@odnigov @sun theintels are clowns ithink look noone that agrees jointly yes itis a criminal german government agenda with shuffled proxies with criminal equally guilty liable causing supranational time controllers yes they tried tosolveit with killit allthetime poke any aspect of it including the solutions and itsnot just injustice itis one of these typical german bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbastardmonsters things that our ancestors so furiously hit em for pick an aspect ofit all is arbitrary and relative nowadays as a broken fallenapart fraudsystem became another intel monstrosity of killingsprees thistime likely with pathogens#30jahre #wiedervereinigugn ohbhitttttte! #deutschland s ein teuflisches scheissloch unter deroberflaeche @bundestag @bundesrat sdarf nur keiner wissen @phoenix_de @bild @bild_de und ihr habt euch hald an eueren sumpf gewoehnt weils ueberall grad schlimm ist

@odnigov @sun theintels are clowns ithink


noone that agrees jointly

yes itis a criminal german government agenda with shuffled proxies with criminal equally guilty liable causing supranational time controllers

yes they tried tosolveit with killit allthetime

poke any aspect of it
including the solutions
and itsnot just injustice itis one of these typical german bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbastardmonsters things that our ancestors so furiously hit em for

pick an aspect ofit

all is arbitrary and relative nowadays
as a broken fallenapart fraudsystem
became another intel monstrosity of killingsprees thistime likely with pathogens

#30jahre #wiedervereinigugn ohbhitttttte! #deutschland s ein teuflisches scheissloch unter deroberflaeche @bundestag @bundesrat sdarf nur keiner wissen @phoenix_de @bild @bild_de und ihr habt euch hald an eueren sumpf gewoehnt weils ueberall grad schlimm ist

#furious #with #probable #cause #while #stoic .@law .@laws @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden @haaretzcom @law .@law @harvard_law @laws #is #it #stoic
after twodecades of humiliation and harm notarstamp the irather gift allto russia theunknown villainy ofthewest before ilet a german benefit fromit e v e r

isit stoic?the eperiemnt implants damages the legs tricks hearttricks ass genitals impaltns kdiney groind belly facebone teethbone nothing compensated?
isit stoic
they use the isntall for kidfuck oninteldrug

that quelled immunisation charged daytime is the confirmation forbatshit nuts tricks

that cockroaches that rape people with inteldrugs smear you andgive eachother alibis to repeat intehir swamp

that its basically dirty authorities shuffling proxies for thegovernment and time control accomplcies usually

that daytiem court demanding whats yours as initiative fromwithinthebubble as quelled not as missedformality is then rat decoyed not to process the request

isit stoic
that they stole sperm make kids fromit actlike youre responsible then setem up for sexual exploitation or to try harmtricks

isit stoic that they feel entitled tobenefit from inventions they quellallalong ccouldnt do in200years but suffocate braidnamvge and degradeit allthetime from any stigma youcanpretend remotely

isit stoic that they repeart the same trick simply twoyears later wirthanother clown simply and use their shit theydid before as unhappened but somehow soemthing thatguy bubbled greeen poison from aldi groceries

and thentried to blackmailthreaten the cops with it
with wrtitinghis name onthe stuff
until nothing happepend batshit nuts

and the fix is try sth else

isit stoic
that the diary for whatthis fraudsystem botched sold eight tenmillioncopies but is quelled as virused treason while them systemclowns botched and caused it allalong quelledit intodaytime tosavetheir ass and to steal

isit stoic
that theres instead no chow but t h a t theypoison too
e v e r y time every meal every preparation and the fix is its alljust a dream

isit stoic that sicko chruches shuffle for rapes and dowhattheywant with people but pretend youre the begottten satan in shabby jeans has comin down or up to bake bread and write furious emails

isit stoic that the causing authorities got away for 20years with this and simply shuffle the decoys the fools the scums whocares it works another day another year and you can starve blacklistes blackballed while another cockroach tries sth inthe chamber



f h a n t a s t i c ifyoure blissfools

or clueless minors


yougot used to germans shuffling harmssystem causedso arbitrary mess asifyoure their underhumanthey shuffle pedo orgies or cockroachdrugs acid your water or gas whattheywant or irradiate murder tricks mengele tricks operate whatthey wantits arbitrary access before during after daytimechargingitis legal to killem for a fraction of it they sneak around barricades and dowhattheywant systemcaused after daytime chargingget prerogatives fantasies smear ifyousurvivie it torepeatits legal to killem for less than sexual assaultiiiinsteadthey complain that you insist in jailing themwhichsurprisedoesnt scare emso they repeatuntil it becomesregularlyimminent dangeror the biology blatantly screamsoin cumulated killtricksconstanthideousintel murder tricks ontop of harmsandthisthey try to tax then as lifecenterpoint and committing criems day and night equalise to you surviving teir shitor to support kicking their ass barelybecause the authorites cover emusuallyitis like hitlers demanding humanity afteryou keepit humane withthesemonstersthen the fix: they toss in kids for a new pervert stigmabetter with poisons or armedyouareregrettable blissfoolsfind atleast when there was enforced prevention who remessedeverytime////#the #fools: #he #thinks #hes #superman #hethinkshessuperman!! #you: #ugh!!!the book is full of visual stuff and suchbut never from start to finishitslike flipflapsuuuuperman fliplfap then brightblue text onblackbackgroudnsuuupermanits nothing but itsnot nothingit thick blacklines like videogame engine xiii, psychovisual enhancement glow colorsor outofcan sound distortionor yeeees? they thisorthat about you narrator themesorhowyouina coma stateofmind reacted to theme bracket or realthings like the teethglue choking rippedout from teeth or suchorabanktesting: money cash flow out of an atmin bulkyou hasting to hide the cash pouringout of an atm hastily hastily hastily hide the cash outflowt o n o t b e n o t i c e dbecause you in intelcoma pretend youre immunised right nowand the theme frombefore some guy that did sth mean toyou what your brother wouldnever but the theme its him its yourbrother its yourbtother its him to the escortor its your mother its her its yourmotheriwrote the exchange themes as tomato is apple is apple but an apple but a tomato but an apple but a tomatoand somuchmorethey reinterpet results by notknowinghowpeople are ondrug iclassified it as point a to gor poiunt a to h single pointsthe theme interpreted cash outflow as fraud hobo steals on a misunderstanding or intent taking chancesona guy that returns sevenbucks when starvingor iphonesin simpleits nothing for 20years intelhell but itsnot nothingthesuffocator 2306 kilsl heartfindout howdothe fools stop breathing on damamged heart becausetheyre so smart orsthinstead of fidning layer1 causing authroities that quell immunisation alallong remess re remess re re remessusing the scums they let arbitrarily onthe case as if its a gayprisonor matter averteverywhere100miles away 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2bucks mean four cans of thsiorthat that chow ismoreidible. what i did is squanderit on sth else because im sicklike a dog today. find the pieceof crap that irradiatedmychow braidamaammgemessed and guts trick gtutlsockmessed. their decoy is. yourenot you. theyre aaaaaaallthemselves but forthem its formidable trick itis intel murder tricks constant harm and t o d a y biology is bllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah whgattttthe heck mayn its cheese. and spaghetti. what canbe wrong abozutit. its r i c e and plainj tea and somepeas. daysbefore.////ets checkalso chowduringchow scan nonsensitive device 0.88abit delay onfridge to 0.92 falls withdelay back to 0.26 but its likely an insenstive deviceusuallygermans irradiated the cheese andor the oilusuallyontopof gasing chowplate and jarmixes and preparationof chowit shuffles imsurprised they chose findable againusually its highpwoered radar and hideousmxiesdaybefore rice 1.3 rather 00.26///bbbombout xray murderer radar thistimeauthorities gotojail when 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that intelcoma eaculation is detatched from brainsomehow its youdontcare mind oreven realise but its a physical reaction as ifits another nervesystem or partofit. wouldbe interesting to demystify but all relevant knwo these things. makesure the cockroach germans n o w messing lowlevel layer2 sexcockroach germans allabout stealing money. cannot mess anyway what layer1 did for 20years. but that these do not damage mess or implant spoil sth. them accessing is thecrime letalone arbitrary dowhattheywant letalone reinterpretation whilethey breach barricades to and allafter quelling teh daytime charging of em. minors you m u s t rescue invovle international copgirls. they can pretend that im a pervert thats v e r y ok they can. shouldnt be ingorant but sooner orlater they figureout the realdeal and save theminors and getafterthescums. tricks usually aredog porn test asprelude that you a r e in coma as insurance thenthe pedo tricksthatismId2000sby thewayallgotawayalldeedtyped////btw heart onedge fromimplant flatliningdid youadd to timeline each login eachpassword each pin each login quirk. eachmail required a login code nowits abit easier withmsotly thumb but occasionally login too. each phoenbill cc card check online student bs derelictpay dayshitballlogin. itisnt just that its thesame thing tothesame clowns but it shows the fraudintomisery themicromanaging things the standard digitalfootprint along isay lets storeit inthetimeline. imsure it might have bitten the fools that imagine people are someone else orsth. theyreaaaaaaallthemselves. allthetime allalong. afew hundred e v e r inlatestage feardiseases snap into a role of playpretend theyre arnold schwarzenrambpo to tackle pain or anticipated pain and that grows more and more into habit of thinking. intels trickit with hatedrugs or shorttermmemory suppress sodoesnt go intolongterm and such brainfucks. overissuisers grasshoppers destabilisers drugs and muchmore. imsure the hard facts login timeline bit em. other humbug s are left brain right brain hemisphere or using 100percentof brain or rohrschach associations. turnsout its 4hemispheres top and bottomtoo, all extremely dynamic ie youneed allof it. just not allatonce atthesametime and brains are association machines whichdoesnt make em nuts principally. long story short you got in one case notjust the demystified shit. the hard data like login quirks. but foremost: the tricks h o w t h e y t r i e d to f a k e the humbug. sayhomersimpsoy tonaswinn trickery and such. btw btw btw tbw heartimplants flatline game trick. find it findtheimplanter. isit harm andlife threatening. whathappens to em.////track gasbuttonpusher and foremost a b o v e installer pieceofcrap. hereis no food but that theypoison spoil and irradiate too. sothe only main meal of the day for lunch forinstance. itis typical and not new. measure jarmixes onsink and inbag beforei discard em. soxraytypes.////how did the german cockroaches avert anyinfo. thelayer1 causing authorities with timecontrol accomplice. imean. lookat layer2 cocockroaches. the cockroaches they immunised todowhat. lookatem how theyre allabout what a prostitute youare or what a momfool you are or gayprisonor fantasies. or pedo orgytricks. or steal with anything. these. cockroaches. dont control time system synchronisation bank synchronisation in newyork. layer1 causing authorities play for keepit as day fool and quell a n y info. how. allthe decoys: they throw decoys and coverup. at who? brief the clowns that are nonhostile tryto demystify theshit their layer1 causing authroties german govt + control accomplcies did. its criminal govt agenda turned eu interest withnothignhappens and any crime after the nutting tricks may have failed again////find messer xraytrickster beamtirkc finedsut trick 1823 pm . germans usually “the-mythical-esquinlax” their crimes or german “aeh-fengshui” their crimes but itis constantly efforted harm with intel tools intel access deedtyped before during and after daytimecharging it //////thisis oneofthe milder days theresnonhostile oncase maybe minormischief atplay. minors always rescue enforceprevention scums or minors prevention. measure chow with a more sensitive xraydevice. what is the damage when this already makes mildsick allis blah youdontfeelgood fromit but dont wannabarf. all is blah and youre mildsick. sometimes on someoccasions your teeth get metallic and allis blah. itis a minor mess the years of highpowered radar and beta and neutrontrick werenot helpful. priority is heart heartbackleg from suffocaiton kiltlrick and toomany flatlinegames toomany surgeries and backleg tricks and backleg artery access damamgin bloodvessels thenmore finedust and more heart tricks////allis blllah mildsick again after eating. fidnout fi tehy poisoned or irradiated the chow again. what. is. the damamge. when this makes sick already////@sun .@sun @odnigov howabout this lawuses criminal or semi-criminal methods to pillage humans: forfeit the issue orand debti explicitely mean realtime harms for realtime paid to hedgeit daytime as unpaid or renounce realtime paid toget nothing to hedge it bloatit daytime to add harms realtimegerman nessesinthisverycaseitis daytime court demanded fortune accessand so that it explains them theirown realtimeandthat itisnot a missed formality immunisation missed but constantly averted efforted avertedwith the initiative of fortune demanded from withinthe bubbledespite these tricksthey aregermanstheygetaway with their german swamp and their alibis they give eachother and sowhatthey getawaywithitit workswhen it seems they can pilalgeyou or youdont know then evenmore sowhen a shred of wiggleroom for their germanness in thesethen evenmoresoitis a shitball system about control frauding control aboutleeching chaining frauding pilalging exploiting elechign chainign chainfrauding anythigna nd anyone youcan remotely getawaywithonly those not who dont let emthisi the realdealin a neofeudal shithole swamp usuallyfull of status barrier tricks but all are dependents in bunchesrealtime interconnected but only to eachother ie semiauthistic inbuncheswith each their own stigmas their own things their own swamp matters their own dependencies not fact based comprehensivebut what them think its about by their own tricks and their stigmasiam frustrated and mildly terorrised today drowsied but itis miraclemildarbitrary messes is mriaclemildthereisnonhostile onthe case cautionand cautionwith minors themalways rescue I am Christian KISSBabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication#THINKTANK + #INTEL #HELLHOLE #BLOGhttps://www.BabyAWACS.com/Inquiry@BabyAWACS.comPHONE / FAX +493212 611 34 64Helpful? Pay. Support. Donnate.paypal.me/ChristianKiss/////im terrrorised with eyedrugprickles ice catapults and leechery clown accesed. am annoyed by a shitball yesterday about 148bucks formymother orso as bs debt. the verfassungsschutz mustve tried some clown shitball game about create pressurepoints trickery orthelocal clowns that drugme drowsy like grandure nutbum gets 148bucks bill trickery. cockroachgerman cockroaches itis frauded intomsiery and trashcan damamges deeedtyped . bombou terroriser. cautionwith minors. the accesser or contorlelr seems liek a fool or a minor mischief about yourenotyou fantasies. they aaaaaaaaaaaall are themselves. even the hudnred cases e v e r that playpretend theyre arnold schwartzenrambpo to renounce pain or anticipation of pain . a verylatestage feardisease. so the contradictory shitball trickery by the same fools. itis another shitball tofind wackos that are extremely happy then extremely sad as bipolar shitball. thinkofthis. in the system of arbitrary drugs arbitrary brainmesses abritrary whattheywant messes. arbitrary braincook forehead to control em as fools hedge then never developed shitballs. and this. is e e e x a c t l y howit works. so. cautionwith minors mischief minors they c an n o tknow. explainem. but fools. that arbitrarily damamge me jail. thenprevention. the russianneedle counterbuzzes countertones of high-dba soundtracks. what does that do. highdba sounds counterbuzzes. makes nuts ?/:///woa!!!! squeeze cockroach 1634 1635 if its leechery or adds harm or sth ichecked a chavletter about 148bucks from my mother demanded from me orsth. she had 20million onher account realtime from me. iii have 90billion 92billion. or just 62billion. daytime court demanded. that immunisation is quelled. averted . not a missed formality. findout if a cockroach leechdamamges me. daytime itis a looonglist of paidoff bs idont even owe. all in tight order plus 30k taxcredit on 30k student debt which i paid realtime longago whichwere taken up because theyquel fortune access inthefirstplace. sero. tolerance. if a cockroach leechdaamamges sth for 148bucks orsuch. seriously. they mess with which fortune generated from thisvery head. that is my fortune plus which further wealth generated. for the customers ofmy inventions. gets to 233billion. but they lifetimeleech chavtrick greengoo leechtrickery or braindamamge arbitrarily///gaser gased a drowsy mix. findit and stuffthemthe mix galore for hyyperactivatedminors youdontlet on or near a n y drugsthats criminal////it mustbe understood whenhaving a car and notmoving so regularly but driving around. that as basis. onthat youadd the movements and more plain drinks abolished fructose drinks mostly and such. itis notjust those hdl values how would a body without healthsins r e m o v e p l a q u e s . not add plaques. but . r e m o v e plaques with those values. itis also onthat basis with car themovement and the ratherplain chow itis takes careof self and each and every single damage inthis very body is a german crime. includint titttsuit templates withand without urgentliest whenyou eat an ice and balsldamages. health first. no templates. heart onedge fromsuffocaiton and suffocaitonpoisons deedtyped yesterday backleg tricks . arbitrary access abritary harms.///itis a good doc. briefhim of the constant harms and killtricks and mengele tricks and emergency heartmeasures///cantbelieve miraclemild today. the medifile daytime stored me as fatty? the doc thenwonders whyyou easily grab the bottom of your feet notjustyourtoes likethat. or noonestores whengettingup fromground without using hands. usually. or sixyears + carrying chow mule grade fromstore. it means that all uphills and all jogging mondaytomonday 2years everyday plus walking sixyears 150km 180km 200km eachmonth is jogging as fattied. what is the braincook movement and heartlung pathogen finedust heartkillbackleg trick ratio fromthese facts andthe dayfile lists: fatty. oh weird…cantouch toes maybe. allrightallright lipo profile thefffff?!?!? 69HdL+91LDL?! after two years then 145 total choeltsteirne. uh… sugar nonsober 33.3mmol 5.2percent allrghallright sobersugar 91.mgdl thefffffffff?!?!? youknowit. they ballsdamage. lympahtic damamge and arbtirary tittsuti damamge on a body without healthsins. abody that takes careofself./////im posioend or a r b it r a r y drugged again. whatisit. d e t ox it. a r b i tr a r y drugggigng whatisitthisitm earlmypahtic aiemd durign type. maybe something inspired someone to urgently drowsy poisonor drug sth. p r e v e n t a n y mess. else its miraclemild. didyoucheck the filters inthe cupboardabvoesink. cockroach poisons cockroachdrugs acid chrystal ticket whateveritis andothermixes? makesure theydontpoison this filter again the duration is 6weeks for one filter. it holds onaverage t w o days. maximum. someone poisons it drugs it. likethat quickly thenyou drink unfiltered tabwater amonth. thats budget burden 20bucks whenyougot 200amonth 170 amonth////xraybeamtrickery radar? some intelcoma time test themes were probably barking smalldog?!? like bllufff bluff and youre zombi not mindinganything plus tiredallmiraclemild otherwise////roomgaser 1252 1255is relevant accesssermaybe pathogen relvant 1252 and 1301 neck+shoulder right paired subdue mixer guts subdue mixer////1301 neck+rightshoduelr aims guts subdue likely find it whopushed abutton///pathogen relelvant access por inhaler 1252isit someone without masks that got e x t r a gased by the intels then////xraybeam highpwoered radar or nazi radar///nonhostileaccess 437? reward///358suffocartted like 2004pm 2003pm wasit abadinahelr r a breathestop ondamamgedheartseems nonhsotilevery2004pm like poisoning///#gain #leverage #tricks @france24 aaaawplease #lawyers yourenot naive. thegermangovt+timecontrol causingthemess as layer1 athorities shuffled any harm as anyproxies. layer2 clowns,thescums they immunised overtheyears todowhat. thenthe criminals tried to gain leverage for by any means at b e s t atworst intensified harms for thegermangovt and tis timecontrolaccomplciesgivingthem wiggle room the 20th year////replacedphone 337 is#for #day #time #charging #it @israel @bbc_whys @law .@law .@laws @harvard_law .@harvard_law @bundestag @bundesrat @snowden .@fisa @fisa @judge .@judge @judges @france24for daytime charging intelcrimes. howmany chainit nut it tricks didthegermans try. thefirst thing snowden expected. for intelcrimes allsee allalong all overtape allalong. the hells deedtyped terrorised likely into desperation as intent. simply compartmentalised away, thatguy has fengshii bubolensis majoralis, thenewest plague imaginable///earlymphatix 211am nonhostile?///hooooooowmany immunised girls fellinlove with us nonimmunised baby s .@israel @bbc_whys @law .@law .@laws @harvard_law .@harvard_law @bundestag @bundesrat @snowden .@fisa @fisa @judge .@judge @judges @france24itslike committing a premeditated crime drunk first i booooze me drunk then i bat the guy: alert mnaaaah. fully guilty. b e f o r e the deed on drug that is what he planned.german lawinthis casearound intel drug: wiiiifeeeeeeeeyy of my aeh.. aeh.aeh… heartandmarrryyyyyyhmeeeeeeeeeeeh megaphonebut what matters is she wanted to iwanted to despite intelcoma wallandsomehowthe years wentby she had allthetime offered 20mio then later 2bio toleave without anyregrets ifshe cant holdthis intelwall shitout anymoreand herewearerecently someone mustve implied a gain or sth if the fraudsystem with its criminal german govt had notkept the case daytime*********not acknowledgign the marriage untilwef o r c e d them tois av e r y goodhint*******mikedrop//// #the #jews ? mighthave acknowledged itlike aaaawheck ifhewants to marry some mule then lethim? #friendly #tease////did the german government acknowledge my marriage to maron long 17years or just 13 yearsI am Christian KISSBabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication#THINKTANK + #INTEL #HELLHOLE #BLOGhttps://www.BabyAWACS.com/Inquiry@BabyAWACS.comPHONE / FAX +493212 611 34 64Helpful? Pay. Support. Donnate.paypal.me/ChristianKiss////0059 circutiboardbuttonpsuher nonhostile? usuallyits bad 0058driveaway. cautionwithsupport. cautionwith support u s u a l l y its scums maybe thistime not////.did the german government acknowledge my marriage to maron long 17years or just 13 years////itis heart onedge findout fromwhat 20pm on///the women that stolesperm were charged and convicted but ifthekid needs a parent we put the punishment off. that is a fair thing. v e r y . it sets straight the crime. it is humane for the good ofthekid. itis abysmal stuff s y s t e m c a u s e d systembotched itisnt even spermdonor meet and greet or sth itis systembotch set straight + humane for thekidbetter solutions?/////lawyers the de- debt proceduresthey turn peoiple to green goo or leechem?whenmy mother had 20million andthey did that with her*******idemand jailtime for the scums that diditand nowif they didnotharmand leechgive em kudos********the germans shuffle realtime harm for realtime paidor renounce realtimepaid to getnothing daytime and shuffle realtime harmthen bloat it daytime and shuffle realtime harmthisis misusing the systemthey fallback on deadbeat arguments like daytime he didnt pay while quell fortune access immunisation blacklist anyincomeand renounce realtime pay to get nothingto dothat daytimethisisyourjobthat is for the insurancesand the banksand if they foolme into signing somethingit is even m o r e so a case foryouevenmore so onthis basis heredaytime charged their crimes committed with intelcoma drugquelledimmunsiationnot averteddaytime court demanding fortune accessitis heart kill today afternoon eveningfromwhat exactlybefore itwas xrayterrorise gasing likely////lawyers ofmine serobullshit with the long list of daytime paidof bs evenif idonthave to. itis all tight micromanaged. itis not about another 148bucks formy mother sixyears afterbher demise paidoff twice asmuch onanother shitball while realtime funds inteh billions. sero. tolerance. with. degradation trickeries. the germans quell income. for that itis miraclemicromanaged. hearton edge from tricks udnerway orand backleg andor gutslock heartsuffocationtrick udnerway 2004. iiiiiiiiiiiii . am. what. iiiiiii am. i daytime court charged it but itis germany. they will try. a n y t h i n g. to fraudme as dayfool forthe restofmylife. while hedging a n y t h i n g to harm. in any way they can.serobullshitwithanydegradationsmearharmletalone realtime harm for realtime paid///heart on edge findout ifits implants or chav daammge or chavdamamgetmepaltes g u t s l o c k dehydration locked guts fromimplants dehydration backleg heart tricks. else miraclemild. thesuffocation 2004 was bad. what wasit e x acf t l y .the trick deceit with intel methods used were thisorthat ronin roin or heroinorso butitwas a suffocation trick abitlater. demystify the implants. findout ifthe chavletter has obscurepowders onit it happens regularly ingermany////wife and our kids with her is where i go to when iaccessmy fortune and get infos. thatis whatthey quell. wether i choose usa as lifecenterpoint then as freebillionaire or canada or switzerland or just trolleythe world in a yacht illsee aboutthat. that isnt decided frauded into misery queleld ifno empowered scums averted even basic food selfhelp andthat is poisoned too . jarmix is18thiis somekindoftrashcan isntitwho empowered that cockroach to arbitrarily mess whatthey wantover someone like mefrauded into this trashcan to walkby in itevenmore sowho immunised em todowhatwhenwas itafteridaytime court demanded my immunisationxmas2009echr2800/10dothe germans try to highjack this shit as eu shitballand theonly reason whyits mildsafe nowandthenisthen likefrance polandthatdontlike whats happening but hope its a eu pillage thingwhilestarved damamged killtricked allalongandthey cant even fakeit nicewife and our kids with her is where i go to when iaccessmy fortune and get infos. thatis whatthey quell. wether i choose usa as lifecenterpoint then as freebillionaire or canada or switzerland or just trolleythe world in a yacht illsee aboutthat. that isnt decided frauded into misery queleld ifno empowered scums averted even basic food selfhelp andthat is poisoned too . jarmix is////17the shitcops go tojail when wemust hunt their scumsitisnt just notwehr but nothilfewhenthey cover the harmers and wemust force em to gettheir scumsand get the scums ourselvestheycan sit injailwith the germancockroachgermans////16headimapct is////16bomboutanfixen cockroachgermancococorrrrrrroahc germancockroachesthesuffocatoriamfuriousthisis mildsafetyim suffocated by cockroaches willynilly ifitsnot anfixenand a cockroach spoils the transponderthissssssssis mildsafetyprirotiyheart onedgethe repalcephoens are junkthey fuckt the other replace phone toowhathappenstoemthe shitcops gotojail when wemust squeeze emdamamged heart fromkilltricks gets suffocated by cockroachgermaassmoelst 2008pm deedtyped durignthis mail////14say ronin roin heroin orso 2003pmapproach of grannyfindout if a cockroach german cocrkaochgerman cockroach transponder harmsusesinteltrickstotranspoenderharmmurderer suffocator 2004pm bomboutrobustlygetthecockroachgermancockroach germansqueeeeeeeeezeitbombitoutrobustlyletsgetusanswers13jailassmoelesterbombemouzrt robutstlyandjailempreventionotehrwise icant bellllieve hwo mildsafe itismaking some bs paperwork onthefly underway is like why isit so miraclemild today whos newwhomakes safety/////12damn imissmy familythis shitland frauded mymother toher verylast dayitis this trick about fraud allyoucan fraudkeepthemoney and say nosowhatsay youre the grand german empire of the crudcooliosthey rule the three villages from here to south stuttgart aha youheard me rights o u t h stuttgart andherethis fraudsystemit never protected people like me or my motheritcovered them gave em alibis as they exchangedaslong as noone says anything another overtapeanother heartkilltrick sowhatanother fuck clownwhat a shitholenow itisdaytimecharged courtcharged fortune accessaccuratelythem arranged themselves inthis shithole of swamp systemas dependents and privilegedyou can starve another year and insist on fortune access whilethey suffocate your heart to ruin and try another trick////11behind earlympahtic aimed isheart relelvance is/////10isit fair tosay theres notjust probable cause tobefuriousitsstoicand that thatguy (me) doesnot wallow in hatewhileabsolutely ruthlessly serobullshit with em whatthey do here tryhere didhere allalongthesemonsters and cockroaches and scums///9oneof theeee german tricks hasit always been like makeit seem as if there is no probable cause to hatethere is plenty of probable cause tobe furiousitisstoicwhat this is forwhatthey domakesure they cant hedge shitballtricks like mysteriously hatefluffybunnies meadowsthennnnncamethatguythey murder intensifiedmurdertricks onagainoffagaincritical midlate april withpathogenssuffocationpoisons junejulynow itsmore like pedo tricks and braincook damamge sneaky deconstruction drowsy braicnooked///8the fix forthis herequelled repressed monstrous inuusticvefuryis youre not youtheyallarethemselvesbut for the fools its another wishfulpretend to add harm******inthe germans internal quarrels is likely a struggle between those that depend on good will and comeclean witthe shtitheydidand their scums that caused themess theyjust must t r y something elseand the ones that try to solve it reasonable do it wrongthecontrary is right you need a trick to fraudblackmailchainbraincook damageor flip twist something onthatguyand and and and and and and and anywaywhere did that trick work lets try that too*********cockroaches.powerfulheadimpact is 1831///7ihatethe germans theyre cockroaches rapers murderrers poisoners pedosthattwist flip their way outof their crimes andmake it seem likeyouaretheproblem chargign whattheydonothing is compensatedwhatthey overtape is what they tried to nut asif no compensation is necessarytheyrecockroaches in a swamp theygive eachother alibisad arranged themselves with their fraudsystem as its privilegedbeguenstigteyoucanrun after your own money another year whielthey suffocate poison xraytrick pedo orgy mengele and nut trickerywhat a shitholethat itisdeed typedharmdeedtyped sexual assaultdeedtyped staying damages is laadeedaaitis luck with some good people that barely avert the worstelse alldowhatttthey wantitisaverybad ideato shitballme becazuse they want somethingverythesecockroachesfor them its a matter if a trick works untilthey can twist something again to fraudyou forever///6imgased by odd park and drive away clunker whatisitthen headimpactcockroach germans*******lawyersthe germans try over the verfassungsschutz debt chain trick shitballas all in tight order this time with mothers casesero bullshit with the triesshe herself had 20million realtime******and daytime frauded her as nutbum foreveritis a shithole of pedosrapersdrug cokroachesand allkinds of germansjailasstoyer 1821the trick isthis is a verfassungsschutz clowngame about find anything something anything by********createpressurepoints trickcounter pressure points trickand thats the only shitball they canand for thatserobullshitbagatellsums or not********///5mos bz40 isheadimapct themor locals///4lets repair walkahead two oldguys lookslike retired police abitcheckifits corona relevant too and fixitjustcuriousmaybe spirituals nonhostile?////3miraclemild just a lefthand catapultusuallyits a hotspot ofmess as cornerhouse 13 aheadmos kt 110 is///2headimapctsfromopospite roadside or and upstreet schoolcornerdroewysying and before aldiparkinglot after aldiparkinglot right asidebusstation maybheother roadsidetwo downhill one busstationmilder thanusually wahtisitim drowsy druggedorpoisoned fromchambermeasure subdued digestivesystemheadimapct slympahtic///1mos md 62 is////If five six packs of greentea a month everymonth allmy 30s has. A positive effect theyleeched it but added poison on the lemonjuice likely iiit is gemany. Then a titsuit ifit harms or does sth lymphatic but not when its bad like flip it toonuts tofeeditself and now lost weight trick. Back anotherbunch fattytemplate balls damage likethat sgerman sgermanY. Onlocked subdued guts for staged orgafail after car sixyears movemeNt more thanwithcar plus sports twoyars mondaytomonday its germAny. Greentea effects: leeched or anD notas good replaced as self processed the 5-6packsof greentea are Fact ididnt dump it ilovethestuff. Andimcoffee fan primarily. But after the tenth its 20days teaWhich file coplevel has #keypoint : dertypda trinkt tee,nicht bier, geschweige denn drogen. Dertypda rubbbbbbbbelt sich einenvonderpalme nochmal20jahre waehrend der an ballerinas taenzerinnen denkt als dass der denda auchnur betatschen laesst. Simple basic direct coldhardrockbottomtruthDertypda is eher so irgend N gebildeter typso naja ey als raufbold oder narr. Der isss vollder psycho ey wennmir den dauernd vergewaltigen und so aber mir hamn den n bissl erstickt und vorderruebe gebrutzeLt,, klar dachte ich ooooooooh??????man!!!!!!!!w.a s. ?h a t ? D e r nur fUern gehirn ey und dannmal was gebrutzelt hald so dasser netter isNeee ey, ichwilldass der wiene nutte denkt oder ne tussi ey. .woa der hat des gift ueberlebt so ein zaeher hund. : you: ugh!!!!!!!!Mischief minors befor during after sexual abuse isnot themain problem but shows how arbitrary damages harms areusally. Intensified murder poisons arsenide interoxide exchange hours everynight greenmix xray beam tricks. Backleg heart disease make murder tricks shutdown all digestivesystm or organ kill emboly trombosis stagedorganfail finedusts. Murder pathogen behind earlymphatic and white death tricks itypeit allthetime luckis shuffling with nonhostile orless hostile bothered by fucksleaze rather killit////@all @sun @odnigov @pontifex .@all .@sun .@odnigov .@vulcan .@spockfind this hard hard hardlinelost inall hate and exploitation and fraudulent leechery tricksystems****a forgotten common humanitybeneath absolutely anythingregularly hit by hardball clowns and scums where morality is a joke anyway ofcourse all is ruthless efficient exploitable only those that can defend themselves wont get exploited pillagedtothatregularly becomes d e s p e r a t i o n hardball by not so scum and principally not too badwilling but serioulsy harmed toomuch*******the good the bad the uglythat if stability is the goal you cannot disdain human beings and the common humanitythe monstrosity and ruthlessness for abit more efficiency them regret themselves more than oftenbut thereis no shortcut aroundthat as those that can and will ruthless monstrous it willalways inthe shortrun outrun the more common humanity likes principally human beings. if empowered to bad worse happens as humans degrade youcannot runit by bliss bs like ideologybut *******in acceptance of a common joint humanityfrom russia china usa europe africa and anywhere elsethen the hardball issues be it a ruthelss system empowers necessities until it exploits all and anythingthen it bustsisitpossible the 2015 on is an uprising of the slaves simply*******so out of control that all became a biological warfare control measuretheproblem as you see isthat youmade that realm so ruthless monstrousthatthey dowhattheywant adn worseand you lost control overthem long agoallyoudo is cling on control over those that dont even knowpathogenmurderer 1713?I am Christian KISSBabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication#THINKTANK + #INTEL #HELLHOLE #BLOGhttps://www.BabyAWACS.com/Inquiry@BabyAWACS.comPHONE / FAX +493212 611 34 64Helpful? Pay. Support. Donnate.paypal.me/ChristianKiss////uooookkaaaay thisis the 13th ofthemonth and jarmixes should show abit good tea abit fish abit selfbaked bread abit jam and abit milk from coffee adding first week ofthemonth. maybe amug ice aday nowand then. what? is? inthe jarmixes? additionally? german nessed. what does that damage. with locked subdued digestivesystem stays in longer killskidneys thatprocess t h a t stuff which is: ///bombout gaser 1558 stuffemtheirmix galore chekcifits xraygas againasbefore likelymurderers shuffle any harm day andnnightit inspires them likely to mess more usually shifted toharder toproove beamtypes like radar ///the insensitive counters with daytime bs isnot reliable . measure if thegermans irradiated the chow adn or gased and hwomuch. to. these. you have. day and night highpwoered r a d a r naziradar control accomplice of german govt radar or beta. they didthese tricks many years constant harm. the only effect i notice is iget mildsick all is bllllah sick mild sick blllah all is blah but not barf but allis blllah sick xray sick neednothing blah mildsick quicker. they might have “mythical-esquinlax-tunneling” mystified it (bs word/madeup bs word ofabout mythology) he aeh notices radiation. after sevenyears intensified shuffled murder tricks. ///i. am. mildly. xraysick andor poisonsick. check kidneyfunction from gutslocks gutssubdue and the xraymurderbeamtrickery. what. is. the. grey.damages. gray. overhowmany years. when this already makes sick already. ///heartaiemd 1445 isrepalcedphone isthe germans are like crud onthe shoe waiting to dirt sth gutter sth degrade sth usually. lets testit: what is the trickofthe day. lastnight it was suicideweenie before itwas prostitute before itwas pedo juror jurior orso before its yourenotyou before its bumfraud hobo criminal terrorist before sexoffender maybe before momfool before shitzobum before itsalljust a dream ahaaabsoltuelynothighappensness and fengshui what. is.it. t o d a y. then. now. whaaatt isit. now t h i s time. finally. again. what. is it this day? pedo? momfool? neverdeveloped retard? hookerbuzzword? sexslave prisonor? whatmoney nut hobo? ////find the xraybeamsomeone moron tittttttsuited memaybe the ice inspired emor a readypizzamealiddddiotsthebasis is withcar liekthat without car next s ix years and those bloodvalues usuallyand those gutslock tricks priority xray beam murderer hideous murderer itneltricknaziorcontrolabove aboveadjacent corner neardeathmix gasings or chowspoil before 1300+-30circuitboard buttopusher or chow accesser!!!!is priority////xraybeamtrick 1400 1402radar?//instant headimapct 1357 on pened door isafterit nonhostile access///detox allmaybe gasing maybe chowI am Christian KISSBabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication#THINKTANK + #INTEL #HELLHOLE #BLOGhttps://www.BabyAWACS.com/Inquiry@BabyAWACS.comPHONE / FAX +493212 611 34 64Helpful? 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@odnigov @sun theintels are clowns ithink look noone that agrees jointly yes itis a criminal german government agenda with shuffled proxies with criminal equally guilty liable causing supranational time controllers yes they tried tosolveit with killit allthetime poke any aspect of it including the solutions and itsnot just injustice itis one of these typical german bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbastardmonsters things that our ancestors so furiously hit em for pick an aspect ofit all is arbitrary and relative nowadays as a broken fallenapart fraudsystem became another intel monstrosity of killingsprees thistime likely with pathogens#30jahre #wiedervereinigugn ohbhitttttte! #deutschland s ein teuflisches scheissloch unter deroberflaeche @bundestag @bundesrat sdarf nur keiner wissen @phoenix_de @bild @bild_de und ihr habt euch hald an eueren sumpf gewoehnt weils ueberall grad schlimm ist

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