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#qatar @cnn @businessinsider @bi @trt @ajam @ajworld @presstv @saudi @saudiarabia @nationalinterest


the crisis is clearly a blackmail by a broad brush of “ANYTHING iran does is bad” so anything that has remotely to do with iran is bad.

the best way is to separate (!)security issues, from economic issues, and cut out bullshit s

so: security trumps economy, if an economic decision affects the security – like terror funding. that stops
if the economic thing does not affect security, like regular business wiht regular entities, that are (!)not on a terror list, thats legit

closing channels is for monarchies, but emposing will of monarchies on other nations is a mistake it cannot be basis for diplomatic crises

aljazeera s program annoys someone? make a counter program. if it promotes terror its another quetion. that is guess waht? security again.

this way its squeezing it into irani realm and or a prelude to loot them or shut them down as competition or an externalitied of a proxywar saudi vs iran

(!)ANYTHING iran does so bad, that anyone even remotely to do wiht them must be cut down?


can u simply put security above bullshits, and allow the rest. as it should be

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#qatar @cnn @businessinsider @bi @trt @ajam @ajworld @presstv @saudi @saudiarabia @nationalinterest http://www.businessinsider.com/afp-qatar-deadline-extended-by-48-hours-saudi-2017-7?utm_content=buffer5384b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com

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