lets do fractal boozetrees espec for radio radar bridges in aesa tr modules as anyother that fitbest anything cool publishable? #LNL6 #data #models @mathematics @math @ornl @energy @woz @wired @wireduk @googleai @ib mresearch @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq‎ .@woz @qualcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq @w ired  @wireduk @intel  @amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa  @googleai@ibmresearch‎ @wired @wireduk @sciam @naturephysics @nature @harvardphysics @darpa @raytheon @lockheedmartin @bae archimedes slug example added, fractals we need  2d 3d eve nfor radiofrequency energy sortings #coffeetree #boozetree #teatree #buttTree 

lets do fractal boozetrees espec for radio radar bridges in aesa tr modules as anyother that fitbest anything cool publishable? #LNL6 #data #models @mathematics @math @ornl @energy @woz @wired @wireduk @googleai @ibmresearch
@tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq

.@woz @qualcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq @wired
@wireduk @intel
@amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa
@wired @wireduk @sciam @naturephysics @nature @harvardphysics @darpa @raytheon @lockheedmartin @bae

archimedes slug example added, fractals we need 2d 3d evenfor radiofrequency energy sortings
#coffeetree #boozetree #teatree #buttTree ‎

lets say butt tree wants to block every other sourcedrain device

one emmits electron two not thre does four not
hammering in a phtoonic beam thatit isntantly locks the next or next reachable locks a pattern inthe qubit whenthe data beam arrives
there msutbe
brilliant math ways to use this basic principle
beam to alter electron pattern first hammeredout for such short time that the databeam ahead is shortterm altered

andthen repeat

thegoal is to make more intrinsic math functions and get latencies outofthe system


Tea‎tree boolean
coffeetree addition to symmetric factorisation 2d
boozetree‎ exponentiality and threedimensional exponentiality

‎buttTree: we tweka the photon beam to squeeze the electron paths of many electrons in a pattern to alter them for a data beam ahead

like a very many simulataneous electrons out, meet not databeam, but a beam that alters the electrons in away
for a data beam ahead a f t e r altered electron set

photons squeezed through electrons to alter electrons first
butt tree

mathematical functions need a shift of the code in as short as possible time but so that it is stillvery dependent onthe value before

(!)vector stuff?


LNL6 people had u stagnated in secrecy three weeks ago?

two weeks ago?

one week ago?

yousee its early all enough with really room to enhance for comparative advantages

but you aim for a scale to establish it


that is the real race

that itis so quickly leading or compettitive that youcan reap pioneer profits a n d reduce burdens in early stages

itis the optimum for fielding my baby
theyare like my babies

and iwant that it succeeds sothat you!succeed

i pretend iwas fair inthe pricing to theones that invested earlier even more so

wouldyouhave stagnated in secrecy 3weeks ago is the key

and show eachother what works best and what didnt maybe someone has a good hint

see the 2/3 bottomright? a result of checksum coffeetree * boolean. that. for weakness slow electron circle+streghts options

think of sudoku s: one qubit processes one part, another qubit a different part, but the checksum must addup twice, within row and within square, sudoku isnothingmore but a checksum game. so these geniusses. that invent these things. why couldnt they integrate ring lattice as one checksum, photonic traits as another and electron traits as another.

this direction
to get the delay outof electronmovement. even doing a fast electron up,left, down,right, tomake a squared circle in 7nanometers or5, is a good way but its just one of many other options,

that inthat femtosecond a countering electron interrupts lets say down electron, we know which exact stage of ring it failed

butits all not good

we need an intrinsic data efficiency that relativates the downside of delays with the strenghts of diversified options than just 0/1



lets ask the older IT people for an efficient data processing

ilack of any info whatsoever but lets get the delays outofthe qubit and how we arrange data processing

where each delay, like electron spinning only 600 1000xtimes a second in a circle but has many many many more options to influence along way including a superposition

which is the best data processing methods

these geniusses worked on so many different systems the over the horizon views we could use

‎boozetree superpowers wiht numbers of qubits,but lets inverse: complicated among clutter tossed in,filtered out. ireallyneed info whatto enhance


three qubits hammerout electrons pattern1 boozetree exponentialy, five do coffeetree pattern, ten teatree, slap light atit, andwe have a program. caniget infos on #trajector

how dowe implement: this codepart: prefer boozetree, for that part mandatory coffeetree, this critical exclusively teatree,else prefer boozetree. #trajector this isolvebest with this free qubit boozetree (!)within this clock,andit allows boozetree

asimple spiralling electronwouldcause wave rf. so lets create the (!)cheeeeeeeeeesiest terahertz aesa t/r module e v e r based onthis. itrequires quickcomputing+bridging. allothersmake 6g likely


105am-123am nov2nd-3rd2019 : we need a trajector function,ie lets encode all so, that the qubits have many ways to conclude a function. if factorisation isnt the optimal way use multiplication. an automated best way pick. letsthink this through

it sounds so trivial
but when the function says add 2+2+2+2 (just with sequential qubis) a trajector must say waidaminute, ihave a better function a n d a right qubit right now for right this function. dontworry, whichever the result itwillbe the absolute same result
but i run it over a boozetree

this. how do we implementthis trajector


makers,lets spiral photonbeams and split paired electrons with function calls. or data sets.


itriedto comeup with an efficient way but igot cooked afternoon its whati could get togetherfornow
imsure youre brilliant in photonbeamtypes howtouse the sourcedrainpairing

and whatis data whatisfucntionset


its friday and halloween and allis blah, but does someone print an actual new version? #this #atomic #opacity Makers of #LNL6, lets check opacity to photons in it per surface. scattering pitfill etchoff peaks is macro bs,lets check atomic opacity

less doom more prevention. isay infinity shouldbe nothing but c o n t i n u i t y . as 0 shouldbe abscence of light and electrons.

ifyougotit done youmay count the electron emmissions and interpret photon values. but what uneed tocount is the photon values (incl polarisations)from variable tree functions by the electrons #LNL6 @ornl @energy‎ @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq
.@woz @qualcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq @wired
@wireduk @intel
@amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa

we need an efficient coffeetree boozetree teatree, or itsnot goodenough with delayed electron paths, espec without superposition in trees


we need an efficient coffeetree boozetree teatree, or itsnot goodenough with delayed electron paths, espec without superposition in trees #LNL6 @ornl @energy‎ @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq
.@woz @qualcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq @wired
@wireduk @intel
@amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa

which is the best photon drain chemical? LNL1 LNL2 crt-screens,the stronger the straylight the newer? or reset each clockcycle?

wemake shadow corners, with photon and electron drains drains crt screen chemicals, all excitationthere is stray


which is the best photon drain chemical? LNL1 LNL2 crt-screens,the stronger the straylight the newer? or reset each clockcycle? #LNL6 @qualcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq @wired
@wireduk @intel
@amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa
@googleai@ibmresearch@ornl @energy@tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq
wemake shadow corners, with photon and electron drains drains crt screen chemicals, all excitationthere is stray light, but right this very thing is our enumerator of qubits to help us sort. straylight wilbe highly sequential

hey guys lets give ABSCENCE of light ie shadow the variable 0. where isitaproblem,where does straylight+0 fake data value. vantablackisforvisiblelight,what metamaterialsurfacefor whichspectrum

lets stop the clock atoms dynamically inthe right beam andor control beam or control trigger.


which spectrum you chose can freeze a clockatom ‎when

and canwe separate it that is not accidentally stopping relay andor polarization entanglements

somequbit concepts bet on entanglement voodoo linking qubits. isay welinkthem with polarisation and metamaterial relay


added topaper metamaterial+clockatom=new polarization s instead 2


people that work on LNL6

we had now a couple of interesting weeks ifit works feasibly bow


the microwavequbits had howmany years

the regular computing stuck years where howmany

support and customers ? eeeeeeeeeeeeekyey!!!!!!


isay lets explain the people ‎that dont understand why chips got so stuck and dirtcheap and the firms so outof favour


#teatree howmany polarisations

if we cando only2 polarisations lets consider these for teatree ie ring algorithm lattice,red ring one polarisation green another but i wonder why we couldnt do more polarisations now with metamaterial+clocks spin atom

#teatree T boolean

#coffeetre ff ee addition factorisation(is exponential iknowbut symmetric)

#boozetree high exponentiality variants like accelerated in2d issquared,in3d is cubed butmany more.


geniusses of optics IT, ipretended youcouldmake only 2 polarisations. but with the clock spin atom in meta material we can alterit by abit wait ? boozetree ? amongothers

lets say tea-tree boolean binary compatibilitymode: howmany polarisations dowe get,2minimum, islandpit orbinary. electron emmission has one too,which?

howcaniget abit info on metamaterials. some reflect,somerefract,some change polarisation, some absorb transform icannot solvethis foryou iwish icould ineed infos. fastest clock atom?

#coffeetree #boozetree #teatree

the tangential relay of qubits calculating out a value isnothing more but a wait function till relay into one.very.specific.clockspin state of the metamaterialrelay atom. its inefficient to draw realtime millions of

exponentiality functions but if we tangent the qubit relay at an exact time***********

how precise can our boozetree functions get

T tree is boolean lattice
coffeetree addition symetric factorisation
boozetree high exponentiality

lets 3d exponentially twist nipples


isay we need exponentiality variants, ie booze tree functions. coffeetree addition and lower level factorisation ofcourse.


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@intel @amd @qualcomm @samsung @huawei thepower of #LNL6 isthen datadensity x superposition x relay x variable tree functions,the lags the magnetic resonance data write out, inefficient compatbility modes?

@wired @wireduk @sciam

which factorisation tree is best for LNL6 the trick is youcan vary these tables. each. and. every. clock. calledit coffeetree boozetree teatree. whichis best?



haha with abit luck we just turned vantablack into a strategic resssource asset #LNL6 @quallcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq ‎@wired ‎@wireduk @intel ‎@amd@qualcomm@huawei@samsung @darpa@googleai@ibmresearch‎ ‎@ornl @energy@tsmc .@intel @nsagov@gchq‎ ‎

to all LNL6 makers, can you add which were the critical breakthroughs
and where the stallings were.imsure those frustrating ones allgot atsomepoint. to all can u putout a LNL6 multiplicator howmuch faster itis. very careful to likely to probably over confident scoped. notarstamp if you want andor agree that we do so that you mean it


with abit luck we just turned vantablack into a strategic resssource asset hahaha #LNL6


lets reward optical geniusses that were really helpful,tape, as others too

caniget info on the relays whichonedid u pick.

-non meta material.
-metamaterial clockspin leading to spirals
-combination of materials
-combination of spectrum s like polariton lasers work as nonmeta, regular as meta

‎the binary compatibility shouldbe after the fast nonbinary calculations
ithin binary land pit conversion even twice with fast nonbinar‎y inbetween, shouldbe alot faster than slowing all system on landpit binary operation mode

but either way compatibility ithink is a critical element to market it quickly

optical drive s are still pit island. its inthe mail somewhere. lets use right this as bridge to binary. turbo button for marketing slowdown-to-compatibility button for it pro s


could we integrate some optical drives geniusses espec for binary. their land pit systems might be efficient and bridge to binary?

#LNL6 @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq ‎@wired ‎@wireduk @intel ‎@amd‎@qualcomm ‎@huawei@samsung @darpa@googleai@ibmresearch‎ ‎@ornl @energy@tsmc .@intel @nsagov@gchq

besides data arrangement of spiralling optical signals?
if you chose clock atomic spin meta material relays


#luminosity #per #surface #unit #overrides ?

the polariton lasers into meta materials any cool results? u need vantablack?haha which luminosity or energy spectrum overrides locked (into absorbtion) qubits (!)per surface unit all . if the shape of the reroute changes the spectrum increases intensity on smaller decreases it on larger uget varied results too?


once more clealry

-i found semidisitengrating electroncouldbe a problem
‎-the basics of physics where spin integrated circularmovement might disintegrate theelectron toomuch
wheetre thefix is more teslas ,nearer proximity, slower electron
-itdoesnot contradict using straight electron beam functions

-lattice error correction ring algorithmworks in binary even letalone in straightbeamphotonics
isay wekeepit intrinsic electronmovement and see how much slower would the electronbe

-i added asother tweaks using a clock atom as spin in metadata to sort relays clearer leading to a spiral
this may not be necessary if above is fixed but it can help sorting functions

there weremore tweaks

lets dothis


itwould be bad if we do only straight electron beam functions just because they disintegrate toomuch on toofast tight radius. it all is real factual physics now how much slower must the electron be, that it doesnt disintegrate toomuch

and howdo we integrate straight beam functions
the hand example palm out lightbeam from top is straight beam example

lattice error correction ring algorithms canbe integrated in these functions too
but it wont be intrinsic as an electron going a curve

thats the issue
i say lets keep intrinsic electron circular movement
for an as direct lattice‎ as possible
but do the electrons hold that out at which velocity then


for #superposition we may not need circle conclusion but for ringlattice as electron error correction we do.

the versions without full circular movements need abit slower electron
the straigght hammered out electron functions can have a faster electron

howmuch slower is the question, its below lightspeed, and the disintegration of the electron is the threshold

straight electron
can we do
circular movement concludes

more like three or more like 3million fold slower


circular movement functions e- willbe abit slower than straight line e- functions,yes? lets code integrate it

this means that circular e- move will disintegrate as muchas they get faster or disintegrate less as they get slower. yes?

atomics atwhich miles radius/perlightspeed do electrons disintegrate, how is disintegrationat 7nm scale, velocity reduced by?

lets reduce space distance tothe electron or and addmore T ie eithercase more flux

increase teslas by the amount the electron loses its charge semidisintegrating. consider an algorithm that takes itas direct line

atomics, do electrons lose their charge in semi disintegrationmode or does the charge bonding part stick inwards centerwards of a radius



@intel .@darpa #hot #wants #to #cold, #hot #is #not #hot #until #meets #another #atom #else #just #vibrating #high #energy #states

ie the thermodynamics kick relevant in only on hitting material? else in vacums the extra hot electron matters in thermodynamics only in itneracting with other electrons?

do hot electrons want to cold electrons?
or just to cold matter around

semi disintegrating electrons more slippery as ithink?

#atomics how are the thermodynamics of semi disintegrating electrons and can a mangan material reduce thermal signatures somegenius wrote a paper recently #LNL6 @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq ‎@wired ‎@wireduk @intel@amd@qualcomm@huawei@samsung @darpa@googleai@ibmresearch@ornl @energy @tsmc .@intel @nsagov@gchq

lets make writeout qubits along the way and not each qubit a writeout part and see if we generate a track record of written out data whileit calculates on realtime photonic
#ah #btw did you make a vacuum in the chip and retain it


‎clock atomspin meta materials will lead to spiral signatures. lets as genius tape,optical drives spiraldata geniusses for input @mathematics

even if relay vector1 relayson vector2 so on makes exponential curves but samling like tangents?but all variants?

factoring binaries cuts also numbers
wouldwe be more precise

which exponential treefunctions did mathgeniusses pick

#chip #geniusses #please #open #your #mind #abit #brainstorm #this:

a qubit as shown

a meta material links the qubits

as reflector refraction absorbtion as needed

a clock atom spin alters the meta material

when it reflects
when refracts
when absorbs (preferably closing the qubit as example)

a clock atom reset set by a data beam

and or
a clock atom reset ‎ by control beam and or contorl electron
(like uv light erased early cmos chips asexample)

we do this with the qubit datalinks

so the light doesnot re reflect back into qubits
the reset qubits clocks meta material will
relay the data beam in a known way

while the reflections refractions unwanted will always hit as clutter

we can use additionally piezo ceramics to close qubits like in LNL2 upwards
as control layer
(not ideal)

intrinsic beam sorting is better


#if #each #qubit #metamaterial #gets #its #own #clock #atom #and #we #reset #them #independently #controller #or #intrinsic #can #you #sort #the #data

thinkof it
the meta material trait spins with the quartz or clock atom
‎relays all by that trait

and we reset them either getting a data beam
‎or resetting as controller signal separately (notgood)
can you sort the qubits now

the next best clutter will not hit it back but be always relayed in a clock timeframe

whenever it does add data
aclock cycle is over from which very qubits

right corner side the orange dot


#factorisation #trees #anything #computing #is #factorisation

@mathematics @math @wired @wireduk @intel @amd @qualcomm @huawei @arm @tsmc @darpa @nsagov @gchq @google @woz @apple @googleai @ibmresearch

but theres gottobe abetter more efficient way

we are no longer bound by factorisation

not with ring lattice algorithms
not with superposition
not with broad spectrum s (!)where two different spectrums‎ can still mean the same (as error correction redundancy) giving up throughput for it etc


some mathematics genius might have brilliant tree functions

ive stumbled over
1‎ 2 1
‎1 3 3 1

itis a verysimple one but absolutely brilliant
theremmmust be a betterone


can makers of LNL6 photonic qubits putout how much

was actually processed

when watching that very lavalamp there

or ceramics puk or ceramics cube or cylinder

howmany get tesla supersonic sounds and flashes
(ha ha)

‎so comparison regular computer to even
-read out,


brilliant energy people #losalamosnatlab figuredout mangan quantumdots takingup energy from excitation stages of uvlight excited electrons. lets implement

seethe orange dot rightside?closing the qubit with a piezo part or with a meta material stopping reflection: whynot a fast prototype?

iknow iknow iknow theres gotttttttttttttobe a betterway to regulate this (!!)within the qubit without halting relays
thisis exactly what imtrying here

allofthese here
insteadof e‎lectric interconnects. blah

this is tomake eFficient interconnects,youknow they make billions of electronline interconnects one ach cpu. linking the qubits iwanted a photonic link

simplest fix forinstance: LNL piezos regulating which photonbeam gets to which segmented qubit cluster,onlyto tweak clutter formation

butimsure wefind sthbetter than limiting clusters with melding LNL2 layer onit

(!)each reflective metamaterial reflects what back to the emmitter. its an error source if unchecked.

deducting which metamaterial values of unwanted clutter in theory. thats why it would spread always in any direction with constant beam
and them re reflect back to emmitter again

thats ok when you want a constant operated beam know the dirt clutter it makes ‎but the variations are what the functions are

if its pulsed and youdontwant clutter its trickier what reflects howmuch which direction with an atomic clock atom and amore accurate shorter pulsed laserbeam
the power is

knowing the clutters and then calculating out the electron operations

andso that theclutter is altered abit with that what youned want

back anddorth clutter is what we want. put an electronfunction onthe back clutter. if not:

heyguys lets regulate clutter with shape
simple broad oneside small other side can do alot to clutter reduction
piezo ceramics openings are slow but can help als lock quibits
but are a non ideal solution

lets realter some shapes and shorten pulses then runsometests
piezo closings as bad slow measure but for post writeout functions ok?!??

#femtoseconds #laser #pulses? #temporarily #monodirectional #meta #material #photonic #qubits

femto seconds em spectrum pulses?

clearer locked qubit after writeout ? onlyopen to repeat whats written out? process that on ?

interconnect not enough blocked with meta material traits? and relay on ?

not filtered out all calculated spectrums that discard the function?

ineed infos

what they did likely is the least possible namely sequential sourcedrains around emmitting into a spiralling electron phjoton beam

andit wouldbe
extremely fast already and or electromagnetic wavelenght miracles tweakable in frequency agility

but its
not quite

we must make the function trees
which photon combination gets rerouted where on which meta material trait temporarily

which function writes out into magnetic resonance effect and puts qubit into
repeat it ondemand stage
process on with this repeated formerly writtenout set of functions


it is a blocked source drain gate nothing else is magbetic fixed
resonance effect like harddrives

we block certain sets of sourcedrains

any infos whatsoever
ithink thismightbe the next direction

after pronably before meta materials oeprated continuously and re repeated reroutes into qubits untilitwas a mess


continuous operation requires a harder separation of qubits,pulsed can have a dirtier reroute #tweaking

shortening the test pulse that they dont rewrite and overwrite and over rewrite within one clock
separating clocks

making the longpulse count as



repat until something changes
is a very small tweak problem
itmeans the concept works but itis not sorting the clocks

shortening the pulse to the number of qubits should not limit speeds but continuous and wellsorted relaying is better
so any continued ‎ photon emmission gets a clean new qubit
and discarded functions qubits get freed up with a clean path to them

this stuff is
sorting tweaks organising tweaks

it is not principally a faulty concept
itis how we relay right with how long pulses

if thepulse is toolong it will re add tothe used qubits

so it needs
relay on tweaks

orand shorter pulses

or and
clean refresh clocks

or and if continuous beam operation altered what changed a clean path quibit and (!)what it does in the qubit when nothing changes inthe beam

none ofthis ‎is a speedbrake but requires tweaking


so qubits

maybe the main problem is simply that its relayed re re relayed and re re relayed

thefunmction is done

too long pulses simply

or toomany clocks atonce

orthe metamaterial concludes the writeout but the added ones arenot identifyable as later

small problems

its tweaking

‎itwill work as monodirectional metamaterial temporarily. lets try meta material trait spinning with an atomic clock material like quartz. sorting relays

atomics ugotta help, which atom spins, stops on light,triggers once a magnetic resonance effect, stays put,and on second beam triggers hammerout electron into beam #enumerator? #photonic #qubit #algorithm #ai #qubits

wecan make free layers thats the good thing of magnetic resonance effect
but there is no reason we couldnt use an atomic clock timer spin to make a first. a next and anext trigered by photonic beam travelling at velocity

sequential sucks but its doable


doyou want to choose a simple enumerator onit?
to sort ?

a simple atom like quartz or other faster clocker

that hit out the write out function with the delay of light speed

there is a first qubit
there is a last qubit
and there are creamy inbetween counts before the next or after the nect

a simple optimisation count

when a light beam hit the atom starts which write out function
just for an identifier part of the qubit ifyou want

but idontlike sequential
better ideas ? coffeetree booz‎e tree doenot exclude sequential


ey! #sorbonne!vousavez les sampling #tunnels #damour heh? mes amis. your take onthis: .@sorbonne @sorbonne #simply #put

the todays qubit tweaks are critical

computers call sequences and processthem

its like find socks there in box, bring ten of em, roll‎em, wrapem, putit back on otherbox

what i just did with qubits

‎is we save this bottle neck of find, know wheretofind, bring,

we roll hundred socks and fold hundred socks and bind hundred socks,
only the rolled ones willmake it through and only them willbe stored, retaining their angle information

and only these socks will fit with this angle into our fashion set. anyother combination wont work in a lattice of fashion sets
at this point or this area

and thats it

this with shoes
c u c u m b e r s + 50shadesofgrey

and with one call out they self assemble their angles

all of this
beats any call sequentialfunction
where isit stored heck!!!
and it doesnot exclude findability or sampling


because its photonic and superposition and error selfcorrecting

miracles if itworks

juuuuuuust the meta material relay link of qubits


darpa nsagov gchq energy ornl the hardest part is done itis invented, inmany inventions. now itis pioneer works into feasibility ans scaleability. and that is far from what it wasbefore. quantum voodoo microwavegates 20years forever ahead because faulty physics

we dont need cpu adressing
ram bottlenecks adressings
all we need is that a part of alattice algorithm fits only to one part of a lattice
at this clock
or else gets discarded

and this photonic instant


caniget infos now onthe qubit metamaterial relay even if youhave 2relays one left one right how doesit look, three? four? more relays is fourfunctions relaying


#allyouneedis #one #generalreadout #after #all #intrinsically #error #corrected #hasbeen #written #out

this here is the key for an efficient qubit photoinc computing system

besides the inventions it builds upon

dueto complete lackof info
i guessed the

qubit sorting
qubit adressing

might be influenced by
brilliant geniusses but that think adress machine code box yet

with alot lot lot of luck
one two of them maybe threeofthem figure out why a meta material photonic relay
that does not require cpu adresses, still doesnot exclude them(especially sampling)

but doesnot require cpu adressing
in a photonic system applying superposition

intrinsic error correction lattices
and opening terahertz maybe exahertz bandwiths in emspectrums and or internal clockspeeds

what this means


#metamaterial s like a mirror that reroutes your acne colors out of your mirror self,umaythink of polished surfaces reflecting into one direction @woz @nsagov .@gchq @wired @wireduk @intel @amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa @googleai@ibmresearch
@ornl @energy @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq

ofcourse its more complicated,some energy states absorbed others reflected,others refraction layered
and howmany of which types of metamaterials depends on the qubit setup we choose for which electromagnetic spectrums, ‎aligning qubits of which type how

but the magic
is the instant photonic relay
where the signal discards if hits a qubit combination of electrons photons

doesnt relay on if faulty selfcorrected
but relays on if not faulty
and thebest

writes the signal out from a certain vector on

that youdonthave to find the qubit

youjust need a ring lattice, selfcorrecting, that re assembles in a readout in that way, that the vector it was written out is clear

so the lattice reassembles


remember. itis photonic that means writes out once in all massive spectrums toofast tobe useful
we put it through this set of superposition photonic computing metamaterial qubits

if you need samplings letsconsider lowleft blue sampler

the magic there is
that the electron depends onits energy state
may emmit different spectrums whenits leftright shaken apart

the magic tunnel of lahve


how powerful is #LNL6 #photonic #qubit ‎with just 4 directions metamaterial relay angles.

so the writeout combination willhave physically only example vectors

remember photonic is once

we just have to write it out once

and relay on intrinsic as discard relay on intrinsic error correction


.@nsagov .@gchq @wired @wireduk @intel @amd @qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa @googleai @ibmresearch
@ornl @energy @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq
how powerful is #LNL6 #photonic #qubit with just 4 directions metamaterial relay angles.

so the writeout combination willhave physically only example vectors

remember photonic is once

we just have to write it out once

and relay on intrinsic as discard relay on intrinsic error correction


is there a more efficient way to align lattice but a vector it was written out from direction n #LNL6 #photonic #qubit #metamaterials #fix @wired @wireduk @intel @amd @qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa @googleai @ibmresearch
@ornl @energy @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq


all we need is in the meta materials a fixed relaz angle per spectrum
and the code lattice to know that

so we dont need to find complicated single qubits
all we need toknow that each written out signal here of this ring lattice tye must have had that angle

and thats it

the rest is assembly lattice once
whenyou readitout

your take?


hey #sorbonne,howmany of the 2^232 quantumstates can lowleftblue declination measure. greetings @sorbonne @lhcb @sciam @naturephysics

qubit makers understand: itis NOTjust a matter of quirky entanglement states. physics is faulty!! if entanglement is realat all,itis gravitic cumulative bondingflux with breakdownthreshold

eitherway its not what youthink itis wether neutrinos are partof cumulative bondingflux field farmore energy transitioning entangling or wether its quirky electron effects
not understood that electron is a nucleusproton spikedout charge imbalance from one core/coat cumulation combination


#sample #quantumstates (also ofyour microwavegates qubits/blah) @mathematics @math

sampling quantum states as directly efficiently into photon states as possible was one of the core problems of quantumcomputing. isay we donthave tomeasure. but if, lets sample with:

which function is perfect for these, notjust sampling

just oooone type can be also this
lowleft blue switch
caniget info

altering electron course harder
in a stronger tesla field
alters electron how

which has its own altered energetic stages after certain interactions

s gotttttttobe goodfor mroe than abit sampling

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@wired @wireduk @googleai @ibmresearch @intel @amd @qualcomm @huawei @samsung @tsmc #All #LNL6 #photonic #qubit #makers @ornl .@ornl @energy

Heyguys a side tweak
Asynchronous sequentiality:

Lets give it a try:

‎Electron combination interacts with pthotons
Hammers out an electron set
Magnetic amplification effects write it hdd effect into preset electron gates whihc are then blocked magnetically

Sofar so good
This writeout takes time

Thereisno reason why the qubit should sit idle

Any repeat function can repeat and relay out

Lets not stumble over this but check if a quick integration as asynchronous sequence can be implemented.


The Main thing below:


semi-disintegrating electron different glows,
(!)curving harder to do paired but easier unpaired,
radius/per velocity alters glows

Each of these are a better enhanced way to control the signal
But are serious cause of error if unchecked



Getting photonic computing done is a huge win already
Itwas too fast tobe useful
Like and then someone switched the light on and. It was on. And thenwhathappened. Itwas. Aeh. On.

‎Now what

Whatwhat now?


Getting photonic computing into an intrinsic effective switch is ahuge win


But integrating a superposition into it



An efficient error correction intrinsic for it



Hosting binaries full compatibility while stillbeing faster than sequential conventional systems


If we integrate new electron with its‎ deep photonic implications. Its meta materials and ceramics insulator implications its semi-disintegrating electron properties and photon implications

Thisis what we aim for a very huge win


The entanglement voodoos are abonus and if entanglement s ireal atall itis cumulative gravitic bondingflux probably spinnign with globe


We may not need a collossal coolant tank in our pockets probably afterall-some…would.. fancy that.. for. Whichever reason

Portability That would another huge bonus

Lets get this babe upand running if its principles get declinated by all so it works better early stages on like which switch combination means what in ring algorithm lattices

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#google ihope iwasnt tooharsh here. Sergey and oraclefounder,mcaffeeguy,youknow,they dont become bastards+islandbums voluntarily,itsmorelike bastardthings hit you,allthetime. You pay with ideals. .@googleai ‎@googleai @ibmresearch @wired @wireduk @techreview @verge @natureelectron @nasa @nasa_ames #sycamore #qubit #xeb

‎Using a probability estimator on an error generating machine,which finds values by another equal effects based error generating machine

Turns out it finds alot more likely simillar values, beats the machine that doesnot generate errors

Is that a joke? 🙂

It is a flawed test method of a flawed qubit concept
Implying not the misunderstood physics are the problem but just a disrupted signal of totally understood physics

This is the core problem

Itis possible they needed a quick success

Im a fan of these projects because of notjust doing it but what else is gained from it AND the personnel trained

Lets keep on researching

I am Christian KISS

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@woz .@woz #woz i REALLY wouldlovetoknow what the established superhero legends of #chips thinkof this. Its a chance to create new basis fornext #tech ifits efficient+feasible @lockheedmartin @raytheon @ai @techreview @darpa @intel @amd @arm @intel @qualcomm @huawei @samsung @googleai @apple @woz @tim_cook @ibmresearch @lhcb @brookhavenlab
@wired @wireduk

‎What are the radiofrequencies emmitted with the electronpatterns at which stages
Think itcan aid frequency agility but not necessarily war frequencies unless amplified atleast

Caniget infos if semi-disintegrating electron glow
Metamaterial atleast relay layers changed some results?

Google s xeb sycamore qubit test i found less than convinving.


we make (!)protection assets partof the equation. Those with bumpers made for crashes crash. Soft without elevated. patent onme



whenever humans have enough time and info to think and judge is how most humans would judge because thats how they d i d judge

Thats a trained tensorflow like network
‎Moral machines knowing better than principal bias of how humans decided gets a malus when oddly against what humans decided but gets abonus when exactly how humans wouldve decided


Two principles


Let a humandecide before registering new car
(problematic). I switch on: Iiiiiiwaaaaannaaaaaaa LIVE!!!!

And live and letlive! Yeey!


Caniget infos. Itis a guess afterall that the electron emmissions vary with tigther radius andfaster velocity (!)dynamically. On collisionsmabye too. All usable inthe code and asource of error if not aware of

The simplest relay function icancomeup withrightnow: metamaterial absorbs 1spectrum of 1 electron sets, relays the original amplified varied intensity. @wired @darpa .@darpa @wireduk @nsagov @gchq @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei @intel @arm

Variable electron disintegration is VERY good. It wont react long enough todisintegrate completely,but in its simplest form the tighter+longer the circle thebrighter the added photon?

The error generating disintegration or semi disintegrating collisions will also aid greatly altering the photonic spectrums and beyond visible likely

The rest is adapting the interpreter code to it

Lets track also material degradations IF e- start to disintegrate. Itworks best in vacuum tosmall for atoms.

Did it spoil some results with e- glows/ ie disintegration emmissions. Track xray howmuch.

#photonic #metamaterial #qubit #coffeetree @wired @darpa .@darpa @wireduk @nsagov @gchq @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei
@energy .@energy .@ornl .@losalamosnatlab @iterwomen @mathematics @mathematic @math .@mathematics @losalamosnatlab

.@lhcb @sciam .@sciam .@naturephysics .@ornl @energy @livermorelab .@nif @nif @matt_kwong .@energy @energy @generalfusion .@generalfusion @iterorg @iterwomen @ppplab @sciam

.@mathematics @mathematics @wired .@wired .@darpa @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei

Would e- disintegrate on photonic nanometer bent trajectories. Adds (!)VARIABLE glow emmission. That is a bonus

Heyguys ithought of #mathematical treefunctions in LNL6 photonic qubits
Each photonic‎ frequency seen as mathematical wave function oscillates in a scope. Yes?

Would e- disintegrate on photonic nanometer bent trajectories. Adds (!)VARIABLE glow emmission. That is a bonus #photonic #metamaterial #qubit #coffeetree @wired @darpa .@darpa @wireduk @nsagov @gchq @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei
@energy .@energy .@ornl .@losalamosnatlab @iterwomen @mathematics @mathematic @math .@mathematics @losalamosnatlab

.@lhcb @sciam .@sciam .@naturephysic

#photonic #metamaterial #qubit #coffeetree @wired @darpa .@darpa @wireduk @nsagov @gchq @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei
@energy .@energy .@ornl .@losalamosnatlab @iterwomen @mathematics @mathematic @math .@mathematics @losalamosnatlab

.@mathematics @mathematics @wired .@wired .@darpa @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei
Heyguys ithought of #mathematical treefunctions in LNL6 photonic qubits
Each photonic‎ frequency seen as mathematical wave function oscillates in a scope. Yes?

All we gotta donow is get ring algorithm circular movement of the electron pairing into this oscillation frequency curvature

Tree is fingerbase. Thumb is wrong ring algorithm direction. Discards

Poitning finger frequency bending1 bent path of electron
Fxuckyou middle finger frequency bending‎2 pathof electron in another qubit

We must not lose lag delays with electrons concluding a circle. Wemust adapt the electron paths tothe tight photonic frequency

Just: dothe electrons disintegrate inthe nanomenter bent paths

Itsjust a tweak idea between mathematics and photonics physics.

#photonic #metamaterial #qubit #coffeetree @wired @darpa .@darpa @wireduk @nsagov @gchq @intel .@intel @amd @arm @qualcomm @huawei
@energy .@energy .@ornl .@losalamosnatlab @iterwomen @mathematics @mathematic @math .@mathematics @losalamosnatlab

‎Lets test some examples

Qubit writes out,‎ (like magnetic resonance effect,draweffects,presetting next clock sourcedrain E- PAIRING DEVICE)
Concludes operation as error correction (this ringalgorithmlattice function inhardware)
-relays on to other qubits‎ (donothing interconnect result)

‎Reflector metamaterial therefore atleast
Re‎lay other qubits
Limit relay to next n qubits
Limit relay to next n cycles

This hardware layer basefunction isjust a start
If youhave a better idea how to enhance the core functions whynot tryout

The coffee tree. Booze tree. Tea tree. Ie Complex math functions. ‎Made from these? As microkernel then? Or below microkernel and hardwarefunction?


The #qubit interconnects arephotonic, #microkernel is perfect #btw #LNL6 #photonic #qubit #makers @ornl #energy‎

Lets think this through. The writeout hammerout into magnetic resonance effect or other decentralised storage is photonic instant writeout presetting the sourcedrain gates electronpairing sets

The interconnect is photonic instant polariton

The repeat next n qubits, repeat next n clocks, donothing relay is also for microkernel

Lets tryit out. Itsnot mandatory topick this system architecture for a start but isay it makes more sense than in sequential systems

‎Your take?


Letsdo allofthis as microkernel system and host anything binary-compatibility as addonlayer to the microkernel.

I say we need a coffee-tree,teatree,boozetree by a
Loop signal
And this base loop signal photonic beam stream can vary
And should vary by data transmitted

When we adapt coffeetree math functions to it, and each function relative to a loop beam base beam

And this base loop varies
We multiply data density.

And possible operations

Lets ‎ make a base clock counter as photonic beam
All deviates from this base beam becomes data already as coffe-tree,tea-tree,booze-tree, with its branches.

Branches where they interconnect
All onthis base loop: repeat the next n qubits, repeat the next n clock cycles, or do nothing relay only.


Meta material reflector connector decides susceptible to one type of electronamount ,electronpairing‎ amount, which itis,

Itis photonic computing itis too fast to process. Usually.
So the challenge is to do functions that presort it automatically in this instant

And writes it out automatically or terminates the error intrinsically and doesnt write out a value.
Writingout a value re-alters the next electronpairing and beam and so on

Ie the standard qubit concept LNL6
The ring algorithm is important for this error correction


#top #right #qubit #tweak

Canyou build coffee-tree functions, tea-tree functions, booze-tree functions, as efficiently as possible

With the root: on this spectrum andor intensity
-metamaterial-tweak will repeat‎ this the next thirdty qubits then it would dissipate. Itwill affect only the next 30qubits with this metamaterial tweal

-with that metamaterialtweak, this andor those qubit s will repeat that many times the nexttime a new beam arrives

-of course the basis for qubits is untweaked is simple relay. ‎ Let next qubit handle this result unaltered. Thats thebasis ofcourse ofthe qubit function

#mathematics #geniusses canyou design efficient coffee tree functions, teafunctions, with tagged on branches in some tree parts

Functions: drinks. Only fusel-tastic coffee can be true. Allother drinks disassemble in ring algorithm. Then we sort fuseltastic coffee from good coffe. Next clock.


My second bet is. Intrinsic tree functions. Like. Macros. Or. Packers wil lead to certain predefined operations. Just here. Ring algorithm sorts them into stop.

Rmemember this is phtoonic and thismeans it doesnt matter thatmuch howmany‎ will lead to stop. It is photonic instant.

It matters for efficiency of functions only.

But were trying to beat error correction so we donthave to sort afterwards


Repeat is not so trivial. Repeat four times this is quadruple this function. This instant. #Intrinsic @darpa @intel @tsmc #this #top #right

Lightning. Adding this amount of lightning brightness/color will repeat that function below thenext 30qubits (e- , paired e-, altering spectrum and intensity)

How shouldwe describe it? Intrinsic relay control (like relay link qubits stop relays, electronpairing superposition latticefunction creating meta material relay layer, mrL. Meta material relay layer)


We use meta materials in LNL6 photonic qubits and the b e s t and

Onthe fly ican comeup with is

The qubit-linking reflector. The curved surface for polariton s probably‎ for a
Repeat function

Ie electronpairing forming functions of altered spectrums so that one meta material 3d shape or layer is affected and

repeat the next 30‎ qubits would be that photnic instant

Lets trythis
Not just

Ceramics that recouperate heat (as bonus tweak) without messing teh spaces

‎Couldwe reward some magnetic tape geniusses for their effort a n d results ifthey were helpful?

Sero tolerance with performance. Idont care who. Idontcare why. Idont give a rats ass howthey smell.


Letalone saving us problems as early as possible equals as cost effective as possible


How and how

It shouldbe

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lets do fractal boozetrees espec for radio radar bridges in aesa tr modules as anyother that fitbest anything cool publishable? #LNL6 #data #models @mathematics @math @ornl @energy @woz @wired @wireduk @googleai @ib mresearch @tsmc .@intel @nsagov @gchq‎ .@woz @qualcomm @ti @hp .@googleai .@ibmresearch @ornl @losalamosnatlab @woz @nsagov .@gchq @w ired  @wireduk @intel  @amd@qualcomm @huawei @samsung @darpa  @googleai@ibmresearch‎ @wired @wireduk @sciam @naturephysics @nature @harvardphysics @darpa @raytheon @lockheedmartin @bae archimedes slug example added, fractals we need  2d 3d eve nfor radiofrequency energy sortings #coffeetree #boozetree #teatree #buttTree 

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