at which angle enters #LNL3 channel into clockatom  defines which direction? declinate this through please   .@energy .@ornl @energy #LNL6 #LNL7‎ #channels .@intel .@apple .@ibm .@woz .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @dar pa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics so the clockatoms at sourcedrain basis  as the angling traits ///

at which angle enters #LNL3 channel into clockatom
defines which direction? declinate this through please .@energy .@ornl @energy
#LNL6 #LNL7‎ #channels .@intel .@apple .@ibm .@woz .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @darpa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics

so the clockatoms at sourcedrain basis
as the angling traits

it just means we can define directions of clockatoms now by the way. cover leftside, or rightside example

.@energy .@ornl @energy
#LNL6 #LNL7‎ #channels .@intel .@apple .@ibm .@woz .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @darpa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics


lets integrate clockatoms also onthe basis ofthe sourcedraindevices like inthe #LNL3 channels

there is no principal reason why it should affect the e- pairing ifits intended
the sizes maybe theproblem but the brilliant trick most brilliant trick ever: holdyourpantsnow
wait: holdyourpants tightnow

holdstillbabe: hereitcomes:

clock atom

wedontneed it tobe open completely

anywhere clockatoms are



#octonian #litography .@energy .@ornl @energy
#LNL6 #LNL7‎ .@intel .@apple .@ibm .@woz .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @darpa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics

now ineed feedback to enhanceit on therewere quitesome optimisations. octonians quarternions if quartenriosn ahdnle 3dmath and octonians handle quarternions math etc couldbe interesitntoo howtointegrate it

insimple at which relayreflection does it popp out at which spike can be just as interesting as an interim result fromsimple relay functions as side functions

butimsure youfind better combinations that parametric boozetree,butt tree superposition and some relay poppout foroctonians quarternions haha (espec with counter directions charge cumulations)


isthere a better way to make #LNL3 channels modified with clockatoms than

(((((((((reflector layer

(((( ))))
laser hard angled astinypossible tothe sides
sourcedrain powerpunch litography it in
or electronpairing as pattern freefloat while extreme uv angled in

youhave a better way?


‎crap iwanted to add an addition and forgot onthe suffocaiton messes earlier. withteh blacklisting balckballing email typed. ugh!!

aaaha foundit! fivemintuesitnensive search!

the octanions
lets integrate relay channels in quarternions and octanions for automatically relay quicker
so we speedup the directional relays

as (!)the counter directions do what narrowing does
a cumulaiton of energy density

#LNL6 #LNL7‎ .@intel? .@apple? .@ibm? .@woz? .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @darpa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics

lets pack also clock atoms into the pipes atworst case aslong asit relays tothe sides notup

thepoint is

we get a digital signal atleast

but maybe iwth abit delay and abit altered


_ is clockatom

or relay to reflictive sides ( )

top is stray light in
stray e- in
stray rf in

or regular relay from sourcedrains and angled sourcedrains

@women @girls .@women .@girls the main drawbacks of #LNL6 can notjust be fixed with a photonic channel relay but added new features with narrowing ie intensified peak effects. evenmore so with angled sourcedrain devices. so with re-poppup rf waves or pass on relay data preset data

ah bytheway y o u r o ck !!!! thankyou for your support.
so other support‎
thegirls they
haveit difficult withme

.@intel? .@apple? .@ibm? .@woz? wheeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! rfcomposition now? .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @darpa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics

#with #angled #sourcedrain #LNL6 #LNL7 #stray #light #LNL3 #pipes

with altered sourcedrain angles

adapted LNL3 channels
which clutter dowe remove

which new signalling do we getout

which triggers tothe adjacent sourcedrian devices canwemake

which rf effects

which error correction info
atleast for ambiguity removal minimally
(when this is the straysignal it was signaltype1)

which stop(!)stall(!)repeat loop effects

what are the effects on polarisation when we alter channel surface by material as by surface structure


#stray #light #LNL3 #pipes

how much stray light
can we put into reflective channels
that reflect all sides, bottom reflects tothe sides but not up, and
catch straylight with these
as intentional photons

as electrons into that whatever light is inthere or without

then channel it into a location or intensify its energy with narrowing the channel

whocares whenits open ontop abit alongthe channel whenthe photons and electrons dont move up outofit too easily


lets re evaluate #LNL3 #blackmirror reflective channels
‎for #LNL6 #LNL7

small hole
broader pipe
but its energy density is narrowing the pipe

until it has enough energy density to create a peak effect

a further option for #LNL6 #LNL7 switches


lets use #LNL7 #LNL6 for #chip foundries

we use LNL6 for foundries too
the litogrpahy and exrreme uv liutrogrpahy

we form patterns and relay the flash

we use the electron patterns in LNL6 to forge regular chips as LNL chips


how fine can we make chip structures now


when3dmath isbrokendown to 2d math tosolve, are #quarternions used tobreakdown 3dmath? #octonians to breakdown quarternions?

caniget abit info on the LNL6 LNL7 updates

allhate octonians ?
itsnotjsut math its a friggin ..aaaw?????????? justwhenyouthinkyoucant make math worse they..

oh no wait itsjust a simple matrix a lattice on different variables moved along the axis

so soso allis a matterof definition there on for joint standards tospeedup the product andthe rand d

not the mythic esquinlax tunneling
‎which is you doing a bunny
how did t h a t happen


with extreme uv 5nm structures sourcedrain wegetwhich device density. wegot optimisaitonpaths of spedup electron incontrary powerpunch (asfor rf), we got angled sourcedrain,maybe parallel lattices sick rf waves notjust reduced clutter, in a transistornoiseless system, we got adjacent relay of sourcedrains with rf, and we got octonians quartonians based math notjust abit parametric multiplication

which are the new coolthings about it


we got ifyou upscale #LNL6 #LNL7 lets print bigblock like meters two by two by two or so or morepractical for doors two washingmachine sizes? @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @darpa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7makers @mathematics

quantum #math #geniusses:

electronpairs moving in material as superconductor like effects nothing new
trying hadamard gates blah and hoping it lasts longenough tobe stable enough is microwavegate blah

wheredoyoustart toexplain thatthey hoped on entanglements and excused with material imperfections butits a lackof of understood electron
just because theutmost hightech makes proabbilites as cloud doesnotmean it actually is a friggin cloud

its better weput the superposition intothe photonbeam the sourcedrain pairingdevice does right that and quite fast ones but foremost stable ones
sostable that we can separate themagain controlled with a photonic beam as butt tree

weshould fund the qubitpeople fully and support em forallthey find around it and theknow how growth but itis not that what they sayit is
not with the electroncloudmodel
not withtheotherthings about “mystic esquinlax” tunnelings AND entanglements

itsnot their fault the physics arent correct sofar
tothat they underestimate the neutrinos and whatitmeans whenthey transfer energy fromwithin a system

in simple weneed a tree function that efficiently intrinsically efficiently handles the sourcedrainpairing incode
in m a t h

i say:
‎ring lattice algorithms that earlyon stop continuaiton and treefunctions if they stumble over eachother

this inan octanionlayout

and so that they autosort eachother,data coded inthat ringlatice way

with new electron newatom we can find whereinthe hadamardmicrowavegates they flip a charge per energy density cumulation that it fails
sothey callit quantum effect

tisjust not the way but itsnottheir fault and theyshould fund em foranythingelse theyfind as theknow how aroundit the people

they chose that and dont stand inthe way ofpeople that actually try tomake something


math geniusses listenup there
no other way wemust integrate superposition without having to measure its interims values

so wemust right that where the treefunctions separate
we must autoseparate it as correct and incorrect atleast
like with ring algorithms

which tree function we continue which we stop
and it unravels automatically intrinsically
the correct path

allweneed is a lattice like ring algorithm
that early on stops conflicting paths

itis not too complicated

intrinsic superposition without having to measure it

can and shouldpursue billions trillions of paths withinthe same beam but stop whenit leads nowehere

and this is just one option howto

theylikely quarrel abit now which colorspectrum means which data value

aslong as it offers some binary compatibility its stillfaster than anythingbefore

but the challenge is
howdo we integrate an
superposition inthis system

and i say: without measuring the interim steps necessary


lets make an e f f i c i en t superposition
the simplest form ican comeupwith at a strafe is

we fire sequentially all sourcedrain devices angled
and see how the photon changes after which combination before
did which value

insimple that whats hammered out how inthe way
‎is a way to measure
butits not good
itsnot efficient

an efficient superposition thats more than the pairing ofthe electron and its butttree separation
or angled aimed separation
or its field disintegration

hmmmm an e f f i c i en t superposition the b e s t is if we dont h a v e!!! and should not!!!! measure the interim outcomes
an intrinsic superposition is the cause of the sourcedrain pairing

how do we integrate it mathematically


whichis the coolest rf wave with angled sourcedrain onthefly meh-tweak. cantbeall justabitless clutter



dont let em make it bitter outof fear and gutter it to defend former server costs

i say



whocares what hideous+blah says. they can harden the patent basis on which basis we didit anyway. and despite what

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at which angle enters #LNL3 channel into clockatom  defines which direction? declinate this through please   .@energy .@ornl @energy #LNL6 #LNL7‎ #channels .@intel .@apple .@ibm .@woz .@math .@mathematics .@darpa .@nsagov .@gchq @wired .@wired @wireduk @intel @amd @arm @dar pa @huawei @samsung @apple @tsmc @ornl .@energy #LNL6 makers #LNL7 makers @mathematics so the clockatoms at sourcedrain basis  as the angling traits ///

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