#financial #system #fail #ahead ? .@potus .@realdonaldtrump .@vp .@ivankatrump .@gop .@thedemocrats @squawkcnbc @cnbcstreet @business @ft @wsj @theeconomist Becuse nation funding depends on taxing the realpeopleAnd these fail and suck And the firms weren

#financial #system #fail #ahead ? .@potus .@realdonaldtrump .@vp .@ivankatrump .@gop .@thedemocrats @squawkcnbc @cnbcstreet @business @ft @wsj @theeconomist

Becuse nation funding depends on taxing the realpeople
And these fail and suck
And the firms weren’t and shouldn’t be overcharged

The nations now fuckt the monetary systems to barely handle the giant debt godzilla stomping through the usa and other nations

The core issue was therefore theplace mechanism where they made debts to keepthings going and were addicted tothat

Tillthe system got outof control

And now they need any dirty trick to deflate that worldwide debt pile

And so that noone gets poor or even notices

But when u don’t realign what the realpeople can and must earn for what type of work with ai and robotics

To master it worldwide

The financial system must fail
Because rightnow it fails on TWO corner pillars domino stones

The realpeople and the nations that get funded over them

While it all resorted tothe last trick the states got namely direct financing of their nation

In a simpsons metaphore nelson stuffs a digestions model the endpart into the mouth

And now the news


Big questionmark if the financial system fail is ahead
But factis only the central banks


Keepit all going inthe worst way with no options left while #yellen geniusly keeps it lowballed since #trust that all get their money is invaluable. No substitute for trust


no #really #you #ggggggotto #BELIEVE #me #REALLY

What I try with #abstract #humour about what’s #obvious is

That now we know that maxed out efficiency and profit margins of the firms, maxed out profitability maxedout competitiveness worldwide is a V
Good thing,

But that after all the show
Allthe massive consoldiation and efficiency efforts
All the inventing and marketing and obscure slavedrum exploitations,

They do nothing with the money.

With 6trillions of it in the usa alone


#heres #the #news

Here’s the #atrocious news people:


Real people

Are part of the economy


Let’s measure the elasticity of misery

Howmany can’t put up 400 bucks on an emergency

Howmany couldt put up 100bucks at the end 10percent of a pay cycle **********

How hard is the misery really.

(!)In a domestic demand economy

I am Christian Kiss
BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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#financial #system #fail #ahead ? .@potus .@realdonaldtrump .@vp .@ivankatrump .@gop .@thedemocrats @squawkcnbc @cnbcstreet @business @ft @wsj @theeconomist Becuse nation funding depends on taxing the realpeopleAnd these fail and suck And the firms weren

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