That or you link thousands of gpu s because u feel devious today and wanna max out sth @qualcomm @apple .@apple @google @tmc @huawei .@huawei @texasinstruments @ti @e3 @l3 @arm @armholdings .@arm @darpa .@darpa @nsagov .@nsagov @gchq .@gchq @woz .@woz @wi

That or you link thousands of gpu s because u feel devious today and wanna max out sth @qualcomm @apple .@apple @google @tmc @huawei .@huawei @texasinstruments @ti @e3 @l3 @arm @armholdings .@arm @darpa .@darpa @nsagov .@nsagov @gchq .@gchq @woz .@woz @wired @wireduk @intel .@intel @amd .@qualcomm .@amd

Why wouldn’t you wrap a line off code around a cylinder, inbinary ifu want,andshootout e- into photonbeams

Theycannot measure quantumstates not 2^232
But directly hammer out the operated result
While integrating qubit switches freely programmable into a binary possible photonic computing

#jimkeller ure desperate long enough. We can breach #mooreslaw #chips

Canigetinfos onthe new chipconcept. Their fixed transistors that sth works as switches isnot the basis ofit. Thebasis offit is the (!)Temporary instruction as lattice in a photon stream. Where each instruction alters the stream where as the latticesof instructions are intrinsically additive or substractive or superposition and where the result Is read ready each clock


Ahcmonnow #einstein and #zuse couldve done this in #makro

Please smarties. Let’s have one moment an open mind

We don’t need silicon gates sources to keep electrons through

We just need a nanosecond of electrons shot that alter a photonics stream

Temporary chips

Security safety configuration.
Gpu layer
Cpu layer
Ai layer

Per code request task request

And hammerout into a hdd storage magnetic resonance effect

Or other permanent storage effects


Itisnt just a concept to easily beat moores law. As intrinsically efficient as magnitudes faster than conventioonal. Itis also cheaper likely and e v e r y o n e can make it. Inthe first steps itwouldnt matter if its a 40nm sourcedrain or a 7nm sourcedrain

All we need is how a lattice pattern means which function alters the next how and thenext and hammersour which result

9billion codelines? 10Billioncodelines?

Howmany layout layers of sourcedrain doyouneed that each lineof code gets itslayer

(One ofthe possibilities)

Better wouldbe the switch between qubit and regular photonic computing to plain gpu function lattice altering the photon line


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That or you link thousands of gpu s because u feel devious today and wanna max out sth @qualcomm @apple .@apple @google @tmc @huawei .@huawei @texasinstruments @ti @e3 @l3 @arm @armholdings .@arm @darpa .@darpa @nsagov .@nsagov @gchq .@gchq @woz .@woz @wi

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