@usnavy @usmc #watching #battleship

@usnavy @usmc #watching #battleship

I got no idea about surface warship naval warfare but I wanna shield them too and foremost


Not too quickly

No matter how

Airthreats and missiles vs a can of humans 30knots. Inthe way of four times supersonic.

Wtih electronics dirtcheap

It mustbe worse than in tanks just that fewer opponents are around andugot more onboard interception tweaks


Shields and any tweak not tobe findable too easily

Angled ramps welded into sections around reactors ammo fuel

Incoming severed by angle ramp wipple effect rerouted deflected around reactor. Ammo

Couldbe worth a try

Like tank fences

I am Christian Kiss
BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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@usnavy @usmc #watching #battleship

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