#f18 #diaster @centcom @usaf @unavy @usmc @usarmy @army @cnn @darpa @lockheedmartin @aviationist @aviationgeekclub @theaviationist http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/21/politics/us-syria-russia-dogfight/index.html?sr=fbCNN062217us-syria-russia-dogfight07

#f18 #diaster @centcom @usaf @unavy @usmc @usarmy @army @cnn @darpa @lockheedmartin @aviationist @aviationgeekclub @theaviationist

ach this is a disaster

and not for writing ordInance instead ordnance

thats unbelievable, the most modern fighting f18 – (growlers are electronics specialised) –

could not lookdown shootdown a crappy end regime,

of the 1970s

in a close range engagement with an infrared missile –
where they shouldnt even recieve a warning its incoming

and had to switch to a slammer for 30miles effective, at what ? 2miles?

this is a disaster not just by economics,
but if the junk had shot a pair of modern ir iir miiles back (they alway fire pairs in the 80s)

teh us wouldve lost an 80 mio jet or what they charge for one of these

we should becautious with ego and pimp the aim9x
because there is a problem
when a rattled junkdictator export air-ot-air-sucker plane of the 70s needss an emergency slammer at 2 miles or what

then the whole ir iir missiles of the us are worth a crud
time for reality check wiht aim9x

even if launched was aim9m likely
hopefully wasnot an aim9x
that wouldbe laughable

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#f18 #diaster @centcom @usaf @unavy @usmc @usarmy @army @cnn @darpa @lockheedmartin @aviationist @aviationgeekclub @theaviationist http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/21/politics/us-syria-russia-dogfight/index.html?sr=fbCNN062217us-syria-russia-dogfight07

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