#foolish .@potus .@realdonaldtrump .@vp .@ivankatrump .@gop .@thedemocrats

#foolish .@potus .@realdonaldtrump .@vp .@ivankatrump .@gop .@thedemocrats

Someone might have spread u must be complimented like a fool every 2 hours or else you can’t stand anything

Lemme guess:

Everything is more than fastatic and all like u again?

Do not take it personal
And focus onthe issue

Potus is ungrateful work


Ask china for permission if u just tookthe decision to go after dprk within months *******************

Its foolish not to

Its 60years their pet
Andits without necessity

They’re a shitball regime away from a flyable nuke years

And the ones they got they’ll hit anyone nearer

If u tookthe decision to hitem

You the fuck ask china for permission

And if they say no,
U plan for nothing else than for war with china- a nuclear power, we borrow from, and that just wants trade and domination with harmony – less problems


I am Christian Kiss
BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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#foolish .@potus .@realdonaldtrump .@vp .@ivankatrump .@gop .@thedemocrats

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