#kushner s #palestine @haaretzcom @timesofisrael @nytimes @wj @potus @ivankatrump @gop @thedemocrats @politico @thehill @salon http://washingtonjournal.com/2017/06/23/trump-just-sent-kushner-solve-israeli-palestine-conflict-made-worse/ kushner s m

#kushner s #palestine @haaretzcom @timesofisrael @nytimes @wj @potus @ivankatrump @gop @thedemocrats @politico @thehill @salon


kushner s mission is over when the arab palestinian side means it whenever he says sth they dontlike itll always be the lackof credibility
the israelis dont believe it anyway, dont have the highest regards anyway, and may just try toget short term things out of hte try but htat a bold guesss

the best focus is:
-(!)israels self interest. she loses her friends if she dumps the 2state plan,
-the assumptions of a hybrid state are wrong because no indpenednetn entity will make palestinians ever equal and accepted in a jewish state
tehy will always be secondclass at the v e r y best among hte open minded and this means the solution cannot work but htey just squeeze the palestinian more and more and this time the world has genuine sypathy wiht em ***************

in simple for a few acress housing israel risks her friends for a faulty solution

knowing that – accepting that – what can kushner really do? that what hte palestinians sense – that the 2state solution is over,
that – reestablishing it agan, how to convince israel that its in her own interest to dump the hybrid state solution **************

and that
is the utmost he could ever achieve

my trick was : ooooooooh heck, rent the settlements for 1-2percent gdp of israel, stay but stay with legitimation, them get their state, while israel stays
all get their citizenship even in camps and now the best: all normalise with b o t h states or none.
that is the trick all must agree to. jerusalem is spiritualcapital for both but the real capital is not jerusalem

while the hardliners wont get it why they should rent sth tehy think they own it is a pragmatic solution because a land is also the people it is not just the rock and soil
they are not on a ufo there the jews shouldnt be ghettoised and if htey can agree to that there can be room for pragmatic realism

the hardliners either side willl derail it any time theylike

theres the best way from my view as secular humanist

I am Christian Kiss
BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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#kushner s #palestine @haaretzcom @timesofisrael @nytimes @wj @potus @ivankatrump @gop @thedemocrats @politico @thehill @salon http://washingtonjournal.com/2017/06/23/trump-just-sent-kushner-solve-israeli-palestine-conflict-made-worse/ kushner s m

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