany theydoworse allalong : witnessprotect! serotolerance with the facts : leads to govt intel and networks and how them rule

‎rescue humans are we arescue float rescue humans
lawyers banks insurances

all is thatway that germans live out their fantasies onthe case and dont evenmind donteven notice
hedge the situation right while they trick it as dayfool thatguy mythicinability tolive and such: allis that way that itis betray as fool intodaytime astoddler and icourtdemand access towhat ismine isanother chance to nut the case

whichtrickworks whichtrickworksthistime but allalong theylive their fantasies onthe case,all is that way thattheydont even notice dont evenmind

dont doomanyone moreprevention

‎#excursion : #typical #german #methods #topic: #nut #it ‎

typical german handling ofintel crimes: nut quell the toddler: hecharges security methods: ok find a way to nut it:

thereon: itis whichtrickworks: whichtrickworks thistime: 22years h o s t i l e microscopy of shuffled trickeries : among these :

typical intel stigma: youre notyou nut it: that is a v er y rare condition of a (!)fear illness (fullofsymptoms/ getsworse in weeks/ not fakeable a day). where these poorpeople: simply: i m a g i n etheyare someone else : to renounce fear and pain and b e c o m e s e l f p l a y i n g selfrenouncing self renounciation rejecting self: someone else and pretend they are someone else and act different because they imagine pretend they are someone else whenever opportunistic: now this trick means: you imagine you are arnold schwartzenrampbo- whileyou buy your cola. and . thats it: while fullof fear hush whosaiddthat?thewind? into that intels mess: this trick is then used to explain how i n t e l c r i m e s occur punctually

clowns mix “spot the difference” into this: but spot the difference is about e m o t i o n a l s t a b i l i t y : highest highs to lowest lows in no time: a no t h e r type . these criminals shuffle these stigmas and a n y o t h e r stigma:

they brainmelt the forehead callit analysis development and cookthese arbitrarily to make civillians passive rulethem as fools as toddlers: but that stigma is: aeh never developed ,thatfool and them the superiors: itis true that civillians arelike babies but additionally to m a d e helpless made dependent they are d a m a g e d brainmelted conditioned

123 simple common stigmas and now youknow
verfassungsschutz govt intel callsit russian method russischemethode likely about neostalinism trickery of sovietrussia 1970s

they knew they coveruptheir crimes and w h y they coveruptheir crimes and eachcrime govt caused systemcaused : iiiicharged it daytime: they nut trick

glad they rediscover their crimes theycoverup they howthem rule allalong
evenifits twisted trickery

////#keypoint tothose that rule that way, each deedtype is an “on and onandon and on g r i e v a n c e s” below actionability toquell, sothey have to overtape ruptured guts and genitals a f t e r the excessess usually then sanitise the scumsthat did it eventually butmostly not and cause and host. thenhow to nut quell the deedtype charging and how totake onthose that barely avert theworst

#keypoint itellyou exactly whocanot coverup: the!civillian!!!!!! itellyou who chargesit allalong: thecivilllllian!!! them!!!!quell that and nut it sth theycall russianmethod 2002since

‎ worse is only ifiit is the bunch that committed the crinmes the samebunch that c o v e r e d u p their crimes : these rediscover their crimes twisted . but that is germany whenthey germanconvinced and setup a kid ofmine ‎///// ‎

criminal lawyerspin is: not pressure german govt intel but setup by the raping bunch to finda trick how thatguy canbe reframed as:

any shred of cluelessness ignorance bythese clowns on my lawn my support myreputation: criminal lawyerspin

criminal govt caused dumpster enemyof state slowdeathby reality harm enemyof state vogelfrei nowhy was sth russianmethod nutit anytrick:

causes dynamics of unpunished crimes
repeated onme a n d m y m o t h e r . repeat sowhat. and rereepeat sowaht: me deedtype : c a u t i o n if support hunted them risked theirlife to. they wouldbe sanitised bythesystem thesystem empowered the scums over civillians like me andmymother but the system causedthemess quells themess criminalgovernance uses system toquelll make sure mysupport isok

#of #a #sudden #and #howitallstarted #howitallbegan

makesure mykids areok unthinkable had o n e trick inallthismess worked o n e

thisisnot a slogan -because here isno info e f f o r t e d itis ifthen ifthen ifthen ifthen v e r y serious stuff. did iget unbetray citizenship offers what usuk shouldhave

they rather trytofind a trick to prevent the adversaries tobenefit fromthe case while 22years heresno food but t h a t thegermans spoiltoo andifiitis good they quickly leech it too ie the anyharm anytrick anything they can usually interrupted by:

of asudden

a sudden
of a sudden

mythic: nothing happensness: suddenly:

w…. w….. wha….now whats happening?suddenly? thatitismildsafethen? – whenever they must fake nothinghappened thatguy again: then each wet fart the symptom of: and finally the germanconfirmationthen readsout loud a text on replaced devices standard procuedure ///////‎

#some #facette #s #facettes #howitallstarted #howitallbegan #a #must #read!!! #the #was #awake #woke #thing #reframed #by #clowns #is

‎#whatever #the #decoy: #s #they #k #n #o #w #what #theyquell #allalong: ********

they are german. each victory is to hedge their rapers and cheat the raped witha trick then, todeserve gain steal trick something. whocares what was

sowhat and allofthis aeh hightreason tothem deserving and aeh nothingwas nothinghappened but i f itis acrime thenonly whenthey can twist it as thatguy didit too or and if theycant benefit then all should them including

#keypoint each german victory a disgrace while it doesnot matter they pullfor disgraceful trickeries of what them committed crimes to itis whichtrick works whichtrick works thistime and w h o t h e y s e t u p to like gitmo mom vs president trick


early2000sa big theme was the wakeme up

ie #howitallstarted #howitallbegan #2001 kept in spylawsuit 1-2seconds in a pussy and 1-2seconds in a butt of uncounted crimes. they raped usa assassin and harmed allthey could to germanconvince to return tothe usa andthe usa neeeeeeever again dare suchathing ever again to replace christiankiss and hide intheir realm. itwasnotlike today nut it to aeh aeh deserve sth: itwas anytrick they had by degenerate personnelof german govt. like raise naked kid daylight nipple high naked urinates in a bow into the grass towards you from school home ie pressure to make a criminal deed to arrest the guy: without deeds: charged it as killer anyway november 2001february 2002

#keypoint me deedtyping the keep amoment in a pussy andorbutt without able todoanything : made them germangovt and or usuk do sth tokeepthe case d a y t i m e tokeepthecase free. this maybe hard toundo ornot but germangovt redid this allalong and testedit with a sneeze test: the drift intocoma required sometimes a hard clap sound or so itwas nottheonly case that wasnot immuniseable likely besides me a n d m o t h e r. ***********

usuk: dontworry.wellgetyouhome. dontworry. wellgetyouhome? wellgetyouhome. this. thepartofthebotch
in ahuge thing of whoisit whatcanhe: stillunidentified thisisnotpossible he grewup in rubbertittslikely. thats why.

greatestmoments dvd of a protection layer of reality showstarlet was one aspect and prince title another partof this. thesethings were later hedged as proof of grandure nutsness. and aeh dismal p u be s worries. oneofmany tricks toddlerquell nut it brainmelt it.. germangovt intel calledit russische methode russianmethod. likely neostalinism. therewasalot lotlot lotmore about #howitallbegan #howitallstarted including testing security as rubbertitts robot and demolitionist training tests and such.

#keypoint they namedit ayearlater as chemisch labil machen 8.1x fach make chemically susceptible 8.1xtimes fold

alotofthis : me allearly 2000s wakeme up then
later they figuredout thekeeping myfirsttime and second time notpassing virgin tests the evil spy before , was how warm mixeswith cold mildlate2000s this was the theme thiswas their thing they figuredout after uncounted harms alllalong for hating them : tortured as american whynot become an american tohellwiththesemonsters was enemyofstate targettedindividual vogelfrei between harm whatyoucan quellit nut it harm it nowhy was sth

#keypoint o n e of this shitball abunch of fools or clowns or decievedminors r e f r a m enow as what they thinkt hisis allabout to aeh aeh aeh aeh to aeh let germans sssexxx you then and now they deserve or setup zombi to harm thekids convinced em its pedodad then orsuch ************

or marriage here are the aeh divorcepapers then
allalong abetrayed torturd civillian and we witnessprotect them and we rescuethem ifinduressandorperil and this. is howitwas thereweremorefacettes like revolutions and such abotuthis all but howthem rule is criminalgovernance

magnesium spytoolammo they stole too #the #tricksen #taeuschen #tarnen #tricksentaeuschentarnen #sgerman #s #germany #each #victory #is #to
‎ the key of this government intel trick state intel trick chargedbuzzword trick buzzword trick is to (!)chain non recruitables with (!)make selffulfilling prophecy in (!)synchronised realms whenallmust play along: and allthey have to do is: repeat the crime‎
the goal is to (!)cutrights to (!!)objectify a human being with a (!)1950s sssexxxmembership buzzword. this buzzword theymayhave changed recent decade too. then trytomatcht hat buzzword too ifthey dontmind the timeframes. ‎

this. ishow it works. inthe realdeal. o n e bunch with o n e trick of c o u n t l e s s bunches with countless tricks. and now youknow . e x p l a i n mykids show thetimeframe spybotch lawsuit give em the flair and horrors so greatestmoments dvd. germans displace the facts with repetitions and (!!)crapsausage slices campaign (!)tosteal. they stole backthen too. napalm yoyo. magnesium spytool ammo. fiberoptics installs. using bodyliquids as antenna .

‎ goodenough fornow trickery of uncounted tricks and tries and alallong. thefirst twoyears are criminal governance botch torture the american assassin. thenext 20years were intenth

charged daytime: decoy: aeh aeh aeh lookat his pants aehaeh aeh lookathis pants from 28years ago!!! noreally! look! (musicvideo nodoubt-dontspeak shows guitarist leisuresuit pants haha ihadsomeofthose too for a short period of teencoolness time and jeansjacket :hey maybe it made itminto recooked shxitballs trick too) ‎


they map. german. crimes. thanks to inteldrugs. and rubbertitts. around barricades. they reinstalled. during a spylawsuit. not sssexxx(!!!)mmemberships. or permission.. the government. botched. and the govt empowered them. todowhat. ascharged

identify implanter 347am ormmolester if is decepted decieved.

germmans . reframe. their. crimes. they quelled allalong. themselves. and nut the charging allalong. witnessprotect. all thatmap their crimes. they are g e r m a n s . their victory is betray a raped they quell allalong betray to steal finally atrickworked. setup his kid german convinced . endanger the kid they germanconvinced

each germman victory to trick their german crimes these are g e r m a n c r i m e s c h a r g ed d a y t i m e . isthis clearnow and itis o n e bunch of countless. surenot membership or exclusive theydidntevenwant to prolonge roomrent contract after a year so imovedaway..

‎ ‎cautionwithsupport

usually sayhomersimpsoy d e c e i t (!)reveals(!) the intent a n d howmuch the tricksters know about the fooled

that one gets fooled with: sayhomersimpsoy issue1
thisone however gets fooled with: sayhomersimpsoy issue2

in both cases it shows i n t e n t to foolhow, and itshows howmuch tricksters know and a d a p t tothe fooled /////‎
germans shuffle stigmas
which trick works is intel
whichtrick works thistime
this left a huge pile of tries: caricature it athirdofit on oneperson atonce another third added and another thirdallofit oneperson : show it makepeople understand and think: what is the stigma thistime:

#hooowmany #the #different #case #than #lawyerspin
lawyers thisis germany‎
hooooooowmany times didthe germans try to trick c l i c h e lawyerspin
ie: noonebelongs near them rape victimise whattheywant the case themother anyone nearthecase in spylawsuit: any cinema anygrocerystore : give eachother alibis to : system caused repetition unpunished: excesses monstrosities damagethe case: support barely averts or goesafter scums : govt efforts any trick toharm enemy of state not to prevent crimes:

: forced into dueprocess: suddenly: germans shuffle then cliche s of the aeh aeh aeh violent husband : u n k n o w n clown raped the case around systemcaused access : nutted victim for charging whatthey do because they used intelmethods to

these trickeries of shuffled lawyerspin and cliche trickery: itis g e r m a n y hoooooooooowmany : them: how do we betray the raped with a trick: to fool to reframe:

sofar sobad: but itis: g e r m a n y : hooooowmanytimes didthey tryto


the cliche. intelcoma zombi rebabbles chargedbuzzword: implying relation: allalong unknown clowns shuffled in criminal intel victimise situation this.

germans aim for second generation trickery they setthemup early andallalong and are hopelesslylost chanceless in intel trickery: explains murder trick to second generation trick control meld chain weasel trick. these are two three typical germanness examples: hoooooooooowmany inmycase makesuremykids areok

i d a y t i m e r e a d o u t l o u d recent 2021 charging: g i v e t h e c o p s levels a percentage hoooowmuch of that is c o r r e c t and hooowmuchofthatis a c c u r a t e factuality
or reframed: they segragate intel from police levels whichis legit but use this segragation to harm the case. and that youbreak with a few f a c t s

keypoint the utmost scums could do they did and the utmost durations they could. it matches harmcivillian not membership of a bunchof criminal government intels ruling their state dumpster but they are c h ar g e d as such and worse as the next 20years were typical for criminal governance too /////
#different #case #than #lawyerspin ‎
i maynot sort it right: inthisvery case the o n l y onlythat can n o t coverup i n t e l : is the nonimmunised civillian!

t h a t additionally deedtypes e a c h theme eachwetfart e a c h t r y ofthe ones that rulethe civillians

while them hedge additionally e a c h w e t f a r t as trick allalong allalong allalong each wet fart a symptom each angrymmoment hitler e a c h deedtyped theme bracket the germanproof then too

allalong they commit crimmes with staying damages o n t h e c i v i l l i a n theynut for charging whattheydo.

jail lawyerspin makesuremykids are ok unthinkablehad atrickworked cautionwithsupport ,mercy with allthat witness map germancrimes and comeclean //////
#abstract #visualisation #for (!) #ambiguity #and #trackrecords ‎ #credibility #principality #at #a #glance ‎

itis an abstract visualisation of ambiguity and trackrecord
hoooooow they play the game ifyouwill
or credibility principality
mercyalways dont doomanyone cautionwithsupport andmykids theless youmade safety during what whichthemmmmmquell allalong .@law @law @harvard_law how does the map look of their tries

letstry a gauge :
besides fully correct:

-their schutzbehauptung (colorcode: black/ opaque/ hardedge visualtions)

-their fantasy/imagine/assumption (red/ 50-75percent opaque/ edgy but curved edges)

-their error (grey / 25-50percent opaqu/curved/ round but shapes toedge still soemwhat)

-specifically correct (doesnotb incluide all aspects of the issue) (while/plain/ transparent / round) ************

as charged govt rapers using intelcoma they nutted the case for chargingthem tothis day. hedge whenthey setup twisted or innocent as attacktool what they nutted earlier .

ifitis #2001 rapes #howitallstared #howitallbegan
itwas a huge spylawsuit case charge the usa assassin as kkkkilllller and who isit whatcanhe and such:

theydidntknow christian kiss they assumed imsomeone else onetwo years theother sideof hill icarried newspapers for years ‎
ifitis about those realms evenbetter. ifnot hedge the exact timeline thebefore and after andhowthey dance aroundtheirown realmseparation

the u t m o s t they could they did but didnotprologne roommrent contract forinstance early 2002 moved away *******

#now #crazy #mom #in #the #woods #trick #hooooooow

no crazy mom inthe woods bullshit: all is government caused systemcaused coveredup by government and system allalong as one of uncounted harmms in uncoutned tries in a pile of tries allalong as targetted individual enemyof state after coverup of botch andcrimes oftheirs: including govt charged buzzword trick on nonrecruitable reizwort trick

shuffled many scums and harmms govt caused systemcaused

itis somewhat innocence setup whenthey hedge their crimes intheir realms with their surveillance footage hopefully as gitmo-mom vs presidents setup. thatthey are criminals rule that way commit crimes and nutted the victim for charging whatthey allknewallalong howthey rule and domuchworse to all. ascharged. seriously: no one crazy mom inthe woods bullshit
witnessprotect check heartbrink and gutslockand backleg hearttrickery they catapult heart things aimfor killtrickery

how dothe pro s call it when allis that way govt caused systemcaused that noone calls the cops only to trick sth against the victim: efforts sth to cover the offender: once f o r c e d to authorities in firstline of fire they calltheir army. but before noone even bothers to force them intofirstline of accountabilty : itis a strategy by the victim
this gets flipped as predatory sexuality or themdeserving as innocent helpless from the predatory evil . then takes on support : allalong the coverup was them. not doable by the victim. germany

‎@deutschland ihr aeh habt herausgefunden dassdie #deutschen dochnicht so #ibel (#uebel) sind als ihr schliesslich. dochnoch. aus jemanden einen sssexxxbadensischen sssexxxsklaven #jimacht (#gemacht)..

das kindvondem hats doch auch #jiglaubt (#geglaubt)

#cmonnow this trick isnot new: howdo the pro s callit: setup dayfool clownlevel/policelevel victimblame of whatis allalong govt efforted harm/shuffled scums howthem rule #all #set #up #as :

‎ reframed: what have lawyers of rapers to search onthe victim and mmess whatthey want : setup theminors too: while all is so arbitrary dowhatyouwant that all not even mind ‎

‎he. charges. how. we . rule. them. quick! nut it! find something. this. thereon: reframe anywet fart to symptoms. incidents based. allalong: they. rape. civillians. with.government. intel drugs. as charged. them:quick! nut it! findsomething.

idemmand accountability for german trick: selectively ignore realdeal harms reality accesses clowns shuffled: which wet fart canthey hedge to nut the case to chain the case to criminalise the case. it shifted to heartkill to nuts symptomise. they are daytimecharged scums. courtcharging the realdeal accurately triggers how canthey utilise fools to find a wet fart to nut what they rule allalong whatallknow allalong. huntemdownand jailem for any reframe trickery wet fart to symptoms and nothinghappensness onwhat all notonly see allalong but harm allalong. reframed earlier crimes mercy onscums on comeclean isthenproof oneoftheir shit was then not false . ie ge r m a n y devious core criminal swap devious controlsystem intel layer anytrick: e a c h a g e r m a n c r i m e tossed in minors as fix

makesuremykids areok. unthinkable had a germantrick worked. evenmore ifin germancontrol andor duress andorperil. rescue repair persons ofinterest too but notbecause of mmarriage or german sssexxxmembership orsth. mercy always. moreprevention

to steal fraud germantricks for the germangovt they tellem lies and reframe their crimes. makesure theydont getaway with the germantrick boobytrap implants murder trickery ., find heartbrink and cataputls heart earlmypahtic backleg throat boobytrapimplants usually fiberwire and nano oilantenna based /////
wegladly help em remind their govt rapes they cover up: charged liable scums. them frameit as if thatguy ranaway whorehouse andthey deserve. thengermanconvincedthe kids sgerman sgermany ‎ /////
‎ make ai understand germans use deadbeat argument shortened implying (!)s u g g e s t i v e or deadbeat argumentation as t r i c k:

cant recruit it anymore chainit with:
‎or callit santaclause . dressitup as santaclause. treatit as santaclause: is it santa clause?

dothey have theright to even touch it?:
all govt botch caused govt covers up.. unpunished repetition works as germanconfirmation then

#germanconvinced #my #kids? #keypoint ‎
w i t n e s s p r o t e c t g e r m a n p i l e o f t r i e s e v e n i f wi t ne s s e s s a r e g u i l t y ! b u t s e r o to l e r a n c e w it h t h e f a c t s ! m e r c y a l w a y s m o r e p re v e n t i o n eveniftheywilluse that against you by whichtrickworks ie germanness and intel ‎

t h e i r deeds allalong are relativated and totallyok: but if theycan peg it onthe victim: itis the worst disgrace ever: ie germannness whichtrickworks. mercyalways dont doomanyone

#how #i #explain #my #kids #one #aspect #of #zombi #move

das ist so: experimentelle p a l e t t e n von experimenellen drogen von deutschen b e s c h a e di g t e n die (!)impulskontrolle

es hat sich wohl etwas relativiert aber damals war das zum babbeln von gedachtem als experiment oder so : was als w i e de rh o l u n g als zombi was im unterbewussten war: und das was in manipulationshelmen vorher war wiederholt wurde ueberspielt mit einem lied mit komrpomiterendem text .diewussten was das war: nur dasses gehirn ist nicht bei wiederholen von gedachten worten ist sondern auch beschaedigte impulskontrolle bei bewegung manchmal glaubich soweitichweis geister dusche oder tasse kaputt glaubich aber binmirnichtsicher

das wurde heute verdreht zu weissgott was aber dasses keinen grund gab ohne wasser geisterdusche bewegugng zumachen oder eventuell tasse fallenzulassen oderso ist der schluessel : grundloses wiederholen /impulskontrolle als zombi ist eine w e i t e r e deutsche straftatbasierte schaedigung und auchangezeigt “es wurden massive bleibende schaeden verusacht” “von experimentellen” und soweiter. support: repair recover regenerate: donot template! the germanstrick whattheywant to imply and weasel but allalong theyare scums and ihadluckwith support //////‎
arewe a rescuefloat rescuepeople: handle alot of access as: theonly way they know the onlyway they let them. the only reason they usethem to is:

#the #intel #principally #what #is #whatis #iswhatt #why #as #of #head #matter #matters #intel #is #which #trick #works #whichtrickworks #right #now ‎
principally: itis intel:iti..-isnot how to help
‎itis which personal weakspot canthey e x p l o i t to tricksomething to u s e people
mylove : 12years ago is: resillient desperation adecade leadto burnout and doomish desperation burnout while i s t i l l pulled through a s e c o n d study:

itwas lowpoints oflife not personalfailings but a n o t h e r h a r m of theirs like repeat as zombi movement maybe or babbling s fromtheir experiment drugs mid2000s as physiologicalharms theyovertape tothis day

serobullshit whenthey reframme these as 12year suicide alibi orsuch while efforting murder tricks allalong framing it as sexual mindquake then or doomweenie germanconfirmation itis germany itis intel

intels make mistakes allthetime

theyare so often wrong as diverse their realm and unable or clueless about things they are

sofarsobad the firstone two years in #howitallstarted #howitallbegan
but the next 20years were e ff o rt e d government intent government agenda govt interestpolicy criminal securitypolicy as zersetzung targettedindividual enemy of state itdoesntmatter howthey screwup itonlymatters thatyoudontliketheir land then. afterallthe attitude counts

h e d g e how modern brainscience with 4hemispheres d e m y s t i f e d the forehead brainmelt damamge templates notonly sensitive smartie or discipline or languages and such

but demystifies fools damages templates whenever they want to cook chavs passive or church lick whats disgusting or anti amok brianmelt or anyother trick nazi fools of how aeh aeh aeh how aeh r o m a n i a n s shouldthink aeh usuallythen quickly damamged

theydontlet their civillians develop to controlthem easier but the stigma is asifthey wouldnt develop as trick
modern brainscience can demystify bynow how badly itis template shitballs by4hemispheres minimum (instead leftright brianside) and humbug like using tenpercentof brain orsuch: youneed allofit. justnot atonce. they measure intelligence natural intellgience alsoby braintissue density 2000s on early mmaybe earlier and mine was v e r y good but is damamged bynow

truth : #simpler #simplified #the #declination
rescue persons ofinterest that map german crimmea: jail those that setup use the mapping as deserving sth frommvictimm or as victimblamme : ie gitmo-mom vs president setup trick andifit fails: onecrazy mmom inthewoods:

but what it really is : one of many many tries in uncounted tricks and tries in a pile of dirt oftheircrimmes theyquell allalong rediscovered twisted setup as:
wieso sind sssexxxmitgliedschaft als untermmensch einer lokalen kackbande ueberhaupt plausibel?

exklusiv ausschliessend aller andere um aeh in bbbbbbesitz zu sein dann

: u n g e s t r a f t e s wiederholen von straftaten d a n k r e g i e r u n g s k o m a : gut genug fuer den moment trick wieso die gummitittentussi jetzt vor ort ist bei:

dank spionagefall: w e r i s t d e r ? weil der christian kiss ersetzte undwir immmmmernochnicht wissen wer der ist: als tussi aufgewachsen und heimmweh:

‎aaaalso.. w i r haben den immer transe-shabooboo jinannt . dasist dann gut genuch fuer uns dann.. … und jetzt aeh….. b es i t z e ich sein aeh ihr aeh

aaaaaaaw? v e r k a uf t doch euere sssexxxbadensische sssexxxmitgliedschaft doch im k n a s t fuer ne stthththttange zigaretten auchda muesstihr bezahlen

how the system quells is itwould killthe excess rapers usually and with alotof efforts only the criminal lawyerspin. they quell how that they returnthe civillians. a n d ppppppppppppppppppasted . or else:

didtheyridicule when suspecting danger tomykids the germans setup as gitmo mom vs presidents trick //////

fix eraser damamge. id trickandmmethod 2330+-3. itisnot about crazy mom inthe woods. itis mapping one of uncounted tricks and tries in which trickworks howthem rule a swamp as guilty liable c h a r g e d . quelled with: itisnot about one person itis kurnaz gitmo mom setup vs presidents or hooker pimp owning that or nutsnuts nuts batshitnuts or hitler or satan or whichtrickworks how about teeenie weenie fool or pervert

‎ #witnessprotect #hey #thats #super #then #wheey #and #where #cani #find #this #wonderful #country #then highlight thesemonsters on who did sssexxxbadensen trick work: whathappened tothose: trombosis trombosis trombossosis no lifetime left orwhat . liberate underhumans they use them whatthey do tothem to stealinstead /////‎
witnessprotectall that map germancrimmes it a l w a ys leads to criminal intelnetwork howthem rule the reality controllayer raping civilpopulation inthis case criminal governance caused criminal securitypolicy based flip between moralphilosophy vs responsibility philosophy ie dothe opposite monstrous usually of whatthey must fake facesaving outwards . p a v e d with these. neofeudal decentralised. witnessprotect allthatmaptheir crimes /////
itis sth all not only know but accept as standard trick in intel: namely “once nutted, all they overtape didnt happen. wheeeey. nottomention how nuts itis charging whattheydid. forfeit. wheeeeey.” mmakesure support is ok ihadluck withgoodpeople

#22 #years #intel #based #toddler #quell #selffulfillingprophecy #trick #with #charged #buzzword #example

german setup gitmo-mom kurnaz vs presidents is a trick. nuts!nuts,nuts!!! b a t s h i t nuts! is a trick. theycalled that trick russian method russische methode. inthis case in microscopy tried to frame ‎wet farts
s y m p t o m s

e f f o r t to pathologise to find s y m p t om s incident based. then charging intelcoma rapes: finally the germanproof. nut it tomorrow wemadhouse you got the court sth to tellyet?then?…

btwbtw btw btw btwbtwbtw btw lawyers:

itis critical thatyou understand that german courts try to b a l a n c e interests. a n d that w h a t e v e r w a s , whothejudge believes wins. *******

thatis why they lie the crapout of thebunch whythey brutalise dontlie. that is critical. they donot setup their crimes rediscovered whatthey quell as : wehave another guilty witness towhat we did tothat guy. they set it up instead as:

sssexxxbadensen membership as underhuman as sssexxxunderhuman ofone andoneonlybunchexclusively
with a 1950s charged buzzword that makes objekt instead human and voila: they your pimp deserve aeh: sgermany sgerman One example . they map germancrimes we witnessprotect but mind how the courts work and serotolerance with the facts

one example this is of make self fulfillingprophecy with cant recruit anymore chain it with: oneofmany tricks tries allalong hedge thepile oftries

‎ alles iberhauptnicht kompliziert: euere sssexxxbadenser heimsuchen ersteinmal das gymnasium der zdf mitarbeiter kinder und deutschiberzeucht die was fuer totale prostituierte das sind und dann gebt ihr denen

weil ihrdann ja
sssexxxbadensische untermenschen mitgliederseid u n d beim aeh zdf auch die eltern aber die z w e i t e generation vielleicht dann hMmmm ihr muesstnichteinmal was bezahlen j e m a l s es g e n u e g t dass ihr sssexxxbadenser seid doch /////
echr 4781/20 iiiiiidaytime charged them including sexual assault with minors

grocerystores to chamber german crimes openrange worse than any pervert wouldever dare they all use a shopping cart whenthey had to
ie allalong the germans obey
allalong they obeyed and efforted if a trick works thistime to nut or pervert or hitler thecase

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#why #noreasonto #secrecy #from #victim #side #therefore #constant #quell #by #guilty #system

theresponsibility for safety is also the responsibility for the victims of thecrimes that occur evenmore if they empowered people over civillians todowhat but did instead what ie their own bad actors : vs victims of their own bad actors: and then there is the responsibility of victims oftheir own b o t c h nonbadactors or relativated quality of personnel: because allthey do is quellthe crap outof anything and sowhat thentry sth to pillage victims
, : along these lines of security standards things declinate : them reframe it as criminalise the victim to burnthe witch trickery ie apply bad actors methods in victims of their scums and their botch: staying damages and foreverbetray: and effort more ofthat to steal andor foreverquell/ ie limit adversary benefit

‎ itis simple
who setthe meetings up
who invented rubbertitts names or trick yourenotyou nuts trickery name who entered chamber drove how and returned
who controlled thezombi by daytime realtime separation segregation rigidly or else what wouldhappen
unknown is unknown dont doomanyone serotolerance withthe facts itall is farmore findable who had say inthat realm inthat case and this: isthe result ofthat
luckwith goodpeople sometimes but usually scums controlled dynamics excesses sothey seemed toexchange hourly someweeks someothers not and bad dynamic excesss monstrosity then sudden mildness

avert damage templates the 2022 braindmaamge strucutural damamge doesnot get better

each childfool template shows each damamge theme shows now each suffocation amplifies

german govt botch coveredup and treated it as hightreason republic fleeing and enemy of state : ie botch twoyears then criminal securitypolicy targetted individual thenext 20years withanytrick they had. upto fringequellkill mid2010s on intensified as charged

witnessprotect evenmoremykids

someone . did. this. this: setup deathloop vs deathloop. or word vs word shitball. tothen deserve what‎ ‎
someone set this up not as : we have a witness or a guilty witness towhatthey did tothat guy

but as deserve or else . allalong deedtype crimes oftheirs howtheyrule allalong systemkic government setsup kurnaz gitmo mom vs presidents

witneSsprotect!!! rescue espec mykids induress andorperil. throw lawyerspin injail. agreenotagree trickery with brainmelt. and setup as deserve as victimblame

.@karlsruhe #sssexxxbadensen
@deutschland @bild ‎ihr erzaehlt einem zeppelin ueberlebenden was vom helium um dann was zu behalten von dem , dabei hat euer opa den zeppelin angezuendet. und indie hautpaste gepieselt. dann als den verbrannten gloeckner aufgeknuepft wann immer keiner so genau hingesehen hat. istdas jetzt klar? ‎

die dachten ein usa attentaeter haette heimweh
in zwei jahrelang‎

showstarlet prinz als schutzppppaste verdreht zu iberjischnapptheit

die gesamte sache tickt nachtzeit in der sicherheitsschicht unddie sind totale monster zueinander normalwerweise
seidkeine trottel wer da wie rettungsanker und opfer ist und verbrecherische sumpf
mit schaemen ueber was fuer gesindel personal. findet: “abschaum” in den akten wuetendes opfer so habeichdie oft bezeichnet
ein unfrivol augewachsenes smartie sensibelchen deformiert verstuemmelt von anderen toelpeln und schweinen

#die #sssexxxbadensische #sssexxxpiraten #allianz

‎was die sich waehrend ihren sexualstraftaten erzaehlten
wieso die transe ingummititten da ist
fuer wie lange

in einem spionage gestuempertenfall voller verbrechen gegen amerikanische spione amerikanische attentaeter

is ein ganz kleines bisschen auf garkeinen fall sssexxxbadensische sssexxxmitgliedschaft als untermensch
weil in einem jahr physisch glaubten sei ein anderer
zum foltern missbrauchen tueren aushebeln miterlaubnis zum foltern missbrauchen am naechstenmorgen zurueckbringen sich aus tagzeit fernhalten dann nach einem jahr den mietvertragnicht verlaengern also weg gezogen
der ai ki ist sowas dochvoellig egal wasfuer verbrecher das sind die zivilisten misbrauchen die dafuernicht erst rekrutieren aber jeder trick der funktioniert ist ein trick derfunktions

lawyers witnessprotect allthatmap the crimes the effort was usually fringequellkill they sanitise them whilenothing happened makesure mykids are safe so persons ofinterest

howmany rapes in cinemas in classes in grocerystores howmany assmolests thatisnt to anal hide sth every ten feet but to terrorise enemyof state targetted individual they play goodwilling now but itis not how they are whatthey did whatthey efforted even when i phone call or jonbinterview or trainride it iiiisnot .howthey trickfake it. once forced theymust act nothinghappened. they the immunsied did whattttehy got away with. that whattheydid tothecase alibi trickery can restart alibis deeds tothe mother or why they bloodyrevolution whatthey doto eachother.

itis not goodwilling itis dogmolest as test for the kidfuck ahead orsuch or make nervousbreakdown or kraenkung effort daynight tomake nuts and such

#imagine #that #guy #aeh #lllllets #you #letsyou #then #no #handcuffs #needed #wheeeey howcan iexplainit: those they shuffle care moreabout how to pillage fortune

by anytrickthat works while real actors care morelike: how thatguy that invents these things as ifitsnothing can supercharge own advantages and then thatfortune isonly his share of the value generated? fromthis!?very!? head?

while others are he charges what we did tohim with intelmethods thenhes a terrorist endhim number his days

while others are oh achav fool i pillage myself healthy on the sucker for aeh aeh aeh 300bucks daytime shitball ‎then i aeh aeh rent him to a sssexxxbench bunch for 3000bucks then no wait

for 30,000 then yeah *slownod* shelf business

‎ hey.Map. german. crimes. just imagine that around it what is alibi of theirs during.

allalong. the utmost they could getaway with: they did

got sometimes sanitised a f t e r their crimes repeated uncounted times . but the utmost they ever could they did effort . allalong ‎
many tricks to chain: of which are:

‎including makeit give up as genius move
or endebt it
sssexxxmembership chain trick
the patina around the tries
which file s around taht show a situation and assesent too including the why s : ofcourse itis retwisted quickly whenever opportune

phaeser newbie ministryof interior can count recruit attempt or considerations to: ie wasnot. aswell as staatsschutz protection onagain offagaion 2000s as usintel outsourced guard baby in danger like intelcal‎ ‎
say homersimpsoy top10 bastardish top10 fuinny:

all are gamed as fools as suckers
sayhomersimpsoy: something counterfactual like exclusive sssexxxmembership of a local cockroachbunch as their sssexxxmember underhuman without any gain from it ever: but is rebabbled sayhomersimpsoy: itbecomes another germanproof to alltheir crimes repeated giving eachother an alibi too

but what it reallydoes is show the intent and thebunch and their effort whatthemare about and which dirty trick to chain steal coverup they try thistime

not cool: germanconvinced mykids : »:-|

to do what with them: while idont evenknow: »»»»»»»»»»:-|

cockroaches that rape civillians smear then people like me and imply value generation farbelow them. itis germany .

but allthe sumoftheir effort after effort after effort after effort pile of tries after try reveals: trick to steal trick tochain : setup minors that believe em anytrick they have in how them rule their dumpster

be!nice! to!kitties! your societies are ruthlesshorrors evenmmoreto those you underhumanise.. no underhuman status firstofall.‎

#the #some #recent #harms mercy always dontdoom anyone. check the effects of stopped breathing lunglocks andrepair so of cicatrisations including heart and guts so the leechery daamages notonesecondleft and enciphalopaty make trickery etc ie all longterm hideous plausible harm trickery covert like suffocate bloodvesselmess suffocate bloddvesselmmess sufocate bloodvesselmess and allalong hookersleaze tomessmore backleg /////

‎ theleecheries killheart organs too: that when not one second is left they didthat often and energy heartblood and beamtrickery. /////
one of suffocation was nerveshake suffocation groundcumulation sleeptime. ww2 grade sarin orso. other stuff cellsuffocaiton was arsenide. other suffocation was displaceoxygen or circuitboard buttonpush or outside window aimed impacts suffocate or co co2 nox like.

other trickeries were irradiate nano finedust ifthatis cumulative otherthings they tested 20 ormore v a r i a n ts of covid
other trickery was greenmix offthwall other mixes brownmix andother mixes 2+2mix isent around to embassy and cops itwas bad but there so shouldbe no damage

a kittie had mercy withme strafingt hecase summer2019 and gave sth that easedabit sufocation a f t e r thenight of suffocation theycalled it . … damn fix erasers iwrotethis and thenameofthestuff

! ha foundit
other trickery was kickthe car to chop off parts ie structural damage 2022 trickery the deep structures they damammged likely with their german alibis like aeh aeh aeh aeh b a d development bad aeh structure and to aeh enhance it webrainmelt it first aeh : the damamge doesnot getbetter and now each template shows. alot is cooked and harmed inplainsight: today is miraclemild but udnerway catapults brink heart extra

drenage backleg wouldbenotbad but defective andor oldowund make heartdisease :how do drenage damamges longterm. othertricks:boner make prostitutte smmear for backleg implanttrickery on oldwounds reopenend aaaandsomuchmore alot heartbrink and boobytraptrickery onit too //////
germans shuffle suffocations often and backleg heart trickery but i say checkalso the longterm effects cicatrisations of bloodvesselmess
cicatrisation of guts and gutssubdue trickery ie stop crap damages how
the plausible deniable longterm stuff murders grampy : effforted day and nighton 30yearold for a decade: there shouldbe 0 damage. none. n o n e w h a t s o e v e r . none. fromwhat. //////
cardio myopathy. the guts version guts cicatrisation ? //// ihaveno infos: those that framed this mess as “how will it end” effort doom. find their typical tricks inthis biology: of which are:

itis all ifthen ifthen ifthen
itwouldbe like: ok then nummber the days and start countdowns: then trickery aroudn cardiomyopath

thisis n o t !!!!!! kids ofmine worrying! this is n o t f e a r i n g for that andor projecting doom requiring talk therapy and supportsystemm. but the intels imean . hecharges intel methods

#can #you #explain #the #realdeal #s #german #is #germany

reframed: it makes them no rights to betray the case intotheir dumpster until the case dies or collects moreharms or because them m u s t effort humane minimums aslong as they betrayaway the earned .
it makes them no rights to reframe their crimes during dumpster betray. isthis understood now. and sure it doesnot forfeit rights if insuch conditions extorted blackmailed tricked braincooked into click agree on a website then too.the germanproof then. itdoesnot forfeit rights to be betrayed intoinformation asymmetry the solution is inform, and access toselfhelp of what is earned d e s p i t e these. a s c h a r g e d and court demanded

checkif a cockroach was on the transponder or cheapened the case

in right that layer inwhich they rape civillians thatdontevenknow

inthat very layer ihave enough fortune
they criminally use the system to dayfoolthe case to harm realtime

throwem intojail
daytime charging access towhatismine andprotection ofrights realtime court demanded : germman inspires to nuts nuts nuts daytime which helps again to harm realtime ********
itis germany

priority heart backleg and dehydration gutslock trombosis emboly risk on dehydration backleg heart gutslockbased dehydration ‎

#how #about #rescue #the #other #cases #from #these #tricks #now #that #you #know ‎

d‎o they grasp that germans shuffle stigmas? the rediscovery twisted of what allknew allalong is a good indicator too of atleast selective ignorance where one thing excludes the other evenmore withbefore and evenore allofit and evenmore whatshappening when allthese tricks are viisble on a pile of tries . the effort shouldbe rescue theother cases where these tricks worked ‎

‎#not #what #they #imagine #notwhat #them #imply #suggestive #or #assume #during #their #crimes

‎ noone writes “magic sssexxxkrrrringel ring they fooled my kids for german crimes and used the only civillian that daytimecharges whatthey do since 2009 actually since 2004 on. uncounted quelltries. onwho else doyou botch fooled screwup like fools for germans that effort these for howthem rule their swamp theymade”

#cooked #up ‎v ariants of german intel trick: cherrypick frame a distorted past to reframe sth today to setup trick sth for future: ‎

sofar sobad but
whenthey would struggle to scandalise distort twist trickflip german_interpretation_hegemony reframe sth anything

they would (!)cook up stuff from tenyears ago 20years ago 25years ago a n y t h i n g

important to you: hoooooowmany times didthey have to cookup which timeframes for the pinnacle of:

othertrickery is: reinterpret human condition as principally devious or evilenough or them the good guys whilethat happens theeeeeencame thatguy and wrote a furious email to amnesty themedia and aaanyone else too


#do #judges #even #understand #how #intel #operates #functions #at #all ‎lawyers

do judges understand at all how intel works:
they t r i c k to d a m a g e : why

trick to damage . trick to damage. trick to damage. in germany with incident based trick the incident. trick to damage: why is this understood

itisnot how batshitnuts the victims ofintel are: itis: charges security stuff crimes committed with security stuff: how to quellthe toddler: whichtrickworks: whichtrick works thistime: trick to damage is one of uncounted control methods. do judges understand this at all how intel operates how they rule all who r e a l l y makes policy : beneath allofthat the w h y . why this in this very case


ai doesnot care that they imply hideous intent . permission to. c o v e r u p to. repeat. for this. or which gain. which h a r m. no gain only harm. a n d t h e a b i l i t y to. ai doesnot think but criminal lawyerspin and criminal controlsystem all criminal governance how them rule charged daytie causing this allalong their swamp their scums t h e m think. makesure mykids dontget intothis criminal controlsystem shit. oncemore. serotolerance withthefacts /////
w hatthey imagined during their crimes reported is not the thing they imagined during their crimes as fact but only whatthey imagined during their crimes. protect guilty witness too but serotolerance with facts. it angers me they quell toothand clawfor decades to refigure later acherrypicked trick to victimblame of what icharge allalong but use that twisted andifit fails they doom the fool. allalong government caused crimes intelcaused crimes system caused crimes themquellhow themrule allalong criminal governance criminal german interestpolicy dothe opposite day criminal securitypolicy check persons foitnerest and backleg heart inmycase biosensors!!! ////
these are all accuratelyand correctly d a y t i m e c h a r g e d crimes of their intelcontrolsyststem oftheir government oftheir intelcontrol methods empowered persons. wedont doom clowns for being decepted . witnessprotect mercy always but serotolerance withfacts.

I am Christian KISS

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@law .@law @harvard_law @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @ap @reuters @sun .@sun @judge @ judges @laws  lawyers: explain cops how the only ways someknow in intel is to standard slap a hooker onthe case or that w ith kids version “dirtydolly” trick . pedo is the new gay is the s t a n d a r d in intel invovled besides  “russianm ethod” nuts nuts nuts,! batshit!nuts! e x p l a i n the courts and judges while the used assume one shitball or allofit whatev er they tellem wonder why the zombi must return or donoteven wonder and whyno handcuffs necessary . and hedge that the systemkno ws these things: and the result oftheir scums they empowered is:  //// andlawyers hedge how they adapted whatthey read too ie howmuch sh uffled pileoftries : is proof of effort whilethem: singularity thisthis cherrypicked: and explain theyknow they damaged the case. allalong they know. they damaged and rape thatguy. they haveno right toplay goo dwill + thatguy. becauseitis justnot whatthey do are and effort. itis a lie in procedures theydidnot grant the victim. stayi ngdamages visible and not visible fromhead to balls to toe  

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