#trump #assessment @potus @realdonaldtrump @senfeinstein @sensanders @blumenthal @gop @thedemocrats @thethill @salon @cspan @c_span @politico ///////// potus /////////// it is one of the most democratically elected govts ever. he pissed off the me

#trump #assessment @potus @realdonaldtrump @senfeinstein @sensanders @blumenthal @gop @thedemocrats @thethill @salon @cspan @c_span @politico

it is one of the most democratically elected govts ever.
he pissed off the media without necessity, and hte us intel paranoic their boss is cultivated by their arch foe and they dont even know – so two tried to cut him down.
the gop wished it would be a die hard red agenda- but surprise- trumps voterbase is
misery desperation. the president himself is clearly greener than green in politics,
has alot to learn how dirty and at the same time face saving thing have to be handled,
that every shred will be used againt him and thats legit as public person public office-

that its alot of responsibility for unlimited problems as many as he can take .
waht hte democrats dont get is that hes one of hte most independent potus es ever. they just cant take him and thats regrettable


the decision seems to be based on a voterbase fulfillment and foremost on a pro-economic die hard pro economic agenda- just –

the decision he took based upon

i doubt that

if the numbers are correct its udnerstandable –
the thing wiht climate – its a shitball topic that would not have affected his presidency. not really. not t w o presidencies.

the urgency of the topic is clearly the point of no return at 2degrees goal, and hte usa shoulde led in this

if the numbers he decided based upon were wrong the bust was a mistake
if the numbers were correct – its s o m e w h a t understandable by legit priority of a president. a president can have a low priority towards a longterm ecology issue – its agenda bias

that climate change is real is indiscussable. nooone explain them that all the tons of coal the usa gathered all the tons of oil tehy gathered.
the arabs

teh chinese
the russians.

all that for 150 years. all that was under the feet. and i s now up in the air. it cumulates heat and that has alot of bad effects
stronger effects and coutner effects,
fucks climate patterns
melts icecaps
fuck oceans
the floood would reach half of trump tower as submarine but in 50 years or 100 so waht – point of no return so waht- its dumb but its legit to put it off


it is simple. they get paid a quarter less
they have the full burden wiht the kids
its bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbastardishly unfair in careerpaths it sbaselessly unfair usually-

abit ease of burden there doesnt harm the usa
afterall it purchasing power loss offset abit


the only chance that hte usa revives is a simplification of a flat tax. and that requires a counter financing.-

trumps mistake is : oh the program got out of hand- look how many are in this program, look how much more they squander there

but the realdeal is the americans got poor
they got miserable
tehy got dependent
tehy got desperate
and these programs b a r e l y helped em survive

teh economy kept the money and hte profits – 5 or 6 trillion profitability, did nothign wiht it, sure not hire americans in aamerica paying them right- and now all is a mess because its a domestic demand economy

teh structural change is cruel automation, post 2008 efficiency increase wiht modernisation a goood thing – but its the same – waht u wanna pay the people for in the future- the other quarter of jobloss was globalisation, make it inmexico ship it to the usa – a bad nafta side effect. *************************************

the best fix i s a tax reform
based on production depth made in usa

100% american to hallf of the ingredients product chain usa ; 15% tax a quarter to half american ? 25% tax
less than a quarter usa made 30 %

the rate tehy should tweak but the idea matter . 15,20, 25 maybe hmmm simplifcation

the best this president could do is cut all all all the tax perks all. when the rates are low and equal and fair
the lobbyists can start from scratch, paying all washington allover again- sth all washington will hate
but of course cant allow that happen – just – it m i g h t p o s s i b l y happen anyway due to the bad bad abd abd bad cop as president that wanted it ***********************************

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BabyAWACS – Raw Independent Sophistication


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#trump #assessment @potus @realdonaldtrump @senfeinstein @sensanders @blumenthal @gop @thedemocrats @thethill @salon @cspan @c_span @politico ///////// potus /////////// it is one of the most democratically elected govts ever. he pissed off the me

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