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#PolitikDerRuhigenHand #this #is #how #it #all #started @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 .@harvard_law
@law @lawyer @lawyers @harvard_law
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Oh bittte! Inso einer gesellschaft ist unverdorben ein nachteil,ausser es bedeutet frisch fuers durchbumsen

It was the better annd best of a usa disdained. Then-usa heavily disregarded. The germans were whatthey always were. Rapers and mengeles and scums. the villains. And theyknew and the world knew.

Itis absolutely impossible thisis the first intel mistake. Howoften dothese things happen


Say hooker buzzword. Thereis no timeline even. Even the masseldorn badenser forinstance was. Verfassungsschutz game. They didn’t know christiankiss. And why. They’re uphill. In afortress. Itwas. A verfassungsschutz game. With. Prince. Prince title. Earlyon. Had I asked for superking iwouzdlve gottenthat too

But itwouldve been distorted after 2001. Early2002
Itwas a protection layer by the usa uk

As clown show probably

For the then mistake. He’s somesort of assasin that replaced christian kiss. Usa dances on ournose Convince himto return tothe us

So. Who is it then what can he

Sophisticated rich background
Hochintelligent verySmart mustve studied

Rubbertits maybe as specialgirl

Before that
Strong muscles. Skiing hobby

That was the thing

And protectionlayer
Prince thing

Throw things athim to arresthim

Dirtydollytrick howisabelle gotintothegame

Howit started

Thisis me in 2001 2002 rubbertits rape hell intel figureoutwhathe can. Demolition hobby testing sniping testing chirac arrives in limousine test security arrangements.

Bus picks up people with ore logo on bus door

People naked in nighttime theaters

He’s on warcoma

Orange securitysticks white writing trianglish sidecut curved edges

About pegasus

Church bruder richardistauchdabei and so on

Then fuckscum churches


#not #a #missed #formality The. Prevented. Hyperactivation. Is a working strategy. Because it prevents what for the scums. Retains what for the scums

Right that
Identified andpublic:

Thegutslocks killkidneys first? Howbadisit. Heartaimed is. They lock guts. All damages to kidney organs. See u piss tentimes aminute. Damage kidneys thatudont piss so often. Lock gutsmore. Addpoisons. Lymphaticmixes. Suffocations. What killsthat guy.


Over backlegs

Let’s prostitute oftheland tirck with wounded backlegs


Thepoisons onway. Suffocations


Celage ghettokiltrick bum kill

He aeh… Feels .. Irradiated. He notices aeh.. Xray. Well then iguess wehave to trythat out a coupleof times.

Hah. Inconclusive let’s try this:


#not #a #missed #formality The. Prevented. Hyperactivation. Is a working strategy. Because it prevents what for the scums. Retains what for the scums

Right that
Identified andpublic:

What. Would. Be. When it went by them. The criminal deeds survived is not how it shouldbe. Itisnt some odd. Fate. Hah. How odd. Mingle supersticion intoit. All bad luck. Hah. How odd. S intel campaign after intelcampaign in a networked intelrealm which

Hosts civillians as dayfools to exploit until others get a hold onem to exploit harm intheir toxic realms

And that’s just howitis

By their realms
How would it be


Support. You have two three decades of facts. You can show by now pretty cleary: how would it be. By their realm. By their toxic culture. By their german intent. And how isit with abit competent support. And enabled. The mess they make this. Realtime world. They made this system. Of course it all is intheir hells and not safe from it

That’s just the problem

Heartaimed 1044 is

I am Christian KISS

BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication

PHONE / FAX +493212 611 34 64

Helpful? Pay. Support. Donnate.

#PolitikDerRuhigenHand #this #is #how #it #all #started @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 .@harvard_law @law @lawyer @lawyers @harvard_law @haaretzcom .@cctv .@haaretzcom .@arirang .@nhkworld @bundestag .@bundestag .@bundesrat @bundesrat @phoenix_de .

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