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#afghanistan #strategy #jamesmattis #mcmaster .@usmc .@usnavy .@usarmy .@centcom @warstudies @defenceresearch @nationalinterest @chathamhoue @munsecconf @swpberlin @jsoc #mattis @potus @vp @realdonaldtrump @gop @thedemocrats @thehill @salon @politico

the core issue in afghanistan is a vacuum that is replaced iwht hte locals, and hten the taliban spread as locals wiht locals

it is rebellious local farmers wiht an ak that protect their village decentralised while that wahtis acknoweldged as afghan govt is a corrupt entity without power

so crime thrives, corruption, the whole nation lives from the drug making

so: how do you keep the villagers connected, cooperative, help each other, and follow the centralised entity and rejecting the taliban ?

the holdout are pakistan as well u need an AFPAK approach where they likely breed generation after generation new terrorists in madrassas or schools allover pakistani borders and

youth in afghanistan has no jobs so they gladly join a summer campaign or sth when the taliban pay right

at the same time thegovt army is corrupt drugaddicts underpaid

how to solve this shitball is the same again
teh villages must cooperate. must help each other highly mobile and protected
must follow organised a central entity that needs mi17 s galore to be everywhere quickly
while quelling taliban as afpak problem including school s replenishing new fighters
while hiring youth for village defense, main army joinging, or sth else except taliban

it would be a sack of fleas manageable in a loya jirga elderly that must feel like theyre important
their decisions matter and htey represent sth in the congress of theirs so the problems wwill get solved in debate

all this requires a strong thourough hand that pulls it all together for this plan but it cannot e v
override their will

when tehy dont want tehy dont want and the taliban may take em over

it must deliver a better future
the pragmatic benefits that truly help the connected villages must prevail

there must be real benefits things them want and need to be in that stable entity

and u need a procedure for people that didnt join y e t and for people that left and m a y rejoin

and u need that THEM fight their own wars

while are the taliban REALLY afghanis – has to play a role as well for their acceptance or rejection rather

there. a big circle around the things to a narrow circle

this is hte approach i would do

I am Christian Kiss
BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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#afghanistan #strategy #jamesmattis #mcmaster .@usmc .@usnavy .@usarmy .@centcom @warstudies @defenceresearch @nationalinterest @chathamhoue @munsecconf @swpberlin @jsoc #mattis @potus @vp @realdonaldtrump @gop @thedemocrats @thehill @salon @politico

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