All that counts is curveballs cv. And snowden s cv. #snowden #wants #a #career #in #the #usa @squawkcnbc @cnbcstreet @wsj @ft @business @law .@law @lawyer @lawyers @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden Tahts snowden wants a career inthe

All that counts is curveballs cv. And snowden s cv. #snowden #wants #a #career #in #the #usa @squawkcnbc @cnbcstreet @wsj @ft @business @law .@law @lawyer @lawyers @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24


Tahts snowden wants a career inthe usa. That’s curveball wants a career in germany as chemical engineer because that’s what he learned. Cmoooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why not!

Afterall all that counts is his cv!
Even in dirty agenda s



Itisguilty+liable+daytime charged authorities. And they cause their swamp #a #ah #cmon #now

I am here because icouldnt access myfortune as daytime civillian. So imovedfrom study place backto the parent s housing. And that’s prettymuch it. What isit good for whenthey dontjust grant scums willynilly mess access but cover their crimes with bs trick excuses

And all after daytimechargingit since xmas2009 echr eu humanrights And on 2015 localswamp


Andmy. Mother was here becauseshe couldn’t access whati gave her and because the grave of her son was here. And sheloved germany. Didntknow whatthey didwithher andits a killchamber


Since whendoes scum care about facts? They want themmmmmmmoney!! And theinventions or atleast quell or control a shredof it

I’m drugged braincooked even rightnow and gased



#how? #did #they? #integrate? #the? #recent #500 #selfmade #billionaires?

Allright the german cockroaches willforever try any trick to harm and fraud. Sowhat. Why. CAN they? And! Getaway withit. They made a system based on: all that are fraudable or can’t help themselves, are frauded and betrayed. I daytime demanded myown immunisation and charged their crimes theydid with inteldrug. Oath signed them their own basis of their system

Stuff allknew allalong allsaw allalong and decided to solve it with letting more scums. And averting selfhelp

And then I daytime demanded fortune access tomy own money made despite all from daytime content

Ina world where allmust be secured realtime they put daycontent income behind intelwall

And keep themoney
And I can let cockroaches after cockroaches molest me

Who immunised them? Todowhat?

But quell it in this case

Up to self help
As accesstomyfortune

Itis not a missed formality
Anditis not a matter of more and even worse stuff


Re remessed
Re re remessed


And this here isthefix

Its a killtrap using proxies oh woopsie anotherone tries sth with heart

Oh woopsie

But no he can’t access his ownmoney

We let more scum
And hey! Idea! He can’t access hisown money
Because he’s there. Among scum

And we solveit with lettingmore scum and making room for their tricks and charades

And decoy it with


#how? #did #they? #integrate? #the? #recent #500 #selfmade #billionaires?

I am Christian KISS

BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication
PHONE / FAX +493212 611 34 64

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All that counts is curveballs cv. And snowden s cv. #snowden #wants #a #career #in #the #usa @squawkcnbc @cnbcstreet @wsj @ft @business @law .@law @lawyer @lawyers @harvard_law @ap @reuters @bbc_whys @france24 @snowden Tahts snowden wants a career inthe

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