#trump #putin #russia #meeting #g20 .@potus .@ivankatrump .@vp .@realdonaldtrump @gop @thedemocrats @wsj @ft https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-to-face-putin-discuss-north-korean-threat-during-europe-trip-1499199190?mod=e2fb the most interesting p

#trump #putin #russia #meeting #g20 .@potus .@ivankatrump .@vp .@realdonaldtrump @gop @thedemocrats @wsj @ft

the most interesting part – espec security wise and potential for biggest mess ahead is – the russia meeting wiht putin

the key issue here is the russians had highhopes on trump presidency- maybe tried to cultivate him as fool maybe just know him enough and know how to handle him – this freaks out the us security apparatus.

now for hte russians the thing is htey want an end to the sanctions no matter what –
and hoped that can be done wiht a rearrange of the security system of europe – which
(!)grant them spheres of influence over hteir former satelite states of east europe

sth hte usa, the west, and these states cannot accept.

so all in all the russians may have barely stopped an invasion of ukraine – a g a i n .

that would be a second or third time in total wiht this year- first when the french+germans barely stopped em with the minsk accord when the russians invaded south east ukraine.

i wouldnt bet on a fourth time later- the west suggested tehy will never dump the ukraine, but the


issue is this thing – this spheres of influence paradigm worldview the russians want.
their satellite states desperately crawl away from them whenever htey can towards an open world the c h a n c e for prosperity.

the russians feel betrayed wiht hte mil stuff, the nato expanded and grabbed their sat states off

they can accept the economic bonds like eu bonds. when ukraine becomes eu they could take that. but htey cannot take it if they become nato

if the usa ever wants war there, they make ukraine part of nato or make it seem imminent and the russians will invade em so
cautious there and absolute clarity there can be no nato membership of ukraine

BEST: ukraine a trade gate to russia

so all trade wiht russia goes through ukraine
the incentives for war vanish, the ukraine can get abit prosperity, and stability is in both interest **************

afterall the sanctions are because of them and hteinvasion of their territory.

when the ukraine is ok wiht that solution, them controlling and profiting from any trade west-russia

then there can be a sustainable calming of hte situation for hte win-win of all.
while this way the ukraine cannot gain krim back, barely to imposssible the conquered provinces while its risky war

they barely rescued 8000 ukraine soldiers back then wiht a stop of fighting

the west must tell em extra clearly that noone will shoot russian tanks – nato cannot do that not with nuclear powers

now hte core issue persists.

the spheres of influence restructuring of europe is a fantasy based on bloody war hells and im not sure ifhte russians can be convinced.

the eu membership allowed, no nato membership.
then its a matter if the russians can take that with the sanctions fix golden tradegte ukraine. **************

its a pragmatic win win for a somewaht stable east europe.

the russian strategy – being named waht they are- a giant middlepower ailing and wiht nukes-
all knew its right but it cant be told or else it humiliates. so tehy ball kicked the usa and west wherever htey could whenever they could – challenge the west strategy even in syria –

but its explosive.

any channel that helps avert misunderstandings
allows a quick call between the mil people
pragmatic issue based fix
is a v e r y good thing

the shot down of hte syrian clunker jet, that then required symbolic at least counter reactions by hte russians even for face saving

or the bombardment of five ten jets months ago. very adequate and measured btw.

each a potentially dangerous ignition spot usee.

the russian challenge west mil games is harass abit hte navy, harass abit the airforce,
find radar signatures, train and test how to find stealth over the heat signature,
tries to find cheap ways or s o m e t h i n g to offset stealth cheaply because they cannot really afford it

but this cold war comfortzone game is dangerous today

todayits more like nuisance extra problems unnecessary problems and inexperienced leaderships spirals that
quickly get out of control with causing unnecessary tensions in an unstable to fragile worldwide mess

its a plain dumb dumb dumb mistake- betting on a cold war comfort zone when it was decades fixed static
controlled mostly

here its fragile dangerous unnecessary to plain dumb

any channel that s o m e w h a t relativates the problems caused is extra invaluable nowadays and right htese red telephones they cut

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BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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#trump #putin #russia #meeting #g20 .@potus .@ivankatrump .@vp .@realdonaldtrump @gop @thedemocrats @wsj @ft https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-to-face-putin-discuss-north-korean-threat-during-europe-trip-1499199190?mod=e2fb the most interesting p

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